Uniform Printing and Supplies

No, uniforms are not just for students. We sell and supply wholesale uniforms, as well as customise them according to your preferences. Customisation depends on the purpose of the uniform (ie for school, or work) and is often used to differentiate between schools, restaurants and CCAs. Customising uniforms builds brand identity and inspires loyalty. Wearing uniforms also creates a good impression, especially in frontline jobs. There are many different sectors in which uniforms are typically needed and worn, which will be explained in the next section.

Sectors That Require Uniforms


In the corporate sector (ie business, banking, private sector firms) presentation is very important. As such, uniforms chosen for this sector usually have a sleek body with minimal patterns and colour combination


Likewise, in the hospitality sector (ie nursing, customer service, reception, hotel) presentation is crucial for the company. As a result, uniforms chosen for this sector are usually similar to those used in the corporate sector. For hotel chains and front desk service, professional requirements are usually higher. In contrast, fast food chains may use uniforms with more patterns and colours. Due to the long hours and often demanding nature of the jobs, both durability and comfort are key concerns and should be considered in the selection of the uniforms.


In the industrial sector (ie construction firms and firms where heavy duty work is required) workers typically wear bright colours to increase visibility, especially at night. Uniforms are required to be more durable and a high percentage of polyester is preferred.

Printing Methods



This method of printing is durable, and is good for industrial uniforms that get dirty easily as it can withstand a large volume of washes. Embroidery also exudes a premium feel and will contribute to the design of your uniform. For more information on this printing method, you can check out our embroidery page.


This method of printing is also very durable. It is good for industrial uniforms and can withstand a large volume of washes. However, the number of colours in the design has to be low and a high quantity has to be ordered for the price quoted to be economical. For more information, you can check out our silkscreen page.
The shirts in the F1 collection are made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose, making them more suitable for the Hospitality and Industrial sectors. They are unisex and produced using eco-friendly dye.     Here at the Noteway, we offer uniforms with three different types of sleeves:
  1. Short sleeved
  2. ¾ sleeved
  3. Long sleeved
  We understand that the design of the uniform may be more of a determining factor as to whether the uniform is suitable for your company. As such, our uniforms are categorised according to the industry in which it is commonly seen, rather than sleeve length.   Please note that the design you may be looking for may be in the category of another industry. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email us.  

Corporate Uniforms


NHB 1700 Synergy

  Features: Pearlised buttons | Button-through Sleeve Plackets | Button Down Colour | Contrast Piping Design  
NHB 1701 (Lavender/White) | NHB 1702 (Royal/White)
NHB 1703 (Navy/White) | NHB 1704 (Orange/White) | NHB 1705 (Charcoal/White)  

NHB 1900 Smart

  Features: Pearlised buttons | Button-through Sleeve Plackets | Open Collar | Contrast Shoulder & Waist Panel Design  
NHB 1901 (White/Navy) | NHB 1902 (Sapphire/White)
NHB 1903 (Red/Black) | NHB 1904 (Charcoal/White)  

F1 30 & 31  Splendour

F13000 (White/Royal) | F13002 (Black/Light Blue)
F13005 (Red/White) | F13017 (Turquoise/White) | F13024 (Dark Grey/Orange)  
F13100 (White/Royal) | F13102 (Black/Light Blue)
F13105 (Red/White) | F13117 (Turquoise/White) | F13124 (Dark Grey/Orange)

F1 34 & 35 Professional

F13400 (White/Dark Grey/Light Grey) | F13402 (Black/Purple/Light Purple)
F13405 (Red/Black/White) | F13413 (Lime Green/White/Forest Green) | F13424 (Dark Grey/Sea Blue/Navy)
F13500 (White/Dark Grey/Light Grey) | F13502 (Black/Purple/Light Purple)
F13505 (Red/Black/White) | F13513 (Lime Green/White/Forest Green) | F13524 (Dark Grey/Sea Blue/Navy)

F1 22 & 23 Clean

F12200 (White/Royal) | F12202 (Black/Red) | F12205 (Red/Black)
F12207 (Orange/White) | F12208 (Royal/Golden Yellow)  
F12300 (White/Royal) | F12302 (Black/Red) | F12305 (Red/Black)
F12307 (Orange/White) | F12308 (Royal/Golden Yellow)
  • Industrial


F1 38 & 39 Dual Contrast

F13802 (Black/Red) | F13805 (Red/White)
F13808 (Royal/White) | F13817 (Turquoise/White) | F13820 (Light Purple/White)  
F13902 (Black/Red) | F13905 (Red/White)
F13908 (Royal/White) | F13917 (Turquoise/White) | F13920 (Light Purple/White)  

