10 Unique Singapore Wedding Ideas

Weddings, while one of the most exciting events in your life, are often scary. There are people to impress and with social media, pictures online to show for! Above all, you want your closest family and friends to enjoy the event and share your joy with you. We’ve compiled 10 unique ideas for your wedding ceremony and wedding receptions below to lighten your burden a little.

1. Wedding Photo Mug Printing

A common idea for wedding receptions is to rent a photo booth or even to DIY one.

With the camera connected to the laptop, every picture shot is automatically loaded and consequently printed on the spot. But to make this more unique and special for guests, what if you can allow your guests to print their photos directly onto mugs instead?

Now you can print your photos on to mugs on the spot. And the best part?

Your wedding guests are then able to bring these mugs with photos home, which can serve as a keepsake of your wedding.


Or instead of printing photos on to mugs, you can consider on the spot printing on garments too. These items, such as mugs and apparel, not only serve as a good memento but are also greatly functional!

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2. Create A Wedding Logo


Creating a beautiful and personalized logo is great for marking the occasion. Seal wedding stationeries with your logo or use the logo as suitable wedding decorations.

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3. Get your guests involved!

A fun wedding is always one that involves the guests. Set up pre-ceremony activities to break the ice and get your guests mingling together.   Here at The Noteway, we offer printing machine rental so you can get your guests involved in some shirt or mug printing. Further, there will be someone on site to assist guests with how to go about printing their own shirts. The best part about this is the decals. Guests can entirely customize their own piece but at the same time, still remember your wedding event! This is a great activity for both the young and old.

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4. Create A Wedding Hashtag


In the era of social media, us millennials are slowly digitizing our memories. Keep all the wedding photos in sync across social media by getting your guest to quote the wedding hashtag in their caption. Plus, you can be as creative or as punny as you want to with the hashtags!

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5. A GIF Booth

Why stay still when you can move? This sounds like an invitation to the dance floor, but it isn’t. GIFs add a little more fun element because it captures a flash of movements. This means that you’re free to make a silly face or have the wedded couple capture a kiss on screen.

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6. Decide on A Theme


Dress codes will make your wedding memorable. You will definitely remember when you had to dress retro or don something with a floral motif and have everyone else do it too! This makes for fun photos and even better memories. Further, you can always dial it down a notch and suggest for colour themes instead.

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7. A Dance Floor


When people think dance floor, they think of a large ballroom filled with people dancing or the club. But dance floors are actually way simpler. It really only needs a small space amongst tables so people can easily join in. Dance floors can also be classy and intimate where couples or even where the father-daughter dance can take place.

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8. Create A Lounge Area


Be it the ceremony or reception, guests are often seated according to a seating plan. This makes it difficult for guests to socialize or mingle with other guests seated at another table or for solo guests to make friends. Organizing lounge areas near the food bar can help bring your guests together for a more intimate atmosphere.

9. Confetti Toss!


Activities don’t have to be at a high energy level – share the joy of your wedding with even your older relatives by passing these confetti packets to them. Have them toss these colourful pieces as the newly wedded couple walk the aisle after the ceremony. Further, it’s always budget friendly since you can DIY these confetti packets yourself – gotta start paying off those HDB loans!

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10. Personalize Your Wedding Vows


This one’s an oldie but a goodie. There’s definitely the standard template for a wedding vow but why not change things up with an authentic confessions for your partner?

Turn Your Wedding Vows Into Art

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Thinking of using some of the above ideas for your wedding? We’re up for it.

The Noteway is all about delivering the most suitable services and products for your wedding. This means that we go beyond just printing or providing the machine but we are with you every step of the way from designing, to consulting and then delivering the final product. Yes, this means that our design team is also up for helping you out with your signature wedding logo. If you need to print your wedding stationery, customizing your bridesmaid gifts or renting a machine from us for your pre-ceremony/reception activities, drop us an email at admin@thenotway.com.

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