50 Unique Gift Ideas for her this 2020

Gifts for her

These are trying times, almost everyone in Singapore is staying in their homes, bored and missing their dearest (or baby, we know there is no end to pet names 😉). Unless your Missus has only cash gifts in mind (yes, we are talking about THAT incident), you must be thinking of the kinds of gifts that you can surprise her with to make her circuit breaker days a little more colourful. If you’re still drawing a blank, fret no more because we got your back! Here are 50 unique gift ideas for her this 2020!

1.       Gift her a DIY Painting Kit

DIY Painting Kit

She’s bored out of her mind, and constantly telling you how she wishes the pandemic to end. As a caring and thoughtful significant other you are, you try to think of something engaging and meaningful that can take her mind off things. We recommend getting her a Streak n Strokes DIY Painting Kit!

Inside the DIY Painting Kit, there will be everything your girlfriend needs to create her own hand-painted tote bag or t-shirt, from fabric paints to paint brushes and even carbon paper for her to trace designs if she’s a beginner with no drawing skills! If you want to be the best partner ever, get a painting kit yourself and read on…

Couple Painting Kit

DIY T-Shirt and Tote Bag Painting Kits
Price: From $44.90 per Kit

2.       Hand-painted T-shirt

You’ve got all that paint but nothing to do? Why not do up a little something for your significant other? Get yourself a DIY T-Shirt Painting Kit and start painting for her right away! If you require some inspiration, look around  these free fun on fabric painting classes and you will find many ideas that we are sure your girlfriend will like!

3.       A shower of cascading lights

Everybody has been feeling down lately, due to the current pandemic situation. How about giving something to your partner to brighten up her day, literally? The cascading lights by Typo is the perfect solution to give your girlfriend an instant colourful update! All you gotta do is to pick a design between the fanciful rainbow, or the classic purple ombre, get it delivered to her house, and let her hang it up at her favourite spot. 

Cascading Lights by Typo
Price: $39.99 per set

4.       Organic groceries

Organic groceries delivery

Is your significant other a health junkie? Or is she ‘just trying to go on a diet and lose weight’ during these exceptional times? Either ways, she could very much enjoy this organic grocery subscription! Every start of the week, Simply Fresh will bring a box of fresh, organic imported produce right to her doorstep. Oh, she is a picky eater? Good news for you, you could even select the kind of fruits or vegetables from a set variety of boxes! Whether its fruits, vegetables or even a Mediterranean selection, this grocery subscription will definitely bring a fruitful surprise!

Simply Fresh
Price: Starts at $150 per box

5.       Customised perfume

perfume for her

Miss the scent of your significant other? Everyone loves a personal scent, especially the ladies. Why not surprise her with a new, personalised fragrance instead? The Lab Fragrances offers one-of-a-kind scents that are freshly hand made in small batches, complete with the wearer’s name printed on the label. Furthermore, these fragrances are 100% vegan, which highlights the The Lab Fragrances commitment to quality. You get to choose between classic favourites such as Earl Grey, Ginger and Lavender to unique blends like Pepper & Tobacco, or Peach & Mask. If you can’t make a decision, you could always opt to get their Discovery Set, where they offer vials of each fragrance. Oh, did we mention, shipping within Singapore is free!

The Lab Fragrance
Price: Starts at $19

6.       Diffuser and Essential Oils

Diffuser for her

Staying at home for extended periods of time could potentially drive your significant other crazy. So why not gift her a set of essential oil and aromatic diffuser? After all, they are known to induce a sense of relaxation, and makes the room more inviting. Even better, you can get one with a built-in humidifier so you know that she can breathe easy even when you are not around. If she is new to essential oils, you can get her a set of different scents so she can figure out her favourites!