F1 36 & 37 Lined Pocket

F13600 (White/Blue) | F13602 (Black/Lime Green)
F13605 (Red/Milo Green) | F13630 (Dark Purple/Yellow) | F13673 (Emerald/Yellow)
F13700 (White/Blue) | F13702 (Black/Lime Green)
F13730 (Dark Purple/Yellow) | F13705 (Red/Milo Green) | F13773 (Emerald/Yellow)  
W10 Working Shirt (Zipper) W04 Working Shirt (Thick Fabric) Colours Available: Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Khaki, White Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL  
W03 Double Sleeve Welding Shirt W03R Double Sleeve Welding Shirt (Reflective Strips) Colours Available: Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Grey, Khaki, White Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

HSK uniforms


9800/8800 Spartan

Features: 100% Natural Cotton Fiber | Lightweight/Deluxe Thread Count  
9801 Khaki | 9802 Navy Blue  
9803 Royal Blue | 9804 White  
9806 Light Blue | 9805 Grey  
9808 Orange | 9809 Red  
9810 Yellow |

8800R Shiny Spartan

8801R Khaki | 8802R Navy Blue
8803R Royal Blue | 8804R White
8805R Grey | 8808R Orange
8809R Red | 8810R Yellow  

Fire Suits

Hunter FRC  

Fire Armour

  Features: Flame resistant fabric | Superior protection against burn injuries  

Fire Shield

Features: Flame resistant fabric | Superior protection against burn injuries  
W05 Safety Overalls Colours Available: Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Khaki, Orange, Red, White & Yellow Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL  
W18 Safety Overalls (Thick) Colours Available: Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Khaki, Orange, Red, White & Yellow Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL
W18R Safety Overalls (Thick) with Reflective Strip Colours Available: Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Grey, Khaki, Orange, Red, White & Yellow Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL  
DC-12 Disposable Overalls Colours Available: Sky Blue, Khaki, White & Yellow Sizes Available: M, L, XL, XXL  
Flame Retardant Overalls (Jacket & Pants) PYROVATEX NOMEX Colours Available: Dark Blue & Orange Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL  



4802 Navy Blue | 4803 Royal Blue | 4804 White | 4805 Grey  
4806 Light Blue | 4808 Orange  


4801 Khaki |  
4803R Royal Blue | 4805R Grey | 4806R Light Blue | 4808R Orange  


5801 Khaki | 5802 Navy Blue | 5803 Royal Blue | 5804 Grey  
5808 Orange |  


6801 Khaki | 6805 Grey | 6806 Light Blue
6803 Royal Blue |  


6804R White |  


7801 Khaki | 7802 Navy Blue | 7803 Royal Blue  
7804 White | 7805 Grey | 7806 Light Blue
7808 Orange |


7801R Khaki | 7803R Royal Blue | 7805R Grey | 7808R Orange  
W06 Working Jacket (Button) Colours Available: Grey & Khaki Sizes Available: M, L, XL, XXL

Work Pants


Features: 100% Natural Cotton Fibers | Suitable for all Industries  

Work Pants


Features: 100% Natural Cotton Fibers | Suitable for all Industries  






Lab Coats (100% Cotton) Colours Available: White Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL  


NHB 1800 Impact

  Features: Pearlised buttons | Button-through Sleeve Plackets | Open Collar | Contrast Shoulder & Waist Panel Design
NHB 1801 (Gold/Royal) | NHB 1802 (Sapphire/White)
NHB 1803 (Red/Gravel) | NHB 1804 (Dark Charcoal/Lime)

F1 32 & 33 Stream

F13202 (Black/Red/White) | F13205 (Red/Black/White)
F13210 (Light Blue/Navy/White) | F13230 (Dark Purple/Turquoise/White) | F13266 (Milo Green/Black/White)
F13302 (Black/Red/White) | F13305 (Red/Black/White)  
F13310 (Light Blue/Navy/White) | F13330 (Dark Purple/Turquoise/White) | F13366 (Milo Green/Black/White)

F27 & 26 Ribbon

F12700 (White/Navy & Magenta) | F12701 (Navy/White & Red)
F12702 (Black/Golden Yellow & White) | F12705 (Red/White & Black) | F12724 (Dark Grey/ White & Orange)  

F18 & 19 Mandarin Collar

F11802 (Black/Red) | F11805 (Red/Black)
F11807 (Orange/Grey) | F11820 (Light Purple/Purple) | F11851 (White/Grey)
F11902 (Black/Red) | F11905 (Red/Black)  
F11907 (Orange/Grey) | F11920 (Light Purple/Purple) | F11951 (White/Grey)  

F16 & 17 Hostess

F11602 (Black/Magenta) | F11605 (Red/White)
F11607 (Orange/Navy) | F11608 (Royal/White) | F11638 (White/Royal)  
F11702 (Black/Magenta) | F11705 (Red/White) | F11707 (Orange/Navy)  
F11708 (Royal/White) | F11738 (White/Royal)

F1 28 & 29 Eagle Wing

F12800 (White/Sea Blue) | F12802 (Black/Red)
F12805 (Red/White) | F12808 (Royal/White) | F12830 (Dark Purple/White)  
F12900 (White/Sea Blue) | F12902 (Black/Red)  
F12905 (Red/White) | F12908 (Royal/White) | F12930 (Dark Purple/White)

Get your customised uniforms today!

