3 Popular Places for Printing Services in Shopping Centres

Be it for for a last-minute birthday gift or for a huge party, there’s always those stores in shopping centres that end up being lifesavers. Accessible and affordable, you can always depend on them for high-quality printing services right by a nearby shopping centre. Here are 4 popular places for printing services in shopping centres that will help you save time and cost.



Fotohub offers customisation for a large variety of products spanning from gifts, to photo books and even to wall decor. If you’re looking to customise gifts for an event (E.g. Weddings, company dinners etc) this might be one of your go-tos.


However, one of the most intriguing services they offer is old photo contactless digitalisation! Years take a toll on old photos, which means countless precious memories can be lost. Digitalisation seems simple, but maintaining the quality of both the image and the actual physical photo requires skill and caution. Maybe we should leave that to the professionals. They also provide other services to keep your memories timeless. Check them out here

Harvey Norman 

Harvey Norman’s PhotoCentre is one of the best places to print photographs for four main reasons. First, is its affordability. Prices for printing are as low as $0.25 per photo! Second, the variety. They offer printing from 4R to 8R sizes, and even between glossy or matte printing. Third, the sheer accessibility of an outlet. Harvey Norman outlets are scattered all across our little red dot, and getting to one won’t be much of a chore thankfully. Last, the ease of use. Printing is done through e-kiosks in the store, where your selected photos can be transferred via Bluetooth or the application, ‘Transpix’.


The whole printing process is simple and straightforward. You simply have to download the application, choose an e-kiosk, connect to the ‘Transpix’ wifi and kiosk number and select your photos! After the pictures are transferred to your e-kiosk, you’ll be able to edit and crop every one of them before deciding which you want to be printed! After which, the e-kiosk will issue a payment chit to be paid at the cashier. Once that’s done, you can pass the receipt to the staff manning the printing station, and come back later for your pictures!


Although you won’t be able to find a PhotoCentre at every branch, Harvey Norman has strategically located them at different spots in Singapore to make it accessible for consumers. Check out their prices and locations here

Xorex Press 

Set up in 2004, Xorex Press specialises in quick, high-quality printing services for both corporate clients as well as retail customers. Although it’s less widely known as compared to other major regional brands, it offers an attractive range of services with competitive prices too. Not to mention the unique service of AutoCAD plotting for construction drawings.


Xorex Press has a large number of branches across Singapore, and even has an e-shop!

Image Credits: inSing, StreetDirectory, Yelp