Woodgrain Diffuser
Price: $22

7.       Cute pillow / bolster

cute bolster pillow for girls

A pillow or a bolster might seem insignificant, but when your precious darling hasn’t been seeing you for a while, she IS going to miss hugging you. So why not get her an alternative that is just as warm and squishy? Pillows and bolsters come in different shapes, sizes and designs, so get something that best resonates with her! Here are some suggestions we found:

Cartoon animal
Donuts and Macarons
Price: Starts from $22

8.      Dope Sneakers

Nike Sneakers for her

Forget heels, you will never get the right one anyway! Sneakers though, are timeless and goes well with any clothing. Streetwear fashion is still trendy right now, so a dope pair of sneakers is required to complete the look. 2020 is seeing more partnerships between top tier fashion lines and sneaker brands such as the Futura x Off-White and OAMC x adidas Originals. If you and your significant other are sneakerheads, save up some money and get them! If not, Fila and Nike Airs are still in trend and they will not break the bank.

Fila Disruptor II
Nike Woman Air Force One Shadow
Price: Starts from $100

9.       Yoga mat

yoga mat gift for her

The shutdown of many gyms and sporting facilities might mean that your girlfriend / wife has to do their workouts at home. Sure, she can do her workouts barefoot on the floor, but would you want to take the risk and let her fall or injure herself? If you are budget conscious, you could always get her the plain yoga mats from your nearest Guardian or Watson. However, if you want something unique, read on! Pravacana Mats allows customers to design their own yoga mat, all you got to do is to send them the image. Made in the USA, these yoga mats are BPA and phthalates free. So maybe, send your missus a yoga mat with your face on it!

Pravacana Mats
Price: Starts from $70


10.   Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Amazon Kindle Tablet gift for her

So, your girlfriend is an avid book reader. With this current coronavirus pandemic, going to the bookstore or the library to checkout the next read of the week might be difficult. These days it all about electronic form, so get her a Kindle E-reader instead! The Kindle Paperwhite is an E-reader by Amazon, which boasts a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display. It is also waterproof (making showers more worthwhile) and lasts for weeks from a single charge- truly a bang for your buck.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
Price: Starts from $180

11.   Pyjamas set

Pyjamas for girls

With staying at home being the norm now, it is important to stay comfy. The weather is turning cooler as well, as the monsoon sets in. A pyjamas set is a great gift that allows your baby boo to stay snugged from the comfort of her own room. Whether if its cosy nights or lazy mornings, a set of cute pyjamas will definitely remind her of your affection for her!

Blue Bunny Photographic Pyjamas from Next
Uniqlo Soft Stretch Pyjamas
Price: Starts from $39.90

12.   Environmentally friendly apparel

necklace for her

Most women cannot resist the allure of jewellery and the apparels are those that can always be found in their wardrobe. While it is a nice thought to get something beautiful for your loved ones, it is important that we try to gift something that is environmentally friendly or sustainable as well. BaYou with Love is an eco-friendly fashion brand by Hollywood actress Nikki Reed. They have recently launched a collection of jewellery where earrings, rings and similar apparel are made from metals obtained from recycled computer motherboards. A great deal of care and quality is put into each and every one of the trinkets, ensuring that your special one will be able to look glamorous while playing a part in environmental sustainability.

BaYou with Love
Price: Starts from $200

13.   Customised notebook

notebook customised

If your girlfriend is one who is structured and likes to write everything down, a good set of notebooks is required. Instead of getting her a $10 printed notebook from Typo, why not get her a customised one? Bynd Artisan offers an experiential retail concept that personalises paper and leather goods. Just head on to their website and you can immediately start customising her personalised notebook. Bynd Artisan offers a variety of customisation options, from covers to book spine and even the pages! Do remember to etch your significant other’s name on the notebook so that she knows that it belongs to her!

Bynd Artisan
Price: Starts from $35.00

14.   One step hair dryer and volumizer

Revlon Hair tool

Dubbed as a miracle brush, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer brush is an innovative invention that combines the wonders of a hair dryer and volumizer together, halving the time and effort required for your girlfriends to get their hair full, ready and glamorous. With over 30,000 reviews across the internet, this product has definitely achieved a legendary status in the hearts of women. If you girlfriend has curly hair, you might not want to miss this opportunity and give her a new hair-styling experience she will never forget!

Revlon one step hair dryer and volumizer
Price: From $150-$180

15.   Spotify sub

Spotify music

This one needs no introduction. If you love (or even listen) music you should know how wonderful this digital music service is. Of course, you could always use Spotify for free, but if you are a heavy user, you should know how frustrating it is with all the ads. You might be able to take the ads, but why impose such frustration on your girlfriend? Give her a peaceful, uninterrupted workout by gifting her a premium Spotify subscription!

