Where to print t shirts in Singapore

Western businesses cite that competition issues, marketing and strict price fixing laws keep similar businesses from setting up shops next to each other. Unlike their American counterparts, Asian businesses sometimes tend to congregate together in complexes or districts. This can be extremely convenient for shoppers who are looking for a specific kind or service, such as printing services. Hare the 3 best places that you can consider for t shirt printing in Singapore because of their high quality, good service and affordable pricing. After reading this, you’ll never have to wonder where to print t shirts in Singapore ever again!

Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza offers the highest density of printing services under one roof in Singapore. You can pretty well get anything printed here. However, you might find yourself going from shop to shop to suit your personalized requirements. Customer service varies greatly with some employees being aloft on their phones and others downright smothering you the moment you enter the store. There does not seem to be a balance and service might not meet your expectations at certain stores. However, if you look hard enough you are sure to stumble upon a store with good service and low pricing. These shops can give relatively low prices for t-shirt printing due to their cheap rental. But even then, rental prices of the stores and staff pay has to be accounted for, on top of receiving a limited number of customers daily due to lack of differentiation from countless competitors.

Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre is particularly popular among students. This mall is not only known for its affordable and wide range of sports merchandise but also for its many quality t-shirt printing facilities here. Service is better here, but sometimes employees in shops lose their patience easily as they are constantly bombarded with questions and queries by countless students despite limited sales. Prices are also not the lowest here, as the rent here is more expensive because of its very accessible location.

The Noteway

We are slightly different from the printing places recommended above. We do not reside in a complex, because residing in one will increase the prices for our consumers significantly. With most consumers focused on getting the best prices when it comes to such services and the growing popularity of buying products and services online, we figured it would be most cost effective for us not to retail at stores. This is not only reflected in our prices but also our high quality of customer service. What’s more, we design for free for bulk printing orders with us and we deliver without any extra delivery charges as well. So if you haven’t got any designs ready and you need affordable, quality printing services, now you know where to print t shirts in Singapore!
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