7 Sustainable Gift Ideas In Singapore For The Eco Friendly

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, people are beginning to shift their focus onto sustainable living. In Singapore, a country that is known for its cleanliness and green initiatives, many individuals are embracing eco-friendly products, practices and sustainable gifts too!

With the festive season approaching, there are plenty of sustainable options available for those looking to give back to the planet while still showing their loved ones how much they care. From reusable items to products that support local businesses, here are 7 sustainable gift ideas in Singapore for the eco-friendly individual.

1. Unpackt Coffee Tumbler

Crafted with care using bamboo and food grade 304 stainless steel, this tumbler is perfect for conscious coffee lovers who want to reduce their waste. With a large capacity of 450ml, you can enjoy your favorite drinks on-the-go without worrying about spills thanks to the non-spill lid designed for easy sipping while on the move.

Unpackt Coffee Tumbler


2. Tokidoki x MCK Rice Husk Eco-friendly Lunch Box

Measuring 17 x 12 x 6.5cm in size, this lunch box is perfect to take on-the-go and comes equipped with microwavable tech (reheating only) for ultimate convenience. A great alternative to conventional plastic products, this lunch box has been crafted using renewable natural resources making it both sustainable and economical too!

Tokidoki x MCK Rice Husk Eco-friendly Lunch Box


3. Pass It On Plantable Candle

Made from 100% pure soy wax, this candle does not contain any harmful chemicals such as dyes, parabens, paraffin or phthalates. This means that not only will your candle gift give off a beautiful glow and fill rooms with delightful scents, but it will also keep our planet clean.

Pass It On Plantable Candle


4. Sustainable Reusable Cafe Coffee Cup

Made with high-quality materials, this cup features a hardened PP body, making it tough and durable. The spill-proof food-grade silicone-sealed lid and spout ensure that your drink doesn’t end up on your shirt while enjoying your favorite beverage.

Sustainable Reusable Cafe Coffee Cup


5. Sustainable Handwash Hamper

The bundle contains two sachets of 40g soap flakes, one bottle of essential oil and one mason glass jar foam bottle (500ml). The perfect combination for a sustainable and luxurious hand washing experience. This hamper is an excellent choice if you are looking for a thoughtful present that encourages sustainability.

Sustainable Handwash Hamper

  • Order this Sustainable Handwash Hamper here.
  • Brand: The Sustainability Project
  • Price: $39 for Eucalyptus or Orange Essential Oil
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of June 2023)
  • Numbers Sold: 2
  • Delivery Timeframe: 6 Days


6. Scoop Wholefoods Tea Gift Box Hamper

This elegant tea box hamper from Scoop Wholefoods includes four unique flavors: Blue Pea Flower 12G, Pomegranate Flowers 38G, Chamomile Flowers 18G and Organic Fb “Beautiful Skin” Tea 82G—each carefully chosen to make a delightful addition to your daily routine. These teas come with an adorable little wooden scoop that looks great on any kitchen counter or dining table.

*Scoop Wholefoods sources its products directly from Australian farmers and small-batch producers, then sells them loose in bulk bins. This makes their products sustainable as no resources are wasted on unsustainable packaging.

Scoop Wholefoods Tea Gift Box Hamper


7. The Green Collective Affirmation Candle

This luxurious 220g candle has a burn time of an incredible 55 hours, providing the ultimate relaxation experience. Not only is this candle long-lasting, but it also boasts eco-friendly ingredients made from a coconut wax and rice bran blend.

The Green Collective Affirmation Candle


There are a wide range of sustainable gift ideas available in Singapore for eco-friendly individuals. By choosing to give sustainable gifts, we can reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Let us take a step towards sustainability by making conscious choices when it comes to gifting!

*Disclaimer: All prices and product ratings are accurate as of the date of publication. Please click on product links for the latest price updates and more.

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