Thirty $50 Gift Ideas that are well worth your money


Whichever part of the year, there is always a need to get gifts, whether if its for a friend’s birthday present or a farewell gift for your dear colleagues. We know the pressure of not knowing what to get is omnipresent, especially if you are limited by budget. So here is a curated list of thirty $50 gift ideas!

1. DIY Tote Bag Painting Kit

DIY Tote Bag Painting Kit

We all have that artistic friend who likes to unleash their artistic minds. Why not get them a DIY painting kit so that they can create their magnum opus! Find inside the DIY Tote Bag Painting Kit, everything they need to create their own hand-painted tote bag. If a hand painted tote bag kit under $45 isn’t good enough, what about getting another $5 off your purchase, if you sign up for their newsletter!

Price: $44.90
Streaks n Strokes DIY Tote Bag Painting Kit

2. DIY Adults T-Shirt Painting Kit

DIY Tshirt Painting Kit

If your artistic friend isn’t a fan of tote bags, fear not for you can get a t-shirt painting kit instead! Inside the DIY Adults T-Shirt Painting Kit, your friend will find many 15ml fabric paint bottles that are sufficient for 5-8 painting sessions and a magic pen with vanishing ink so that mistakes can be freely made without needing to erase them off. Do remember that you can get another $5 off your purchase if you sign up for the newsletter! 

Price: $49.90
Streaks n Strokes DIY Adult T-Shirt Painting Kit

3. ASOS Design Loafers

ASOS Loafers

Good shoes make a man. Loafers are perfect, versatile footwear that is suitable for casual to semi-formal occasions. ASOS has always been on top of their fashion game, so if you are getting a gift for someone who is fashionable, this is definitely a gift not to be missed out! Just remember to get the shoe size of your recipient!

Price: $46.32 (excluding shipping)
ASOS Design Loafers

4. Milliot & Co. Stella Watch Set

Zalora Watch Set

Accessories are always great gifts for the ladies, whether if its earrings, bracelets or even watches. The Stella Watch Set by Milliot & Co is an eye-catching trinket that features a rose gold coloured watch, complete with a bracelet. A beautiful looking present for a beautiful looking person!

Price: $46.90 (excluding shipping)
Milliot & Co. Stella Watch Set

5. Delightful Cheesecakes by Cat and the Fiddle

Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecake

For all the cheesecake lovers, Cat & the Fiddle offers one of the best halal cheesecakes in Singapore. Started by award-winning pastry chef Daniel Tay, Cat & the Fiddle offers a diverse selection of cheesecakes, from classics to local flaours. May we recommend their Madam’Roselle and the Milo Dinosaur?

Price: $42.90 – $48.90 (selected cakes)
Cat & the Fiddle

6. Gift Vouchers / Gift Cards

If you’re buying as a mystery gift or do not know what your recipient likes, this is a simple, straightforward gift that people will appreciate. With Grab being a service we depend heavily on right now, it will be a good idea to get some Grab vouchers for your recipient’s next meal/ ride. If you are thinking of getting a more thoughtful gift card, head on to Giftano, where they offer a wide selection of gift cards from quality merchants.

Price: $50 (For Grab Gifts)
Grab Gifts

7. Mini Short Wallet from Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith Bag

This short wallet is great for the ladies who are out for a short trip! The wrinkled patent leather means that it can be used for any occasion.

Price: $39.90
Mini Short Wallet from Charles and Keith

8. A fitting short sleeve resort shirt from Cotton On

Cotton On Shirt

It’s summertime all year round in Singapore, so why not get a stylish, fitting short sleeve shirt for that guy friend you have to gift! Cotton On offers shirts that are trendy, yet not too pricey for the quality.

Price: $29.99
Short sleeve resort shirt

9. Starbucks Rewards Card

Here’s another easy one. A Starbucks Rewards Card is great for someone who loves their coffee, or if you seek to introduce someone into the world of Starbucks (who hasn’t had Starbucks yet, really?). Pro tip: instead of getting one $50 rewards card, get five $10 rewards card instead so that your recipient can redeem five drinks instead! Don’t say we never share!

Price: $50
Rewards Card

10. A good ol’ sturdy cardholder

Crossing Cardholder

A wallet is overrated. As we transit into a cashless society, your guy friends would not be using cash for their daily payments. So rather than getting him a wallet, get him a cardholder instead! This cardholder by Crossing is even RFID protected, so he does not have to worry about having his card copied by sneaky scammers.

Price: $43 (excluding shipping)
Crossing Cardholder

11. Fanciful Flowers!

Happy Bunch Flowers

If you are planning to give a special something to your special girl, it will be a shame not to give her flowers! Happy Bunch is a local florist that prides itself in providing the best floral-ly goodness at affordable prices. From bouquets to gift boxes and care packages, they have it all!

Price: Starts from $15 for their Kraft Box
Happy Bunch

12. Tablet / phone mount

Phone mount

Gone are the days of watching the TV, all we use are our phones and tablets now. However, the sheer flatness of our devices mean that it is near impossible to use them handsfree without it falling over. So do this favour for your friend and get them a study mount!

Price: $33
Flexible tablet / phone mount

13. Handbag Light

SOI handbag light

Every woman has a purse or a handbag, and it is always a real struggle to fish for something out. SOI solves this problem by providing a pocket sized hand bag light that switches on automatically when it senses a moving hand inside the bag.

