3 Secrets About T-Shirt Printing You Never Knew About

So, do you think you know all there is to know about t-shirt printing in Singapore? You may have ordered shirts before, perhaps more than once, but are you sure you made the best choices and got the best possible deal available in Singapore? We’re willing to bet there are a few secrets of the printing industry and t-shirt printing tips in specific that you might not be aware of. Read on to become a true T-shirt printing expert.
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T-Shirt Printing Tips (Secret 1): Retail shops may not be as cheap as you think.

Compared to online printers, retail shops must add significant markup to their price in order to cover the expenses they incur. The rental expenses, staff costs, and administrative expenses that are a part of running a retail location are passed directly on to you, the customer. To make a profit, the shop owner has no choice but to charge a higher price than an online printer.
Be aware, though, that not all online printers are alike. It’s entirely possible that a printer offering an amazingly low price will only disappoint you with inferior apparel. Only when you choose a reputable online printer can you be confident that they will never sacrifice quality in favour of bargain prices. Our recommendation for a reputable online t-shirt printer? Go with us, The Noteway! You can check out the clients we have worked with and the guarantee we offer for our t shirt printing services right here! One more thing. You do not even have to wait for a price quote from us. All you have to do is to enter your design specs into our Instant Price Quote form for Tees, and you will get our t-shirt prices within seconds!
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T-Shirt Printing Tips (Secret 2): Cotton might not be the best material of choice.

When you think of printed apparel, you automatically think of cotton. While cotton is definitely cool, comfortable, and breathable, it may not always be the best material to choose for your printed apparel needs. For one thing, cotton tends to shrink in size by about 2-3% when first washed, and it may lose its shape eventually. Another problem with cotton is that lower quality dyes (when you don’t choose the best printers) may not merge well or last as long as they should. Hence, you should also consider Drifit material when printing your tees, as Drifit(100% Polyester) holds its shape and sizing very well.
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T-Shirt Printing Tips (Secret 3): Multi-colored designs do not increase the cost, if certain types of printing are used.

If you need only a small quantity of items printed and your design has a lot of colours, you’ll be able to save a significant sum of money by using the heat transfer method. However, a commercial heat press with commercial quality heat transfer paper must be used to ensure durability. With this method of printing, you will also be able to customize every t-shirt individually(with names and numbers even) and your design will have a vinyl pop-up effect. Alternatively, and especially for white t-shirts and small quantities, DTG printing may be the best type of printing to use. So choose your printer, materials and type of printing method carefully the next time you look for printing services!
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