Spotify Premium
Price: Student- $4.99/ month, Personal- $9.90

16.   Smart mug

Smart Mug

Whether if its coffee or tea, having a hot cuppa is one of our daily pleasures. Day, teatime, or night we are particular about the type and temperature of the coffee / tea that we drink. It would be disastrous if your precious baby scalded her tongue while taking a huge swig of her Matcha Latte or annoyed when she mistakenly took a sip of room temperature Earl Grey. Fortunately, the 21st century has a solution for that – the smart temperature control mug! The Ember temperature control mug is a mug that allows you to set the desired temperature of the drink for up to three hours, through an app in your smartphone. Simple and futuristic looking, your significant other will definitely get a high when she sees this mug!

Ember Temperature Control Mug
Price: Starts from $150

17.   Cosy sweater

Sweater for her

Yes, we know what you are thinking- there is no winter in Singapore. But after the reported hailstones in 2013/ 2014, we have seen an increase in sweater weather days. Furthermore, most of us are in schools and offices, where the freezing air is constantly blowing. So, there is no reason not to get some unique sweaters for you girlfriend! We are approaching the annual Great Singapore Sale soon, so expect some great hauls! Make sure you get the right size from your girlfriend before getting the sweaters.

Muji Sweaters
Price: $29.90-$70

18.   Bluetooth Earbuds

bluetooth earbuds

Ever since the debut of Apple Airpods, Bluetooth earbuds have come up tops as the preferred earphones of choice. Its sleek, its small, and they don’t give rise to awkward situations when your wired headphones entangle themselves on a stranger’s bag. If your significant other is still using the wired headphones, now would be a good time to give her a pleasant surprise? Wireless Bluetooth earbuds now comes in different forms for different uses; if your girlfriend is a workout enthusiast, consider getting her a Jaybird Tarah. If she’s an avid Android user, the Samsung Galaxy Buds is definitely our recommendation.

Jaybird Tarah
Samsung Galaxy Buds
Price: Starts from $49.99

19.   Portable Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth Speaker

Just like the Bluetooth earbuds, the portable Bluetooth speaker is one of the hottest products around- they are great for dates, picnics, and workouts. They come in different forms and sizes as well, each specified for different needs. If your girlfriend is an outdoors person who likes to go on adventures while listening to music, consider getting the JBL Clip 2. If she’s a fan of pool parties, try out UE Wonderboom 2. If you are looking for something budget friendly the Tribit Max Sound Plus is the perfect choice.   

JBL Clip 2
UE Wonderboom 2
Tribit Max Sound Plus
Price: Start from $70

20.   Bath Bombs

bathbombs for her

Now it’s the perfect time to for some self-care- before the pandemic everyone has been so busy and engrossed in their daily activities that they forgot to give their bodies a decent rest. Your girlfriend is no exception too, so why not give her a good pampering by getting some fizzy bath bombs? All she has got to do is to head to the shower, pop one of those babies in and relax for the rest of the evening. These bath bombs are relatively inexpensive, so you can get a bunch of them for her to try out without burning a hole in your wallet.

Bath bombs from Sephora
Price: Starts from $2

21.   Artisan tea


We all know about specialty coffee and how good it tastes, but what if your significant other is not a fan of coffee, or doesn’t drink them? Lucky for her, we’ve got some artisan tea to recommend! The artisanal tea industry has been brewing (pun intended) for the past few years now, with lots of homegrown brands offering unique tea blends. One of them is Kittea, where they create tea blends inspired the personalities of cat breeds! Cute and fun, Kittea offers their teas in different servings, from tea tins to tea tubes and tea pillows. We recommend the Kitticorn, which is a tea blend of white chocolate-dipped pineapples, apples, and raspberries!

Price: Starts from $6

22.   Watercolour Brush Pen Set

Watercolour brush pen set

If your girlfriend is a self-proclaimed artist, you are in luck! She might be having difficulty looking for art materials during this circuit breaker (since art stores are closed), but now you can surprise her with a watercolour brush set! This 20-colour brush set is a perfect gift for those girlfriends who are fans of brush lettering.

