5 Online T-shirt Design Makers for you to Design Without Photoshop

Everyone needs a customised t-shirt at some point(s) in their life – class tees, corporate tees, cheesy customised couple tees, and the list goes. But not everyone can work that Photoshop magic, especially not if you have none of that artistic flair going in you. Thankfully, t-shirt design makers are increasingly available online, where really, anyone can be Picasso. Here are five of the best design maker sites I have sifted out:  

1. Design Lab by The Noteway

The Noteway’s Design Lab is one of the most user-friendly customising design tools out there. Stripped away from complex navigation and design jargons, I’m not joking when I say even your grandma can whip up a t-shirt design in less than five minutes with this site. An amazing user-interface aside, the Design Lab has a pretty extensive collection of graphics, icons, and font choices (and text sizing/spacing) for its users to tinker with. If you’re lazy to customise your own design, fret not as The Noteway also offers a wide variety of existing designs for its products – from hoodies to sport jerseys, mugs, calendars, and everything in between.  

2. Custom Ink

My favourite attribute of Custom Ink is its customisability of text – orientation, text shape, outlines, and most importantly, one of the widest selection of fonts around. It even allows users to fancy things up with its Greek letterings! Of course, like most design makers, Custom Ink also provides artworks and image uploads. But if you’re looking to design a text-based T-shirt, this is the your go-to site.  

3. The Graphic Edge

While most online T-shirt design makers offer screen printing, a sweet feature of The Graphic Edge is its embroidery option. That means, being able to have your desired logo, name, or any graphic stitched on. An embroidered element definitely adds a pop to the garment!  

4. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is another user-friendly t-shirt design maker with its fuss-free and simple tools. This extends to the store’s other products – from bags to iPad cases and water bottles. In addition, users can even upload their designs and sell them on the marketplace in Spreadshirt!  

5. Printful

Printful is an easy-to-use design site where users choose their desired apparel before creating a design on it. One amazing feature of Printful is its selection of customisable products besides t-shirts, including wall art, phone cases, pillows, towels, tote bags, etc. Now that you’re equipped with a list of online t-shirt design markers, go ahead and let ‘em creative juices flow!