School Uniforms

School Uniform Printing

Ensure your students are decked out in comfortable clothes that bear the school’s colours and crest and which don’t cost a bomb. Here at The Noteway, we customise a large variety of school uniforms for your various needs.  

Why school uniforms?

A popular argument against school uniforms is that they rob students of their individuality. However, students can always express their individuality in other ways such as through their own creative pursuits and the subjects they choose. While school is not all about the uniform, uniforms help to inculcate discipline and build identity and belonging.

How did school uniforms come about?

School uniforms originated from charity schools in England that provided free education to orphans. Gradually, they evolved from traditional English-style uniforms to modern-day uniforms, removing parts of the uniform along the way. Some accessories commonly omitted in the present age include hats/caps and blazers are worn only for formal events.

Categories of school uniforms

Kindergarten uniform printing

Kindergarten often marks the start of informal education for a child. At the Noteway, we strive to make every child’s experience a pleasant one as we provide our kindergarten uniform printing services. With a comfortable uniform that showcases school spirit, your student will feel a sense of belonging and enjoy school.  

Kids school uniforms

Uniforms for children are generally divided into primary and secondary school uniforms.  

Primary school uniforms

Secondary school uniforms

CCA group uniforms

If you’re the teacher-in-charge of a CCA and urgently need uniforms for your uniformed group (UG), look to us as we supply and print uniforms for all your needs.   Below are some examples of popular UG uniforms you may require customisation for.  

Scout Uniform

Brownies Uniform


Girl Guides Uniform

NPCC Uniform

NCC Uniform

NCC (Land)

NCC (Sea)

If you need a little creativity boost, our design team is able to help you with creating a suitable logo or motif. It’s also free if you eventually decide to print with us. Do note that the minimum quantity for ordering is 50.

Get your school uniforms with us today!