Places to do T-Shirt Printing in Queensway Shopping Centre (Prices Included)

We went down to Queensway shopping centre to compare their prices with our own (All prices in this article are accurate as of 31st July 2017). We wanted to find out if our prices were more affordable than Queensway by using our own online quote of 30 tees with a 1 colour A4 Sized Design as comparison.

The Noteway (Located at Tai Seng)

Price: $11.78 Quantity: 30pcs Design: 1 Colour A4 Sized Design Printing: Silk Screen Printing Delivery: Free Delivery for Early Payment upon Order Confirmation/Free Self Collection Other Value Added Services: Free Designing since order quantity is above 25. Website: Email: Tel: (65) 87838345 With this quote, we went down to the retail shops at Queensway shopping centre to check out their prices for 30 tees with 1C A4 Design. Here is what we found!

1. Ultra Supplies

Ultra Supplies Shop at Queensway Shopping Centre
Ultra Supplies is one of the places you can go for good quality t-shirt printing. They also have good customer service so even if they are busy, they take down your contact number and return your call within a day. However, do note that they only offer heat transfer printing, they do not offer silk screen printing. It was surprising, as silk screen printing is known to be very durable, long-lasting and most commonly used. Price range: $15 to $18 Quantity: 30 pcs Design: 1 Colour A4 Sized Design Printing: Heat Transfer Printing Only. Silk Screen Printing Not Offered Delivery: Self Collection Location: #03-38 Queensway Shopping Centre Website:

2. Queens Printing

Queens Printing offers relatively good quality printing and has a pretty affordable price among the 5 shops we went to at Queensway. The service staff are also pretty friendly and help you out if you need their help. They have all types of printing available, so you can always ask them what would best suit your design. Price range: $13 to $16 (depending on type of printing) Quantity: 30pcs Design: 1C A4 Sized Design Printing: Silk Screen Printing Delivery: Self Collection Locattion: #02-40B Queensway Shopping Centre Tel: (65) 9006 0804 / 9172 0567 Website:

3. Talents Printing

Run by a very nice and talented lady, Talents Printing is the place to go if you are looking to print jerseys, dri-fit or school related t-shirts. They have a variety of materials for you to delve into and their prices are reasonable as well. The service is also impeccable as they offer to reduce the prices for you if they get to know that you are printing t-shirts for a school project. Price range: $12 to $15 (depending on type of material) Quantity: 30pcs Design: 1C A4 Sized Design Printing: Silk Screen Printing Delivery: Self Collection Locattion: #02-44C Queensway Shopping Centre Tel: (65) 9455 6845 / 8198 8380 Email:
So here we have it! The prices at Queensway are mostly reasonable even with their rental costs. However, do keep in mind that the prices can differ depending on the type of printing method you choose and even the material of the t-shirt. For The Noteway, we are happy to still be the most affordable when compared with retail shops at Queensway, and at the same time provide value adding services such as free delivery and free designing! Thanks to the fact that we don’t have a retail shop, we can save on rental costs and still provide you with the best quality at the lowest prices. Check us out at and your t-shirt prices at the comfort of your home instantly at

By CookiesNCream