Price: $44.38 (excluding shipping)
SOI Handbag Light

14. Pocket Squares

MANGO Pocket Square

For every gentleman, the pocket square is a quintessential item. No suit, blazer or sport coat can be considered complete without a matching pocket square. A quick and easy way to show off one’s personality, give your recipient a fashion boost by getting him a pocket square!

Price: $45.90 (excluding shipping)
Mango Men Pocket Square

15. Graphic T-Shirt

Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt

This one is for all the anime/ comic book fans, or the young punks! If you know a friend that likes to showcase their obsession with their favourite anime or comic book character, get them a cool graphic T-shirt! Uniqlo has many designs for you to choose from, each reflecting the current coveted collection right now

Price: Starts from $12.90
Uniqlo graphic t-shirts

16. Get your dad the best Cuff Links


For all the filial children out there, if you are thinking of what to get for your dad, look no further! Cufflinks are a bunch of necessary accessories that can make your Dad look good in any occasion!

Price: $32.90 (excluding shipping)
Best Dad Cufflinks

17. Fragrance Candle

Hush Candles

Candles are true therapeutic experiences where your recipient can use to unwind to its warmth and relaxing scent. While there are many options out there. Hush Candles are hand-poured and handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality control at every step of the process. They are also made with natural soy wax, a healthier alternative!

Price: From $18
Hush Candle

18. Massage Oil

The Body Shop Massage oil

We live in a busy world, often lacking the time to soothe our tired muscles. Help your friend out by getting them a massage oil so that when the opportunity arises, they can give their body a little therapeutic rub and enjoy their deserved R&R!

Price: $31
The Body Shop Spa Of The World™ Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil

19. Shower Gel

The Body Shop Body Scrub

Everybody likes to smell good right? The Body Shop offers a wide variety of body gels, showers and scrubs; we recommend the Almond Milk & Honey Body Scrub as they offer a real treat! Made with organic almond milk, it is gentle on the skin, leaving the skin soft and supple.

Price: $33
The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Gently Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub

20. Lotion

The Body Shop Lotion

For those who loves to take care of their skin, a lotion is a definite essential item that they use everyday. With so many similar products out there, it is difficult to find a good one to stick with. Try gifting your recipient one from The Body Shop, where they only use organic ingredients.

Price: $33
The Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence

21. Anything Chocolates!


Chocolates, truly the greatest guilty pleasure of them all. You can hardly find anyone who is not a fan of chocolates. Anjalichocolat is an artisan chocolatier in Singapore that serves gourmet chocolates and something sweet for everyone. Best part, depending on who you are giving the chocolates too, you can choose to include or exclude the alcohol!

Price: $31.50
Luxury Gift Box with 9 handmade bonbons and truffles by Anjalichocolat

22. Bottle of Wine


Here’s an easy one- don’t really know what to get for you colleague or your in-laws? Well, a bottle of wine is surely appreciated! Red, white, sparkling, rosé- too many types, too confusing? We recommend getting either a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Chenin Blanc (White), both are wines that pair well with poultry and pork.

Price: $40 (Cabernet Sauvignon), $53 (Chenin Blanc)
Terra Mater Magis “Limited Reserve” – Cabernet Sauvignon
Simonsig Chenin Blanc 2018

23. Pillow Mist Spray

Pillow Mist Spray

Someone you know always complaining about sleep problems? A pillow mist spray is the perfect gift for them- just a slight spray over the pillow and the 100% natural scent creates a relaxing atmosphere that will send your friends into a deep sleep!

Price: $40
L’occitane Relaxing Pillow Mist

24. Floor Rug

IKEA Floor Rug

There’s a housewarming party and you do not know what to get for your dear friend / new houseowner? Get them a beautiful looking floor rug! A good floor rug combines easily with many styles and will stand out in the room even from the hidden corners.

Price: $49.90
Ikea VEDBÄK Floor Rug

25. A comfortable pillow

Body Luv Pillow

You never know If a pillow could be potentially life changing. The Body Luv addiction pillow is one of the best selling pillows in Korea, it has a 3D ergonomic shape filled with 8 million micro air balls that are designed to absorb any tiny movements while lying on it to ensure a good night’s sleep!

Price: $47.80
Body Luv Addiction Pillow

26. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

What else can we say about a handheld vacuum cleaner? It sucks!

Price: $33.50
Black and Decker Cyclonic Dust Buster

27. Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker

If you have a friend who loves a real treat, consider gifting a sandwich maker for them. It might be a simple looking gadget, but it enhances the experience of eating a sandwich. How great must it be to be able to have a grilled cheese sandwich within minutes!

Price: $23.90
Cornell Sandwich Maker

28. Waffle Maker

Waffle Maker

Okay, your friend might not be a fan of sandwich, but surely, they are fans of waffles! Crispy, sweet and fragrant, waffles are real treat too, whether if its with bacon, fried chicken or just butter and syrup. Get them (and maybe yourself) a waffle maker so they (and you) can have waffles everyday!

Price: $26.90
Cornell Waffle Maker

29. Personal Blender

Personal Blender

Fancy their own smoothie, juices or bubble tea drinks? Now you can get a personal blender for your friends!

Price: $49
Mayer Personal Blender

30. A fancy Wrap Dress

Summer wrap dress

As we move towards the June summer holiday season, it’s the perfect time for a summer-picnic look! The Pomelo Floral Ruffle Wrap dress is a cute, casual looking dress that is perfect for any occasions and definitely the best #ootd!

Price: $31.20 (excluding shipping)
Pomelo Floral Ruffle Wrap Dress