Restaurant Uniforms

Restaurant Uniform Printing

Thinking of setting up a restaurant and need uniforms to promote local culture and flavours? Here at The Noteway, we customise and print on uniforms according to your specifications.   You can refer to the catalogue for a wide selection of uniforms available.   If you prefer to use your own plain uniforms rather than those we have uploaded in the catalogue, email us and we will get back to you shortly.  

Why Restaurant Uniforms?

Uniforms set your food outlet apart from the rest and convey a sense of professionalism in food execution. Well-designed uniforms can assure customers that they are in good hands and incentivise them to come back for repeat visits.  

How did Restaurant Uniforms come about?

Restaurant waitstaff and waiters initially used to be male, but that changed in the 1900s as women started entering the workforce. Uniforms needed to be attractive enough to reflect the service standards worthy of the upscale treatment one would expect. Yet, they also needed to be functional in order to allow the wearer to perform her duties.  
Chef uniforms are white to represent cleanliness and honour. The standard chef’s uniform consisting of a tall chef’s hat, double-breasted jacket and black pants was a result of persecuted chefs attempting to escape the notice of those who would imprison them for their ideals in the kitchen.

Different Types of Restaurant Uniforms

A restaurant’s uniform naturally varies from others depending on the cuisine or food they sell. Below are some examples of restaurant uniforms that we customise. Your restaurant may also fall into one of these categories.  

Chinese Restaurant Waiter Uniform

Bring a touch of the Oriental to your Chinese restaurant with classic motifs to convey aspects of the Chinese culture. For example, red is an auspicious colour and could certainly be used as the primary colour of your uniform to create an inviting atmosphere. We could also print symbols or the names of waiters onto the sleeves of the uniforms.  

Indian Restaurant Waiter Uniform

Show off the distinctiveness of your cuisine in stunning uniforms with your logo and branding. Even if you choose to retain a more classic look of shirts and ties, embroidering your restaurant name and logo on the left side of the shirt could boost your brand name.

Malay Restaurant Waiter Uniform

Dive into the intricacies of the malay culture with a uniform that speaks volumes about the type of food you sell. With staple delicacies available such as nasi lemak and mee goreng, making sure people know what you sell is important for business.

French Restaurant Waiter Uniform

Bonjour! Give off Parisian vibes with chic waistcoats printed with your restaurant’s logo and name. Help customers feel like they are back in the city of love, savouring French delicacies with the Eiffel tower in the background.

Japanese Restaurant Waiter Uniform

Add a fine touch to the authentic experience of your customers by customising your Japanese waiter uniforms with symbols that reflect the tastefulness of your restaurant. Your customers will feel right at home as they dine on sushi and forget the day’s troubles.  

Italian Restaurant Waiter Uniform

Transport your customers back to the world of pastas with your carefully chosen uniforms. The right logo is the finishing touch on an authentic experience in the Bel Paese.

Hotel Waiter Uniform

Make your visitors’ staycation or vacation perfect with uniform designs that contribute to the overall atmosphere and theme of the restobar located inside your hotel. Convert your first-time customers into repeat customers.

Create Your Best Waiter Uniform Designs

Choose from our wide range of uniform colours and designs to determine the best fit for your company. We also offer design services, which are free if you eventually decide to print with us. Do note that the minimum quantity for ordering is 50.

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