Safety Boots printing

There are many hazards in an industrial or a construction site that pose dangers to the health, well-being and safety of workers. Safety boots are often worn as a preventive measure to guard against falling items that may injure workers’ feet. Steel toe boots and steel toe shoes also help to lower the risk of workers falling down on slippery surfaces where spills may have occurred. Falling is the second most common workplace injury and can be easily prevented by purchasing proper safety boots.   Other than falling objects and slips & falls, there are many other injuries a worker is susceptible to if he does not wear safety boots. Some examples include puncture wounds from sharp objects that are able to pierce through soft-soled shoes, electrical hazards where electricity may be conducted through conductive footwear, and cutting hazards from sharp implements used in the line of work. As such, safety shoes are required to be worn in order to uphold a high standard of safety and professionalism.   Here at the Noteway, we offer a large range of the best safety boots and shoes which are lightweight, durable and comfortable. We also have black work boots for both males and females as we acknowledge that more females have been entering the workforce.   Besides company image and branding, another reason to customise safety boots would be to ensure that workers do not mix up their boots. Ill-fitting boots contribute to workplace injury statistics and may cause the incidence rate of injury in your workplace to be higher than normal.   For your convenience, we have classified our safety boots into male and female shoes.

Safety shoes for men

King’s safety footwear

King’s is the dominant brand in the Southeast Asian safety footwear market.   Features: Black grain leather-laced shoe | Single density polyurethane sole | Extra thick EVA full foam insole | Complies to Singapore Standards 105   Sizes 3-13 available

Aoki Safety Footwear

Aoki Safety Shoes have a rich history of producing footwear for industrial purposes. Materials used are of the highest quality to ensure sturdy footwear.

Aoki 806 Spec

Aoki 806AS Spec

D&D Footwear

This is durable and has a protective reinforcement in the toe which protects the foot from falling objects or compression.   Safety boots or shoes with the steel-cap feature can withstand up to 75 pounds of falling pressure, reducing the risk of disabling foot injuries from occurring. We provide black steel-toe shoes and steel-tip boots.   (Don’t wear these shoes to your Dinner & Dance though, or you might risk a murderous glare from your spouse)   Features: Steel Toe-cap & Steel Sole | Conforms to Industry standards

DD01 Track

DD02 Smooth

DD03 Boost

DD04 Tower

DD05 Grain

Safety shoes for women

HSK Safety Footwear for Ladies

Smaller-sized men’s shoes don’t cut it and may be ill-fitting. Hence we’ve come up with ladies’ safety boots to cater to the ladies who may be working in similar environments and who are in need of such shoes to complete their tasks safely.   Feature: Complies with Singapore Standards 105
If you wish to purchase any of the above-mentioned safety boots, please contact us. We look forward to serving you.