28 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas In Singapore To Surprise Your Loved Ones

For Him

1) Fresh Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Fruit Bouquet – Rainbowly

We know of men who don’t like flower bouquets. But which guy would say no to a gorgeous-looking chocolate-dipped strawberry bouquet? Hardly anyone, because they can gobble up all the goodness and fill their sweet craving tummies without the guilt of eating junk!

Fresh Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Fruit Bouquet - Rainbowly

These photo-worthy fruit arrangements can be topped up with birthday or anniversary toppers for the special occasion. And you can get it delivered to anywhere in Singapore completely free of charge too!

2. Personalised Saffiano Leather Laptop Sleeve – The Imprint

Most guys love practical gifts that they can use regularly. But what if the practical gift has an added simple but personalised touch to it like this leather sleeve from The Imprint? Men love it even more! You can choose the sleeve colour, add the name of your gift recipient, and even personalise the name embossing details when you place your order. 

leather laptop sleeve

3) Mens Auto Belt – Hush Puppies

If you know that he loves his formal wear, then you are sure to make his day with a stylish Hush Puppies Men Auto Belt. 

Branded belts like this one from Hush Puppies ensure premium quality at a great price. 

Hush Puppies Men Auto Belt PU HMA009713

4) Personalised Leather Passport Holder – The Imprint

If your loved one is consumed by wanderlust, a perfect birthday gift would be a personalized passport holder. Customize the passport cover with their name on it! Veteran globetrotters will love this trendy and aesthetic gift, that will enable them to snap some scenic shots with the customized passport in their hand against the backdrop of the airplane window.

5) Personalised Leather Luggage Tag – The Imprint

How about personalising something that NEEDS to be personalised for a perfect birthday gift? If you have ever picked up an identical suitcase of another traveller from the baggage carousel at an airport, you will get what we mean. A luggage tag with his name embossed will protect his precious luggage from getting mixed up during his travels and he will surely thank you for it!

Personalised Leather Luggage Tag – The Imprint

6) Classic Analog Watch with Gift Box – Watchspree

This is a great birthday gift for your husband or boyfriend if they like wearing watches! Casio has come up with a wide variety of stylish watch designs to choose from at affordable prices. You can purchase and pack it in a classy watch gift box for them and wrap it up too. 

Classic Analog Watch with Gift Box - Watchspree

7) Men Backpack with Silver YKK Zipper & USP Charging Port – Mark Ryden

Classic backpacks are essential to carry laptops to work or even for traveling. This Nylon Oxford Mark Ryden Backpack comes with a wide range of features and at a great price, doesn’t it? 

Mark Ryden Men Backpack with Silver YKK Zipper

8) Wine Chiller with a Unique Design

Does your loved one throw cool parties with friends and family? Is there a lot of wine drinking, fun and laughter in these parties? Then a personalised wine chiller is the perfect gift for him, be it your dad, husband or boyfriend! Besides the wine bottles being kept in ice cold style, the wine cooler will be a unique talking point with your loved one’s guests!

-30% Homeries Marble Wine Chiller Bucket - Wine & Champagne Cooler for Parties,...
$34.99 $49.99
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-28% Huski Wine Chiller | Award Winning Iceless Design | Keeps Wine Cold...
$49.99 $69.99
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Vinglacé Wine Bottle Insulator | Stainless Steel | Double Walled | Vacuum...
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Last update was on: May 28, 2024 3:02 am


For Her

9) DIY Tote Bag Painting Gift Set – Streaks n Strokes

Bags and girls are mostly inseparable – don’t know what kind of bags to get her? Surprise her with a DIY Tote Bag Painting Kit instead, where she can paint a tote bag with her favourite design, and offer to carry it for her when she has lots of things to carry. Want to add an extra element of surprise for her? You can even purchase a couple painting kit so that you can paint along with her on her birthday. All the painting kits come with detailed instruction booklets, pencil and tracing paper. So you have the step by step instructions to guide you and you can trace before painting. Especially useful for beginners!

