9 Team Building Companies In Singapore With Cheap But Fun Activities

Today, team-building activities aren’t just a nice-to-have thing; instead, they play a major role in nurturing harmony, developing teamwork, and improving employee relationships. However, it can be challenging to find the best team building  companies that offer fun activities within your budget. 

That is exactly why we have curated this list of the top 9 team-building companies in Singapore to help you with your planning!

1. Griness – Wide Range of Team Building Activities

If you are looking to organize various activities from team bonding,  leadership training or even meeting facilitation for your teammates, and that too under a budget, then Griness should be your go-to option. 

Team Building

Griness is a team building company that has been voted among the top 3 team building companies in Singapore for 6 years. It has helped 100s of companies organize fun team-building activities with great learning objectives. Not just that, you are spoilt for choice with team building activities ranging from indoor games in cooking, art and music to outdoor adventurous activities such as the “Bizarre Olympics” or “Running Man Race”.

Team Building

Website : https://www.griness.com/

2. Streaks n Strokes – Most Affordable Art Team Building Activities

Streaks n Strokes is an art team building company which offers super affordable art and craft related team building activities.

Team Tote Bag Painting

Its art corporate team building sessions are a creative and fun way to bond with your corporate buddies. And, here we aren’t just talking about painting and art jamming on canvases. Instead, Streaks n Strokes offers workshops such as: 

  • DIY Canvas Painting – From $18.90 per Pax
  • DIY Bear Painting – From $20.90 per Pax
  • DIY Tote Bag Painting – From $21.90 per Pax
  • DIY T-Shirt Painting – From $24.90 per Pax
  • Pour Bear Workshop – From $25.90 per Pax
  • DIY Sneaker Painting – From $47.90 per Pax
  • Mega Pour Bear Workshop – From $50 per Pax ($270 per Bear)

Team Tshirt Painting

These workshops are suitable for all ages, for groups of up to 100 pax and come with free coffee, drinks or snacks too. The best part? You get to take home and use or display what you painted or poured on!

23cm Pour Bear

Website : https://www.streaksnstrokes.com/pages/corporate-team-building

3. Happy Sparrow Adventures – Overseas Team Building Retreats

Get ready for a team-building adventure like no other, Happy Sparrow Adventures is Singapore’s renowned company that offers excellent team bonding exercises. Its extensive experience in the industry will help your company conduct regular team-building activities quickly and effectively. 

Team Building

With Happy Sparrow Adventure, you can choose from a vast variety of activities, whether in-person, online, or hybrid. You can also customize your activities according to your personal or team-building needs. Leaders just have to tell them what type of experience they are looking for, and the Happy Sparrow Adventure team will get it done for you. 

Team Building

Website : https://www.happysparrow.com.sg/

4. Jambar Team Building Singapore – Behavioural Profiling

Jambar is another excellent team-building company that specializes in personality/behavioral profiling. Its extensive programs like DiSC profiling, MBTI assessment, and Belbin Team Roles allow members to their own personal and behavioral characteristics, plus allows the leader to define accurate roles. 

Team Building

For the fun part, they offer top-notch in-person, virtual, and leadership training to build stronger and more meaningful connections with your team. So, if you’re looking to increase team morale and employee retention rate, choosing a team-building company like Jambar should be an excellent solution. 

Team Building

Website : https://jambart eambuilding.com/

5. Center Pottery – Pottery Team Building Workshops

If you ask your team members about that one activity they thoroughly enjoyed in their childhood; many would say pottery. Playing with clay and molding them into shapes always made our hearts happy. So, why not bring back their childhood by organizing a pottery class as a team-building activity. 

Team Building

Center Pottery is Singapore’s most renowned team building company that organizes fun poetry activities to let team members bond over clay. It’s owners, Mr. Tom Lim and Mr. Toh Kiam Hock have devoted 20 years to teaching and creating poetry in Singapore. 

Team Building

Such poetry classes are an excellent way to bring out the creative side of your team members and bond over shared fun experiences. 

Website : https://www.pottery.sg/

6. The Fun Empire – Cheap Team Building Activities

As the name suggests, the Fun Empire is the king of fun team-building activities in Singapore. It specializes in providing the most number of unique experiences that are truly unforgettable. The team at Fun Empire is proactive and will help your company choose the right team bonding exercise according to your business goals. 

Team Building

The Fun Empire has a game for almost every genre, from fun adventures, home kits, fitness, and even virtual activities. These activities are so affordable that you would want to do them regularly if you could. 

Team Building

Website : https://www.thefunempire.com/

7. Cookery Magic – Cooking Team Building Activities

We all know that food brings people together, so why not do a cooking team bonding activity around it. Cookery Magic, a team building company popular for its cooking workshops, offers the best team building activities around food. Here, your team would be guided by professional chefs to create delicious meals together. Cooking team building activities you can choose from include:

  • Corporate Home Cooking Workshop
  • Express Corporate Cooking Class
  • Pulau Ubin Corporate Cooking Escapade
  • Luxury Yacht Corporate Cooking Clasee

Team Building

These activities provide hands-on experience that bring out the best in everyone, and your team will feel accomplished when they see the dishes coming together. After a hectic day of work, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a plate of food that you and your teammates made together. 

Team Building

Website : https://cookerymagic.com/for-corporates/

8. Cohesion Singapore – Outdoor Team Bonding Activities

If you are looking for action-packed, exhilarating team-building games, then Cohesion Singapore should be your go to team building provider. It provides various outdoor team-building activities to allow your teammates to feel rejuvenated, energized, and motivated to work together.

Team Building

Some outdoor games Cohesion Singapore offers include :

  • Bubble soccer
  • Laser tag 
  • Dodgeball

Team Building

Leaders can also include a barbecue experience, pizza making lessons, or dance bonding sessions after a fun day on the ground. 

Website : https://cohesion.sg/

9. Travel Clef – Music Team Building Activities

Travel Clef should be your destination for all music-related team-building activities. Designed specifically for non-musician teammates that often feel left out, Travel Clef music team building is perfect for everybody. More than just fun, it fosters teamwork and drives effective collaboration to present an excellent performance at the end. 

Team Building

Not just in Singapore, Travel Clef can cross boundaries to conduct music team-building programs. Whether you are looking for physical, virtual, or hybrid team bonding activities, Travel Clef is open to each one of them. 

Team Building

Website : https://www.travelclef.com/team-building

That’s it; These were our favorite team-building companies in Singapore that you should definitely reach out to when you are planning for your team bonding activity. In addition, most of these options are super affordable and will make you come back for more. 

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