NUS Business School student drops out to pursue own Business

Getting into NUS Business School – not easy. Dropping out of NUS Business School – crazy. But that is exactly what one very brave student did. Realising that the Business School does not really teach business, he dropped out when he was in his third year. So who is this student and what drove him to do something most of us would not even dream of? Mark Francis Thompson, 25, is an entrepreneur and odd as it may seem, he felt that his school never gave him the opportunity or the skills to actually conduct a business. In actual fact, he had to get out of school in order to properly do a business, which of course, has been a success so far.
NUS Business School Student
“The business school gives you its version of success, not the real-world success,” said Mark. To him, the business school is educating the future CEOs and managers, not entrepreneurs and risk-takers. In fact, when Mark’s grades dropped due to him focusing on his start-up, he was called in by someone from the business school. When they found out that his start-up was the reason for his grades declining, he could see ‘the look of disappointment’ on the person’s face. It was soon then that he realized he was not going to get any support from his school. Knowing that he had to choose between the conventional and the forbidden, Mark chose the forbidden route and has not looked back ever since. It is no surprise then that his latest business, Twenty & Free, acts as a real-life business school. Here, he and his partner, Vincent, provide group training sessions, networking opportunities, relevant materials, and even one-to-one coaching to aspiring student entrepreneurs. Their workshops and networking sessions are held every month and are usually attended by over 30 students from local universities. They hope to reach out to thousands of university students this year, to give them a real entrepreneur’s education and to share their knowledge on the importance of self-sufficiency and risk-taking.
NUS Business School Student
“Try new things and fail. That’s how you learn and grow,” said Vincent. When asked what advice they would give to university students, Vincent said, “Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is just feedback to what works and what doesn’t. Everything happens for a reason and you can only connect the dots moving backward. So, try new things and fail. That’s how you learn and grow.” To that, Mark added, “At the end, when you are older, what you fear most when you look back is regret. Hell is when the person you are at the end of your life meets the person you could have become. So live life without any regrets.”
NUS Business School Student
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