Couple Tote Bag or T-Shirt Painting Kit

10) Share the Love Big Advent Calendar – The Body Shop

If she is into taking care of her skin and beauty, you can’t go wrong with this Share The Love Deluxe Gift Box from The Body Shop. This gift box is not just pretty looking, it contains 25 items for her to try, enjoy, admire, and love. From different flavored hand creams to sheet masks to even lip balms and bathroom essentials, she will be spoilt for choice on which to open first!

Share the Love Big Advent Calendar - The Body Shop

11) Custom Mini Plaque With Holder – Mad Sane Designs

Is she an old school person with an old soul that likes to showcase her memories in printed photos? If she is, then this unconventional yet elegant custom mini plaque with holder will make a perfect birthday gift. You can even customise a message for the birthday girl on the wooden plaque!

Custom Mini Plaque With Holder Birthday Gift

12) Women’s Butterfly Pendant – Celovis Jewelry

Looking for affordable yet beautiful-looking jewelry? Quit searching! Celovis Jewelry offers classy-looking minimalistic jewelry. Customise them to your preference. Add your loved one’s favorite saying on a bracelet or design a pendant that you think would suit your loved one’s personality and style!

Women's Butterfly Pendant - Celovis Jewelry

13) Personalised Saffiano Leather Coin Pouch – The Imprint

Instead of boring store-bought coin pouches, you can check out these simple, customisable coin pouches from The Imprint! Made with high quality Saffiano Microfiber leather on the outside and silky smooth satin fabric interiors, these coin pouches are not only scratch and tear resistant but also light weight. To top it all off, her embossed name or initials on the pouch will make her smile whenever she takes it out to get some spare change. 

Personalised Saffiano Leather Coin Pouch - The Imprint

14) Personalised Names Bracelet – Alskar

She might have a minimal looking necklace already, but what about her wrist? How about an engraved bracelet with her name instead? Etch her name (or yours) on to a bracelet that will always reflect the bond between you and her. Every bracelet comes with a complimentary gift box too!

Personalised Names Bracelet - Alskar


15) 6 in 1 Bath and Body Gift Set – Body & Earth

Another pretty gift for females who are into skin and body care, but this time at a really affordable price! This set contains 6 lavender scented, luxurious, body care products – a bubble bath, shower gel, face cream, hand lotion, soap bar and even a body lotion all packaged in a beautiful gift box. 

6 in 1 Bath and Body Gift Set - Body & Earth

16) Petite Melrose Watch With Mesh Strap In Rose Gold – Daniel Wellington

For women who love classy and pretty watches, Daniel Wellington is sure to impress. Surprise them with these timeless masterpieces!

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch With Mesh Strap In Rose Gold


For Him and Her

17) Look-A-Like ClayArt Figurines – ClayArtTouch

ClayArtTouch offers personalised clay sculptures that are cute and even pretty realistic. The Look-A-Like package enables you to create clay sculptures that look like you and your loved one, in clothings and poses of your choice. This is a fun and quirky gift that is sure to make the birthday girl or boy crack up! Your loved one will treasure this eccentric gift for years to come.  

Look-A-Like ClayArt Figurines - ClayArtTouch

18) Smart Watch – Samsung, Apple or Huawei

A smartwatch can do wonders – track your fitness, track your health, even as a mobile wallet! As techno-savvy individuals today, smart devices such as the smartwatch bring plenty of value and convenience to our lives. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch SE and Huawei Band 6 are all great choices for an everyday watch that enhance our quality of life.

Smart Watch - Samsung, Apple or Huawei

19) Whiskey or Wine Decanter Sets

We know we can’t separate alcohol from alcohol lovers – wine, whiskey, vodka…you name it, they’ve had it! What we can do instead is get them a Whiskey Decanter Globe Set if they love Whiskey or a Wine Decanter Aerator if they love wine. So the next time they sit down to drink after a stressful week at work, they remember you and your thoughtful gift.

The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Decanter l With 2 Diamond Glasses Liquor,...
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-19% Le Chateau Red Wine Decanter Aerator - Crystal Glass Wine Carafe -...
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-34% Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Etched Whiskey Glasses - for Liquor...
$58.90 $89.95
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Last update was on: May 28, 2024 3:02 am

20) Personalised Spotify Acrylic Stand With Premium Wood Base – Awards and Gifts

If you or your loved one have a favourite song on your Spotify playlist, you will not go wrong with this personalised birthday gift. Not only is their favourite song going to play when they scan the code on this stand, you can add in their favourite photo on the stand too. Wow.

