Pilot Uniforms

Pilot Uniform Printing

If you’re looking for customisable pilot and air stewardess uniform printing in Singapore, don’t look any further. Here at The Noteway, we understand that different airlines carry different types of uniforms. We supply and print on uniforms, but you can also choose to bring your preferred type of uniform for us to print on. We offer different types of uniform printing, as can be seen from our uniform printing methods.  

Why Pilot and Air Stewardess uniforms?

Pilot and Air Stewardess uniforms enable the air crew to carry a sense of professionalism as they discharge their duties. Specific airlines are often known for the distinctiveness of their uniforms in comparison to other airlines.   For example, Singapore Airlines (SIA) air stewardesses are well-known for being attired in kebayas featuring unique patterns instead of the more stereotypical uniforms seen on other airlines.

How Did Pilot Uniforms Come About?

In the past, pilots used to wear comfortable clothes that had the dual function of sheltering them from chilly temperatures. Such clothes included leather bomber jackets, scarves, trousers and helmets. Gradually, an airline service carrier, Pan Am, decided to switch to navy-inspired uniforms as seeing pilots attired in professional-looking uniforms assuaged customers’ fears of travelling in flying boats.
Before Pan Am to After Pan Am

Pricing of Pilot & Air Stewardess Uniforms

The price of your pilot and air stewardess uniforms will vary depending on:  
  • Size of design
  • Colour(s) of design
  • Quantity of uniforms you want to print
  • Number of sides printed (Front, front only, front and back..)
  We also offer free professional designing services for orders above 25 pieces.   Contact us with your specifications and design if you are looking to print your uniforms.  

Some Types of Pilot and Air Stewardess Uniforms

If you’re stuck on how to design your uniforms, have a look at some unusual styles we have picked out below just for you. No matter if you’re working for a fledgling airline customising its first uniform or an established brand looking to cement the trust of return customers, there are several options available.

Get your Pilot and Air Stewardess uniforms with us today!