Watercolour Brush Pen Set
Price: $13.74

23.   Custom Photo Book

custom photobook

You and your baby precious have been together for a while now and have taken lots of pictures together. Why not, gift her a customised photobook showcasing all the memories that you two have had together? Photobook Singapore offers a wide range of photobooks in terms of sizes and template designs. The process of making a photobook is simple and easy to follow, all you got to do is to find the right photos and put the files on the website / mobile app. Photobook Singapore has regular deals and cashback to incentivise more people to try out their service, so do keep a lookout!

Photobook Singapore
Price: Starts from $70

24.   Personalised mug

best girlfriend mug

If the smart temperature control mug is way out of your budge, consider making a personalised mug for your girlfriend instead! Nothing says sincerity more than gifts that are made with the person in mind. With a personalise mug, you can add special photos or messages on it, reminding her how much your love is for her. We are sure that mornings will never be as dull as ever with a sweet mug like that!

Personalised Mug by Vistaprint
Price: Starts from $12

25.   Travellers notebook from Toyku Hands


The traveller’s notebook is a high quality notebook that features a cowhide cover and crisp, white writing paper that is simple and easy to write on. While it is plain-looking, the notebook can be customised according to preferences as well. If your girlfriend is a fan of traveling or is a person who likes to write while on the go, this is the perfect gift for her. The notebook is refillable, so this gift can be kept as a keepsake for the years to come.

Traveller’s Notebook
Price: Starts from $50

26.   Personalised Passport Cover

passport cover custom

This is another great gift if your girlfriend is a fan of traveling around the world. Having a plain passport face can get boring at times, and it would be nice to remind you and your girlfriend the excitement of traveling together with a passport cover that only belongs to her (and you).  The Imprint is a store that specialises in customising and personalising products from passport covers to luggage tags. Their personalised passport covers a minimalistic looking, but also features a complex interior to store travel essentials such as pens and visa documents.

Personalised Passport Cover
Price: Starts from $27.90

27.   Handmade Flower Vase

flower vase

Yes, she is pretty like a flower, but that doesn’t mean she can’t receive flowers! Concrete Everything is a store that allows you to make your own flower vase, so why not give that a shot and show your baby your hidden artistic talent!

The Concrete Everything Store
Price: Starts from $60

28.   Adult Colouring Book

adult colouring book

Sometimes, it is good for us to indulge in the activities that we have done while we were kids. Life can get too overwhelming and stressful, so having some short colouring moments by ourselves can be good therapy. There are many different types of adult colouring books out there with different themes, so get one that has pictures you know your girlfriend would love!

Adult Colouring Books
Price: Starts from $13

29.   Candles

special candle

Just like essential oils and diffusers, candles are true therapeutic experiences where your girlfriend can unwind to its warmth and relaxing scent. While Yankee Candles is the first brand that comes to mind, it can be overpriced for some. Therefore, we recommend To Be Calm Fragrances instead. All their candles are made with Soy Wax, and infused with flavour-blends such as White Tea & Ginger, Green Bamboo & Fig. The candles come in 5 different sizes, ensuring that your girlfriend can have the experience however as much as she wants.

To Be Calm Candles
Price: Starts from $18

30.   Personalised water bottle

custom water bottle

The personalised water bottle is another one-of-a-kind gift that you can think of giving to your girlfriend. Personalised mugs though practical, are not portable. With the personalised water bottle, your girlfriend can bring it around and show them off to ger BFFs!

Personalised water bottle
 Price: $34.90

31.   Book subscription service


Here’s another subscription service if your girlfriend is an avid reader- BooksActually has a subscription service that curates paperbacks and hardcovers based on your girlfriend’s reading profile and interests. In addition, the box not only includes gifts, but special surprises ranging from bookmarks to light snacks, or even new scents as well! Talk about an engaging reading experience!