Personalised Spotify Acrylic Stand With Premium Wood Base

21) Bird’s Nest Giftset 8s x 2 – Kinohimitsu

Bird’s Nest products have countless health benefits from improving blood circulation and digestion to supporting immune function, helping anti-ageing and much more. If you and your loved one value each other’s health more than anything in the world, this Bird’s Nest Gift Set will be the perfect gift idea to cheer them up on their birthday. The Bird’s Nest drinks are ready-to-drink and come in a nicely designed gift box too. 

Bird's Nest Giftset 8s x 2 - Kinohimitsu

22) Hot Chocolate Gift Set – Whittard Cocoa Creations

While chocolate might be too mainstream for a birthday gift, this delicious and flavourful hot chocolate gift set will catch chocolate lovers by surprise. This hot chocolate gift set contains 6 different flavours – Orange, Mint, Salted Caramel, Rocky Road, Luxury Hot Chocolate and Luxury White Hot Chocolate. Your loved one is sure to find a flavour they are hooked to for life!

Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Whittard Cocoa Creations

23) Personalised Stainless Steel Tumbler

Purchase a personalised stainless steel tumbler for your loved one for their birthday. This chic gift comes in 4 different designs you can choose from and along with an eye catching gift box. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and keeps your beverage cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours! There can’t be any other birthday gift that is more practical for people who can’t stand their hot drinks becoming cold and vice versa.  

Personalised Stainless Steel Tumbler

24. Bewa Satin Silk Masks with Gift Box

Once the Prime Minister himself has called covid-19 an “endemic”, we all know that it is here to stay. That coupled with the fact that mask wearing is compulsory indoors here in Singapore, a super comfy satin silk mask could be what your loved ones need but don’t know they need. This Bewa 4-ply Satin Silk Masks come with adjustable ear straps, in 20 colours that you can choose from and in a presentable gift box too!

Bewa Satin Silk Masks with Gift Box

25. Kombucha Tea Starter Kit, Beer Brewing Kit or Bubble Tea Making Kit

Answer these 3 simple questions before you purchase any of the 3 kits as a gift!

  1. Does your loved one like hands on activities? If yes, proceed to the next question. 
  2. Do they love their health? If they do, go for the Kombucha tea kit. If not, proceed to the final question. 
  3. Do they love beer or bubble tea? If they love either, you know what to do. If they love neither, skip to the next gift idea. 
Boba Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Drink DIY Set | WuFuYuan Black Large...
AmazonNoApi Amazon.com
Home Brewing Starter Kit – Craft a Brew Kombucha Tea Starter Kit...
AmazonNoApi Amazon.com
Craft A Brew - Hefewizen - Beer Making Kit - Make Your...
AmazonNoApi Amazon.com
Last update was on: May 28, 2024 3:02 am

Making these drinks along with your loved one will surely be a fun experience to cherish with a delicious drink to enjoy soon after!

26) Reed Diffuser 50ml Bundle of 2 – Pristine Aroma

Who doesn’t love a cozy, enveloping and irresistible scent in their room? With a wide range of aromatic reed diffusers available online, now you and your loved one can have the perfect scent you love right inside your room! The reed diffuser set comes in an elegant gift box design, making it perfect for gifting!

Pristine Aroma Reed Diffuser Gift Set

27) Personalised Phone Holder – Heyo Makers

What is most suitable for a person who is on their phone ALL the time? A personalised phone holder of course! This gift will be the protector of their prized possession, their handphone, as they scroll their phones through the day. They will hopefully remember you throughout the day too. 

Personalised Phone Holder - Heyo Makers

28) Unique Personalised Gift Name Coaster – Alskar

This one needs no explanation; everyone likes placing a beautiful coaster underneath their drinks. Why would you not customise it and add that personal touch?

Unique Personalised Gift Name Coaster - Alskar

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