7 Games for Team Building Your Team Members will Love

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when asked: “how do I strengthen the bond of my team”?

That’s right. Games!

But as we grow older, we start to have a negative view on team building games, especially those cliché trust fall games.

Team building games are not supposed to be like that; it is supposed to make your team go ‘wow’!

Here are 7 fun and simple ideas for team building games, so that your team has lots and lots of fun. At the same time, your team members are sure to learn some problem-solving skills and teamwork skills, that would be extremely beneficial to your company.

Team Building Game 1: Mind Field’s blind mice

Team Building Game 2

Form 2-4 groups; no limit on number of members per group.

This game is played in a square area which consists of ‘+’ items and ‘-‘ items. (Tip: make the items as similar as possible so that it’d be more difficult to differentiate ‘+’ and ‘-‘ items. )

Each team will send out the ‘blind mice’ who will be blindfolded. The objective of the ‘blind mice is to retrieve as many ‘+’ items as possible. The objective of the other teammates is to guide their own ‘blind mice’ to collect the ‘+’ items while tricking the opponent’s’ ‘blind mice’ into picking up the wrong ones.

Each round shall last for 5mins, and the host should be creative in setting up the qualities of the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ item. For example, some ‘-‘ items can have the ability to steal points from the other team.

This game focuses on effective learning and communications. It is easy to be misguided by the wrong voice; thus it is up to the team members to brainstorm on ways to give clear instructions to their own teammates.

Team Building Game 2: How much do you know?

Everyone gathers in a circle because this is an individual game. It is relatively simple but it really tests your individual knowledge about your company or organisation. The host will determine which topic to choose.

Take ourselves for example.

We are from The Noteway(A t-shirt and merchandise printing company), and when we organise this game for our colleagues, the gameplay would go something like this:

The host chooses “Products”.

Player 1 shouts “T-SHIRTS

Player 2 shouts “HOODIES

Player 3 shouts “MUGS

Player 4 shouts “JACKETS

and on and on in a clockwise direction, the first person who struggles to say something new about the product gets eliminated and has to do a forfeit!

And in the subsequent round, something harder could be the topic. Say “Clients”

Player 1 shouts “NTU”

Player 2 shouts “BEN AND JERRY’s”

Player 3 shouts “UOB”

And if player 4 can’t think of another client that The Noteway has worked with, he is next in line to be eliminated.  

The topic can be anything – just feel free to be creative. But do make sure not to make the topic too narrow (makes the game difficult) or too wide (makes it too easy and difficult to judge the relevance)

One way to help new team members familiarise, is to give a bunch of topics and relevant items for each topic for them to glance through before the game.

This game requires focused attention. Active participation makes the game more fun for anyone and allows the team to learn more about their company or school.

Team Building Game 3: Train Art

Train Art Game

Depending on the size of the team; form lines of at least 4-5 members each. (The longer the line, the tougher the game is) Each line has a ‘guesser’ and all other members are ‘drawers’

To start off, everyone faces the back while the first member of each line faces the front to be given an object to draw (it can be a quote, movie, animal and the list goes on).

Remember that no one is allowed to talk except for when the last person is guessing.

Once you are ready with your drawing, tap the next person to show it to him or her; Draw quickly and accurately for the next person in line for a faster flow! Continue this until it’s the guesser’s turn to answer. The first team to guess it right gets 5 points, the second team gets 3 points and the rest will not receive any. The team can rotate the roster to strategize and play accordingly to each member’s strengths.

This game allows the team to identify their member’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, members have fun and get to be creative in an exciting atmosphere, while being tested on their ability to perform under pressure.

Team Building Game 4: Guess My Life

Guess My Life Team Building Game

This is one of my favourite team vs team game! Form up to 4 teams with 3 persons per team. Now this game is slightly complicated, but it’s a lot of fun! Your job is to show everyone both personas and only your teammates can act and talk to convince everyone else to choose the fake persona.

Step 1:  Each member in the team shall come up with 1 real and 1 fake persona and write them down on a paper and show everyone the 2 options

Step 2: the other 2 group members will try to convince everyone else why they should choose the fake option.

If the fake persona is chosen, your team gets 1 point. Vice versa, if the real one is chosen, you lose a point.

Each team has 1 chance to earn their points in each round during their turn.The team with the highest score wins! Here’s a clearer example on how the sequence should go:

  •        1st round: member #1 will show his options, #2 and #3 will perform
  •        2nd round: member #2 will show his options, #1 and #3 will perform
  •        3rd round: member #3 show his options, #1 and #2 will perform

Team members get to learn something new and interesting about everyone who’s playing the game. Make better discuss and make a better decision as a team player; it is important to coordinate to deliver a convincing act. Display their creativity and wittiness.

Team Building Game 5: Paired Up

Within the entire team, form pairs of individual whom you think are unfamiliar with one another before starting the game. The goal of the game is to foster deeper connection and friendship amongst the pair.  

The best part of the game is when they get to ask lots of questions during the first part of the game. Allocate a number, for example, #1 and #2. #1 will do the questioning and #2 will do the answering for the round.

After the Q&A round (5-10mins) the fire round begins; the will be answering questions asked by other pairs. Each pair is given 1 chance to question #1 and #2 each. Every time either #1 or #2 is able to answer, the pair earns a point, failure to answer results deducts 1 point.

It is always good to have a buddy in the team and the best way to start it off is through this game. In addition, it also improves the ability to question and answer, as the pairs have to work against time to find out as much as possible.

Team Building Game 6: Eggpocalypes

Eggpocalypes challenges the teams to make decisions together during the construction process and i can guarantee it to you that it’ll be fun!

The host shall split the group into teams of 4-5 members. Each team will be given a limited amount of each resource: newspaper, straws, wooden chopsticks, tape, and 1 raw egg.

The team shall work together to discuss and construct a layer of protection using the resources given to provide minimize the impact the raw egg receives. The goal is to survive the highest possible vertical drop. The discussion period shall last for 5mins before the construction period (10mins) starts.

At the end of the construction period, each team will challenge each other to see whose egg can survive the highest vertical drop. Develop problem solving and teamwork in an engaging and ‘eggciting’ manner. This activity is best played with larger groups thus making it an ‘eggcellent’ team building game!

Make sure to pick a proper spot to play this game! Unless you want a mess in your office.

Team Building Game 7: Reach or Dip

Reach or Dip Team Building Game

Remember when I said trust falls are cliché? This game is an extreme team version of trust fall with an objective and is best played in competitive mode.

Form teams of at least 6 people for this game as it is going to be difficult with anything less. The rule is very simple: Draw a circle and place an object in the middle of the circle. No one is allowed touch any area within the circle and no tools can be used as assistance to retrieve the object. (Tip for the host: the radius of the circle should be the average reach of a person.)

The only way to retrieve the object is to have the entire team hold the ‘retriever’ while the retriever stretch out to be the first one to get the object; the retriever should have his feet pivoted just outside the circle while receiving support by having the entire team hold onto one of his or her arm.

Objective: the main aim of this game is to bring everyone together for a common goal. It is difficult to win with little support. Thus displaying the importance of having one another for support.

Choo Wei Xiang