BooksActually subscription Box
Price: $188

32.   Facial skincare products


Singapore being a tropical country, has sweltering, harsh elements that can lead to a duller face. So, having facial skincare products is a must for your girlfriend to ensure that her skin remains protected. However, with every season comes with a whole new range of products, you might be confused on what to get for her. We recommend getting her the Blithe Pressed Serum Crystal Ice Plant- for girlfriends with dry skin types, this is a must. The serum hydrates and nourishes the skin, and the ice plant extract protects the skin from the harsh UV rays.

Blithe Pressed Serum Crystal Iceplant
Price: $58

33.   Mini leather satchel

leather satchel

Every girl needs a mini leather satchel, its cool, its cute, its small enough to bring around, yet also big enough to fit essentials. Furthermore, it pairs well with most outfits! Depending on your budget, you could get a satchel that is made of real leather, or a slightly more affordable one made from faux leather. Don’t worry, we will be providing suggestions from both ends so that you can decided which best to get for her.

Fossil Ryder Mini Satchel
Lara Brown Leather Satchel
Price: Starts from $69

34.   A Timepiece


Watches are truly timeless pieces. While outfits and clothing can change, timepieces remain relatively the same but still just as fashionable as ever. With the explosion of internet boutique brands, we are now seeing a range of choices, where everyone can find their perfect watch. If you are intending to gift your girl a watch, we recommend going with a classic brand that can last for years to come. The Timex Weekender is a great balance between affordability and aesthetics. Just under $100, it is sleek, minimalistic, and customisable- one can pick their preferred size, materials and even engravement. Show your never-ending love with her with a evergreen timepiece!

Timex Weekender
Price: Starts from $50

35.   Build-a-bear

Almost every girl loves as good stuffed toy, and no stuffed toy can be better than the good ol’teddy! As the name suggests, Build-a-bear is a concept where you can create a stuffed animal for your girlfriend that is uniquely hers. Start off by dressing the teddy bear with different types of outfits and accessories, and then move on to bringing the teddy to life by including scents, sounds and a heartbeat!

Price: Starts from $20

36.   Fragrant, Bathing Soap


Bath bombs are great, but they are useless if your significant other has no bathtubs to use them. So why not get her some bar soap instead? A wonderful bar soap can bring about as much R&R experience as the bath bombs- The Clovelly Soap by Naiise is made with traditional methods, which produces lots of lovely soft bubbles that does not dries out the skin. Furthermore, it helps to moisturise the skin while providing a deep cleanse. The Clovelly Soap comes in different scents, be sure to check them out!

The Clovelly Soap (Orange)
Price: $13.40

37.   Surprise her with probably the biggest pizza in Singapore


You love pizza, we love pizza, your girlfriend LOVES pizza, everybody loves pizza. We all know that we there’s never ever enough slices to go around, so why not get her a pizza that she can definitely not finish? Peperoni Pizzeria’s 21-inch XXL Pizza is huge, and its normally shared between 4-5 people. The pie is not too thick with the savoury tomato sauce, and the crust can be described with a distinct crunch. The choices for toppings are wide, and it is given generously. Truly a treat!

Peperoni Pizzeria
Price: Starts from $55

38.   Mini Terrarium


Gardening and growing plants might be a challenge if your girlfriend does not have green thumbs. Good thing for them, you can consider getting Terrariums, which a small self-sustaining garden that do not require much care. All she needs to do is to ensure that the plants get a decent share of water and sunlight, and watch these beautiful babies grow! A tilly a day is a store that allows you to customize the Terrarium at affordable prices, so let them know your preferences!

A Tilly A Day
Price: Starts from $15

39.   Eyeshadow palette


If you don’t know what eyeshadow is for, here it is- it makes your girlfriend’s eyes look pretty, or sexy, or cute, depending on the shade. Eyeshadow can be rather tricky gifts to get, we recommend that you find out the colours that your girlfriend normally uses so that she doesn’t feel like she’s out of her comfort zone when she sees shades that she has never used before. Established brands such as Laneige and Etude House offers eyeshadow palettes for under $50.