Industrial Uniforms

Industrial uniforms are usually worn for safety and comfort. They are durable enough to withstand multiple washes and ensure safety when your workers are exposed to the elements. Most are bright and reflective to help workers to be easily identified, on and off-site. In every industrial site, such uniforms are an economical choice compared to other alternatives. Mistakes made on the job can be costly and a simple uniform helps defray costs. Visit our Industrial uniforms page for more information.  

Security Guard Uniforms

Keep your company safe and create a good impression with security guard uniforms that uphold the polished and professional image that your company has come to be known for. Print your security guard uniforms with us today to instil a sense of pride in your employees regarding their line of work. Visit our Security Guard Uniform page to find out more.  

Nursing Uniforms

Like mothers, nurses wear many hats as they care for their patients. The multiple roles that they play require different outfits – for example, nurses in the operating theatre require surgical scrubs, as compared to nurses in the general ward who wear normal nursing scrubs. Variations in the type of uniform also assure patients that they are receiving the best care possible. At the same time, low-maintenance uniforms that are easy to slip on and take off facilitate the job of your nurses. Embroider your hospital or medical centre’s crest and name on your uniforms today for that finishing touch. We supply and embroider on nursing scrubs, medical uniforms, healthcare and hospital uniforms. For more information, visit our Hospitality uniforms page.

Chef Uniforms

Fancy a uniform like Gordon Ramsay’s for the chefs of your restaurant? Show your customers that your establishment serves up delicious food. Print on your chef’s uniforms with us today  and create a long-lasting and favourable impression on customers that will see them coming back for repeat visits. Visit our Restaurant uniforms page to find out more.  
You needn’t get a full chef’s uniform that covers top to bottom for your employees. If you’re looking for aprons instead as an informal outfit but still wish to keep clean, you’ve come to the right place. We have previously printed on aprons for many customers before, including nail parlours and various heartlands as well. Many chefs use aprons over their clothes, as seen in the picture below. Other events such as helping out for a children’s activity may require aprons too. If you’re interested, you can access our aprons printing page to order them.
Above is an example of some aprons we have printed.   Aprons can also be printed and customised for companies that hold events such as cooking classes or food-related events.

Restaurant Uniforms

Want customers to remember your restaurant? Besides the food and the ambience, another way is through the uniqueness of your brand. Customise your Restaurant uniforms with us by printing your company logo on them. Your servers are the first thing that people see upon arrival – with a distinctive look, your restaurant will linger in the hearts and minds of your customers for a longer period of time.


Maid uniforms


As independent and modern millennials gets busier, cleaning services are often outsourced to cleaners who come in during the day to tidy up. As a company to whom people’s houses are entrusted, professionalism is very important. What better way than to print your company logo on the uniforms and ensure they are of a decent quality?

Pilot Uniforms & Stewardess Uniforms

Showcase the distinctiveness of your airline by having unique pilot, air stewardess and cabin crew uniforms. Here at the Noteway, we offer printing services for all kinds of uniforms, including and not limited to Singapore Airlines air stewardess uniforms. Visit our page on Pilot uniforms to find out more.  

School Uniforms

Looking for a company to print your school uniforms efficiently and in a fuss-free manner? The Noteway is a school uniform supplier and we have various printing methods that can be used to print school crests and logos on uniforms, which showcases your school’s brand name and identity. We also print CCA group uniforms if that is what you require. You can visit our school uniform printing page or email us to find out more.  

Singapore Uniforms

Are you looking for a reliable uniform supplier? Look no further as we supply and print on uniforms as per your request. We specialise in silkscreen and embroidery printing methods; if you require our services, please email us.


Singapore Airforce/SAF Uniform

Whether in rugged or smooth terrain, your uniform is the only thing that matters (other than your “wife”, the rifle). The SAF uniform is a form of shelter against the wild elements and is often used to blend in against the backdrop of the forest and leafy shrubs. At the same time, patches, epaulettes and iron-on name tags differentiate one soldier from another.  

Singapore Navy Uniform

This uniform bears similarities to the SAF uniform, but is instead in a striking shade of blue. The pixel pattern ensures that soldiers blend into the environment while simultaneously being able to take pride in their identity as soldiers of the sea.

Singapore NS Uniform

This uniform marks the start of the National Service journey for all NSMen, and will accompany them throughout their 2 years in NS to the end. Customise your NS Uniforms here at The Noteway – just email us and we will do our best to help you.

Uses of Uniforms

A company often differentiates itself by using uniform logo printing. Apart from the formal uniforms shown in this catalogue, other types of uniforms include school uniforms, basketball uniforms and more informal uniforms.


Here at the Noteway, we offer printing services for uniforms. We are also a corporate uniform supplier. Do email us if you have any requests.


We also do singlet printing, dri-fit shirt printing, and corporate jacket printing.


Do contact us for any of your printing needs.