Security Guard Uniforms

Security Guard Uniform Printing

Give your security guards the right uniform for a menacing presence that means business. Although digital technology such as CCTVs is catching up, there is still demand for a human presence to safeguard your premises. They also serve as a physical deterrent to theft and crime.  

  Why security guard uniforms?

Security uniforms convey authority to carry out the enforcement of law, similar to police uniforms. A uniform that adds presence enables security companies to gain exposure and contacts for future business deals.

Pricing of security guard uniforms

The price of your hospitality uniforms will vary depending on:  
  • Size of design
  • Colour(s) of design
  • Quantity of uniforms you want to print
  • Number of sides printed (Front, front only, front and back..)
  We also offer free professional designing services for orders above 25 pieces.   Contact us with your specifications and design to supply and/or print your uniforms.  

Components of a security guard uniform

As seen from the picture above, a security guard uniform usually consists of a company shirt, badge, tie, patch, duty belt, black pants, and black shoes and socks. While patches can be ironed on, it is advisable to opt for embroidery for a longer-lasting uniform that looks professional. Furthermore, the stitching of security personnel’s names on each uniform conveys a sense of professionalism and respect.  
The above diagram only exemplifies some parts of the standard security guard uniform. However, there are other implements available to help a security guard carry out his duties with professional efficiency and protect his safety:

Bulletproof Vest

Although Singapore is commonly seen as safe since guns are banned, criminals may still have gotten hold of unauthorised firearms illegally. In order to preserve the safety of the company he is working for as well as himself, a security guard should include a bullet-proof vest as part of his attire so that shrapnel from blasts and bullets will not injure him in the course of duty.  


When a guard is on duty at night, a portable light source is indispensable given that light from street lamps may not be sufficient. Flashlights enable guards to search small spaces in the corners of their territories.

Weapons – Batons, Guns

Every guard needs to be prepared for and armed against suspects that may cause trouble and put others in the way of physical harm or danger. With weapons, guards need not fear personal safety and are able to protect others at the same time. Weapons also deter would-be trespassers from infiltrating the property.  


Security guards need this to communicate with their colleagues and call for backup when the need arises. It also gives them a sense of security  and enables them to carry out their duties and corner any possible suspects.

Duty Belt

The Duty Belt stows all items listed above that the security guard needs and facilitates convenient retrieval. It is a must-have for all sorts of duty, at all times and in all places.  
We offer free design services if you need a little help sprucing up your restaurant uniform. Further, this comes free if you eventually decide to print with us. Do note that the minimum quantity for ordering is 50.

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