3 Windbreaker Printing Companies in Singapore From $19.50

Are you looking for windbreakers to protect you from windy and rainy weather? 

Windbreaker jackets provide the perfect barrier to slow this heat loss and broadens the range of comfort in all types of outdoor weather.
Whether you are looking for bright and colourful windbreakers or simple, no-fuss windbreakers, we’ve got you covered!

Check out these 3 stores in Singapore that offers affordable custom windbreakers!

All prices are quoted in September 2019.

1. Yellowinch

Yellowinch is known for their high quality apparels and their superb customer service. 

They focus their attention on researching and developing materials that are suitable for Singapore’s weather and ensuring that they are smooth and comfortable and that prints does not fade and crack after washing. 

Their windbreakers are priced at an affordable $23.80 /pc for bulk purchase of 30 pieces and $19.50/pc for bulk purchase of 50 pieces. (Embroidery Printing) *Price exclusive of GST.

Price for 30 Pieces : $23.80/pc + GST
Price for 50 Pieces : $19.50/pc +GST

Minimum order quantity: 20 pieces
Delivery fee: $37.45 per location 
Production lead time: 10-14 working days

Address: 186 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
Singapore 757515
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 9.00AM – 6:00PM
Sat, Sun & PH: Closed
Tel: Office: +65 6639 1039
Sales Hotline: +65 9272 3717

2. Ministry Of Print

Wish to have a variety of options to choose from? Check out Ministry of Print.

They offer 11 types of windbreakers for you to choose from — different types of windbreakers each made with different materials.

MOP also offers more methods of printing as compared to other stores. Not only do they offer the typical silkscreen, embroidery and heat transfer printing, they also offer dye sublimation and direct to garment printing. 

Ministry of Print’s windbreakers cost $21.80/pc for bulk purchase of 30 pieces and only $20.30/pc for bulk purchase of 50 pieces. (embroidery printing)

Price for 30 Pieces: $21.80/pc
Price for 50 Pieces: $20.30/pc

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces
Delivery fee: $30 per location for Non-CBD Areas & $40 per location for CBD Areas
Production lead time: 7-10 working days

Address: 12 Lorong Bakar Batu, #02-10, Singapore (348745)
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 8.30AM – 6:30PM
Tel: Office: +65 6253 0106
Email: sales@mop.com.sg

3. Innov Enterprise

Innov enterprise is another store that provides quality apparels at a great value. Some of their esteem clients include temasek polytechnic, singapore university of technology and design, nanyang technological university, hitachi, hotel jen and many more. 

If you aren’t sure on what is the best printing method to use for your windbreakers, you can send them your design and they will advise on what is the best possible way to print on the windbreakers economically eg. whether to use embroidery printing, silk screen printing or heat transfer printing.

Their windbreakers are priced at an $22.50/pc for bulk purchase of 30 pieces and $19.80/pc for bulk purchase of 50 pieces. (Embroidery Printing)

Price for 30 Pieces: $22.50/pc
Price for 50 Pieces: $19.80/pc

Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces
Delivery fee: $20-$50 per location
Production Lead Time: 14 working days

Address: 16 Shaw Road, #03-01, Singapore 367954
Operating hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 6:00pm
Tel: Office: +65 6250 0223
Email: enquiry@innoventerprise.com

Windbreaker Pricing

Pricing of windbreakers may vary based on a large number of factors such as:

  • Size of your design.
  • Colours in your design.
  • Exact Quantity of Windbreakers.
  • Type of Printing and Number of Sides of Printing.
  • Type of Windbreaker (Reversible Windbreaker or Non Reversible Windbreaker) you choose.

Windbreaker Material

Microfiber is a synthetic material made up of very tightly packed fibers that are thinner than a strand of human hair. The material is extremely durable and is water resistant, hence making it suitable for wear in rainy weather. That’s not all, microfiber is also soft and comfortable, keeping you nice and warm when the weather is chilly and cold. However, a disadvantage of microfiber is that it snags easily when it gets caught on sharp edges. This may cause the fibers to unravel.

Windbreaker Printing Methods

There are various methods of windbreaker printing to customize your family, school or corporate windbreakers. Here are the 3 most popular methods used!

Windbreaker Silk Screen Printing

  • Cost-effective for large quantities of one colour
  • Prints are long-lasting
  • Very expensive for multi-coloured designs
Read more about Silk Screen Printing here

Windbreaker Heat Transfer Printing

  • Suitable for designs with multiple colours
  • Used for printing customised names and/or numbers
  • May not be suitable for some large designs due to the vinyl sticker layer
Read more about Heat Transfer Printing here

Windbreaker Embroidery

  • Gives a professional look
  • Embroidery is long-lasting
  • Can be more expensive than silk screen printing
Read more about Embroidery here

Reversible Windbreakers

Change the style according to your mood with these versatile reversible windbreakers. Feeling happy? Flaunt the bright colours. Dropped food on your windbreaker? Flip it over. (Nobody has to know right?)

Centre Stripes Reversible Windbreaker

  This simple windbreaker is a great base template for customization. It has a professional look without being too formal, making it perfect for corporate events.

Colours Available

*Material: 100% Microfibre

Shoulder Colour Splash Reversible Windbreaker

  The coloured shoulder patch on this windbreaker is a break from standard windbreaker designs and gives it a unique touch of style.

Colours Available

*Material: 100% Microfibre

Block Colour Reversible Windbreaker

  This piece could not be more perfect for a windbreaker customisation! The plain colours allow you to let your imagination run free with designs to print.

Colours Available

*Material: 100% Microfibre

Non-Reversible Windbreakers

If you prefer a more traditional windbreaker, these simple, non-reversible designs will definitely suit your style.

Bright Coloured Non-Reversible Windbreaker

  Basic doesn’t have to be boring! Let these colours brighten up any rainy day.

Colours Available

*Material: 100% Microfibre

Running Piping Non-Reversible Windbreaker

  This design is perfect for formal corporate trips and events. The piping running through it adds a good contrast to the muted colours of this design.

Colours Available

*Material: 100% Microfibre

Fancy Panels Non-Reversible Windbreaker

  Fancy panels on this windbreaker add some style to an otherwise plain piece. Great for young fashionistas (or the young at heart)!

Colours Available

*Material: 100% Microfibre