Eyeshadow Palette
Price: $42

40.   Sleeping mask

sleeping mask

Fact: you skin regenerates and repairs itself while you sleep. However, there are times where your girlfriend has to pull an all-nighter due to school or work, preventing her skin from taking the rest that they need. A sleeping mask helps to soothe, hydrate and repair the skin, ensuring that your girlfriend’s face remains firm and healthy. Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask contains traditional herbs that helps to re-energise the skin while she sleeps.

Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask
Price: $68

41.   Steam eye mask

steam eye mask

A steam eye mask is a self-heating dry mask that helps to soothe tired eyes, eye bags, dark circles etc. If your girlfriend has been complaining about similar problems, take the hint and get her a steam eye mask! These masks are usually relatively inexpensive, so do get her a bunch!

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask
Price: $6.50

42.   Instant photo printer

Photo printer

If your significant other loves to take photos and pin it up on her board, then this would be the gift for her! With her own instant photo printer, she would no longer need to head down to her nearest shopping mall to look for those instaphoto booths. The Canon SELPHY CP1300 is a light, compact instant photo printer that can be brought around easily, whether if its to work, brunch, or a lazy afternoon picnic. Printing photos can be easily done be connecting the printer to your girlfriend’s smartphone or camera’s memory card!

Canon SELPHY instant photo printer
Price: Starts from $170

43.   Smart Watch


In the times where technology meets fashion, watches have evolved into a multi-functional device that make our lives so much easier. There are tons of options in terms of functionality or design for your girlfriend. If she’s more of a sporty gal, the Fitbit Versa 2 is the best choice for her. If not, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for its versatility as an everyday watch.

Fitbit Versa 2
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
Price: Starts from $280

44.   Cat-eye sunglasses


Singapore is a bright and sunny island, of course she’s gonna use sunglasses as part of her fashion statement! These days, it is all about the quirky, and cat-eye designs are THE representation of quirky. Get her the right one and watch her slay the fashion scene!

Cat-eye sunglasses from Zalora
Price: Starts from $24.90

45.   Planner


We’ve still got about half a year left, so it is still not too late to get your significant other a planner! Actspressions planners are one-of-a-kind beautiful: they are designed to highlight the art of brush strokes, exquisite and bold. Furthermore, these planners are made locally and specifically tailored to include public holidays in Singapore. Look no further if you’re looking for the perfect planner!

Price: $21.90

46.   Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy

If your girlfriend has a sweet tooth, then definitely get this mini cotton candy machine for her! It is easy to use and allows her to re-create those carnival memories from the comfort of her own home within minutes! Just make sure that she doesn’t get overboard with the sugar!

Cotton Candy Machine
Price: Starts from $31

47.   Jigsaw Puzzle Set


Jigsaw puzzles are old-school fun, watch the seconds tick away as your girlfriend tries to complete a 1000-piece puzzle all on her own! If she has not tried doing this before, now would be a perfect opportunity! Jigsaw Puzzle World has many designs for you to choose from, and they are all affordably priced!

Jigsaw Puzzle Set
Price: Starts from $50

48.   Surprise Bouquet!


Staying at home for too long might make your significant other depressed, so why not brighten up her day with a surprise bouquet delivery! Flowerchimp offers a field of different bouquets that are bound to satisfy your girlfriend!

Flower delivery
Price: Starts from $39.90

49.   Get Designer clothing delivered right to her doorstep

clothes female

Every girl is their own fashionista. With the current pandemic, shopping for clothes might not be the same again. While online shopping might be able to satisfy her shopaholic urges, why not go one step ahead and get designer clothing right to your girlfriend’s doorstep? Style Theory allows customers to rent or buy designer apparel, and make relevant recommendations based on the user’s browsing and rental history. Reviews have been raved so far, with users being able to try out designer labels for under $100.

Style Theory
Price: Starts from $69/ month

50.   Netflix Subscription


Today’s form of hobby and leisure can only be represented by ‘Netflix and Chill’! With most of the world’s media content under one library, it is hard not to stave our eyes away from the television. If your girlfriend is still heading up to dubious websites to watch episodes of ‘Crash Landing on You’ or ‘Lucifer’, then be a good boyfriend and gift her a Netflix subscription! As you might already know, Netflix offers tier-pricing, so choose a plan that most suit her watching habits.

Price: Starts from $11.98/ month