10 Unique Corporate Team Building Activities in Singapore for 2018

Planning a corporate team building activity or outing can be stressful. You want your colleagues to have lots of fun and unwind amidst the usual hectic work schedule. There are also concerns about how to include people of different ages and interests in the activities you have planned.

Below are some carefully hand picked, unique, corporate team building activities and ideas for your team to have a fun-filled day!

1) Art Jamming on T-Shirts & Totes

Some love to customise a given product or artwork at a shop. However, most will be thrilled if they are involved in the creation and production of that item.

Workshop activities like Art Jams and Craft Lessons will allow your team to be in a cosy and nice ambience, and enjoy a therapeutic time together painting and letting their creative juices come alive. For people who are already tired from work and responsibilities, they will find this activity refreshing and appealing.

At The Noteway, Art Jamming sessions are conducted for corporate teams with a twist! Instead of Art Jamming on boring canvases, your team will get to Art Jam with silk screen paint on T-Shirts and Tote Bags, which they can take home as souvenirs from their Art Jamming Session.

Who doesn’t like memorable souvenirs to bring home after a fun filled day?


Address: 20 Shaw Road, #04-07, Ching Shine Building (BLOCK B), s367956

Website: https://thenoteway.com/art-jamming/ 

Art Jam Timings: Friday, 7pm to 9pm, Saturday/Sunday, 11am – 1pm & 3pm – 5pm

Price: $39 per Person, $299 for a team of 10 employees (Free T-Shirt or Tote Bag to take home for each team member)

Contact: artjamming@thenoteway.com

Telephone: 69269066 / 90882158 

2) Learn How to Print a T-Shirt

Most companies get t-shirt printing companies to print their corporate t-shirts for them.

But what if you can get your team to print your company t-shirts all by themselves with some guidance from t-shirt printing experts?

Our t-shirt silk screen printing workshops allow you to do exactly that! More so, your team will not only enjoy the half day activity, but also learn some skills, bond with each other and get free company t-shirts.


Address: 20 Shaw Road, #04-07, Ching Shine Building (BLOCK B), s367956

Website: https://thenoteway.com/silk-screen-printing-singapore/

Price$200 per Person, $979 for a team of 10 employees with 10 free t-shirts printed with 1 colour corporate logo

Telephone: 6926906

3) Have an Escape Room Adventure

If your team likes tasks that are fun yet a little intellectually challenging, consider the choice of being trapped in a room together with your colleagues.


These escape rooms offer mysterious plots and puzzles for your colleagues to solve while getting to discover their behaviours and mannerisms that you may not have known initially, outside the context of the office.


Common Escape Rooms used for team building activities include:


The Escape Artist: http://www.theescapeartist.sg/corporate

RoomRaider: http://roomraidersg.com/corporate-building/

Trapped: https://www.trapped.sg/team-building-games/

4) Play Paintball

Alternatively, if your company team is youthful and up for a challenge, you can engage your team with an exhilarating game of paintball. You and your team will be equipped with a gun loaded with dye-filled paintballs, as you manoeuvre through the area allocated, dodging paintballs and shooting down your opponents.

Games can be played outdoors or indoors, with an array of missions to conquer as a team. Rest assured that measures will be in place to ensure your safety while engaging in this physical activity.


Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Address: 220 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288001

Website: http://weplaypaintball.com/corporate-package/

Telephone: 6659 4782 / 6659 8095 / 6755 7537

Price: Estimated $29.90/pax

5) Sing Together (Karaoke)


Karaoke is another activity that people enjoy during after-work hours, without the need to be musically trained. Most importantly, Karaoke is suitable for all ages – so you don’t have to worry about younger or older members of your team feeling left out!

Additionally, a large variety of songs can be selected to satisfy a range of music lovers.

Incorporating it into your corporate event can be a good way for your team to foster camaraderie in a casual setting. If you want to satisfy your hunger while singing for a long time, Manekineko offers delectable buffet spreads in addition to karaoke sessions that will give your team an enjoyable time.



Address: Have locations in all parts of Singapore

Website: https://www.koshidaka.com.sg/corporate-events/

6) Attend a Chocolate Making Workshop

For the avid chocolate lovers out there, they would be interested in tasting and making delectable chocolate truffles, cakes and desserts. By understanding and being taught how to make them, you can develop a new hobby and interest in the comfort of your home. Chocz offers workshops that impart to learners chocolate figurine making techniques and how to hand-craft eight different types of chocolates.



Address: Chocz Esplanade Mall

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 11 am to 12.30 pm or 2.30pm to 4 pm

Contact: 67413502

Price: $65/pax, from 20 to 25 pax

7) Sign Up for a Perfume Making Workshop

To understand your teams’ personalities in a fun way, you can consider this perfume workshop series called aromatherapy team bonding.

This perfume workshop comprises of

  • Perfume Personality Assessment to understand each team member’s personality.
  • Perfume Making based on each team member’s ‘Personality test Result’ in 75ml Crystal bottles, with their name engraved on it.
  • Understanding the correlation between Perfume Personality Results & other Personality tests like MBTI, DISC etc
  • 6 other fun team activities for a perfect bonding day.

By attending this perfume workshop, your team will understand and remember each others’ personalities and different working styles better. This will help to develop a better sense of bonding within members of your team when they work together.


Jetaime Perfumery

Address: 90 good man road, Good Man Art Center, Block O 01-57, Singapore 439053

Website: http://www.perfumeworkshop.com/unique-team-building-singapore.html

Telephone: 97328004

Price: $105 for 5-10 people, $95 for 11-20 people, $90 for 21-40 people.

8) Cook A Delicious 3 Course Meal

The old adage, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ definitely has some merit. In this case, take advantage of our foodie culture in Singapore to bond your team.

CulinaryOn’s classes run between 3-4 hours where teams cook a 3 or 4 course lunch or dinner. A plethora of international cuisines are available for classes. Most importantly, classes are interactive as an ice-breaking or team bonding activity should be and the chef cooks alongside your team.



Address: One Raffles Place, Tower 2, #04-63, Singapore 048616

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm daily

Website: https://culinaryon.sg/about-new.html

Telephone:+ 65 3108 0385

9) Go on a Bike Tour around Pulau Ubin

For all the nature lovers or those who need an escape from the city’s bustle, the even smaller island near Singapore is an underrated place to visit. Take a bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin to meet the tour guide who will take you on this 4 hour cycling tour. This off-beaten path will take you to the undisturbed and authentic kampong scenes, plantations and natural habitats of the wildlife species living there.


TripAdvisor Singapore

Departure Point: Adventures, No. 34 Pulau Ubin

Departure Times: 9:30am or 1:30pm


Telephone: 800-130-2207

Price: $84.95/ person


10) Volunteer for The Community

Consider giving back to the community with a corporate social event, whereby you come together to enrich the lives of others. Spend a day at Willing Hearts chopping vegetables and cooking meals for the underprivileged, or volunteer for The Cuff Road Project which provides free breakfast and dinner to migrant workers who are out of jobs.


Willing Hearts

Address:11 Jalan Ubi Blk 6, #01-51, Kembangan – Chai Chee Community Hub, Singapore 409074

Openings hours: Monday to Sunday, 5:30am to 3:30pm

Contact: +65 6743 0725 / +65 6743 0705 / +65 6476 5822

We hope that you’ve managed to glean some ideas on what to do for your corporate team building from our article above! If you want to order t-shirts to wear during your corporate team building activities, you can contact us for special corporate partnerships and deals, or simply use our Instant Price Quotation.