How to Make QR Code Payments


How to PayNow with UEN (T15LL0450B)

  1. Login to your mobile banking app / Internet Banking and select PayNow.
  2. From the dropdown for Mobile/NRIC-FIN/UEN, select UEN.
  3. Enter The Noteway’s registered UEN (T15LL0450B) and click Ok. Verify that the name lookup shows THE NOTEWAY LLP.
  4. Click Next to continue your payment.


How to Make Payment using PayLah!

Login to PayLah! and follow the steps below:

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How to Use OCBC Pay Anyone

  1. Login to OCBC Pay Anyone and select the QR Code tab.
  2. Scan the The Noteway’s QR code above. Verify that the name of the company is THE NOTEWAY LLP.
  3. Enter amount and reference number (invoice number).
  4. Click Confirm Payment.

How to Use NETSPay

Login to the NETSPay app and follow the steps below:

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