7 Programmer T-shirts that every programmer will die for

Whether we like to admit it or not, sometimes, programming can be such a chore. After all, when you stare at code all day, you should probably find some humour and fun within it. Here are some programming T-shirts that are both witty and creative to add that spunk to your daily grind.


1. It works! Oh, wait…



Every coder can relate to this on a spiritual level. You change one little thing, and suddenly the whole code pretty much falls apart. I know, right? Then, you’re left wondering why it isn’t working anymore and how it worked in the first place.


2. #Codingsucks #Butnotreally


Sometimes, a programmer T-shirt just isn’t complete without actual code on it. These witty designs that only coders will understand right off the bat are sure to add a little bit of spunk to your daily routine.


3. #Codingsucks… #Butnotreally


We don’t really hate it, of course. It’s… Complicated.


4. What a programmer is

“What exactly do you do?” When you slave through coding, there will come a day where you become sick and tired of being asked the same question over and over again. Solve that problem with the definition (in layman terms) of what you do plastered over your T-shirt! Quirky and only slightly ingenious.


5. What a programmer really does

Well, since there exists a shirt with the official definition of a programmer, why not one with the universal unofficial definition? 

Get yourself one of these programming T-shirts to make your everyday routine a little more tolerable. With humour injected into each and every one, you’re sure to radiate the #ILoveCoding vibe with just the right amount of light-hearted sarcasm.