Notebooks – Our Flagship Product

The Noteway started of as a company selling only customisable notebooks at its initial stages. Today, it may have evolved into a designing and printing services company for everything ranging from T shirts to even Tote Bags and Mugs, but our flagship product, notebooks, will surely remain our strength in the years to come. The Noteway is proud to be one of the few companies in Singapore offering a wide range of notebook customisation options for our clients. Different customisation options are suited for different kinds of notebooks. So let us begin with the notebooks you can customise on!

Types of Notebooks

We offer conventional options like PP Plastic Notebooks. However, our catalogue also caters for the environmentally conscious with Eco Notebooks and Memo Pads. For those who are looking for a more durable option, PU Notebooks and Leather Notebooks are perfect for that.

Types of Notebook Printing

1. One Colour Pad Printing

One Colour Pad printing refers to the process whereby a single colour design is transferred by stamping a silicon stamp (pad) onto 3-dimensional products that can be difficult to print on (in this case, notebooks).
HSS Black PP Notebook Printing with Gold Foiling
The process can be understood in 2 steps: 1) From the plate to the pad. 2) The pad to the product.   Your design is first etched onto a metal or plastic plate. The pad then picks up the ink on the plate, and transfers it onto the product that you wish to print on. Hence, the process is known as ‘1 Colour Pad Printing’ because the pad only picks up a singular colour from the plate. Furthermore, this also means that multiple colours in a design would require a different metal or plastic plate.

2. Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a flat surface (in this case notebooks), except in areas made inaccessible to the ink with a blocking stencil. A step by step guide to how silk screen printing is done can be found on our silk screen printing page here.
Silkscreen printing can also be used on some notebooks, especially those with flat paper board covers. Silk Screen Printing on notebooks is usually only recommended for single colour prints, due to the high cost of silk screen printing with multiple colours.

3. Embossing and Debossing

Embossing and Debossing are popular methods for leather notebook printing. Debossing, also known as blind embossing, is the process of imprinting your design onto the cover of your notebook. In contrast, Embossing raises and elevates your design on your notebook cover instead. 
Embossing and debossing create a tactile sensation when you run your fingers through an embossed/debossed design. Besides, embossed and debossed leather notebooks look sleek and professional.

4. Foil Printing/Hot Stamping

Foil printing, also known as hot stamping, is usually used to print gold and silver pattern designs. It results in the foil on the notebook having a shiny effect. In notebook foil printing (heat stamping), the foil film is positioned between the heated metal die and the notebook cover. The die presses the foil onto the cover of the notebook and the heat activates the adhesive. Under pressure, the foil fuses onto surface of your notebook.

Types of Notebook Binding

1. Saddle Stitched Binding

Saddle stitched binding is a common binding method used to bind notebooks with about 4 to 40 sheets of paper (8 to 80 Pages). Due to its limitations, saddle stitched binding is often used only in thin exercise books or information booklets.
Interestingly, saddle stitched notebooks, look as if they have been stapled through. But in actual fact, this is not true. Saddle stitching is done by punching wire through a book’s outer spine, and then bending the wire flat on the inside centre fold to grip all the pages together.

2. Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is most commonly used binding technique for soft cover text books, assessment books and story books. Sections of folded pages have their spines trimmed and roughed up to improve their bonding with glue. All sections are collated and glued to the cover used to wrap around the notebook.
A heavy card stock is used for the book’s cover. Also, the spine of the book is flat such that the title of the book and the name of the book author can be printed onto the spine.
Books with perfect binding cannot lie open as easily as saddle stitched books or wire-o-bound books. The more the thickness of the book, the more the reader will have to bend the book, to read the words on the inner most margin of the book.

3. Hard Cover Binding

Hard Cover Binding is the standard binding used for hardcover books. Hard Cover books mainly comprise of the case, case covering (cloth covering), spine and book signatures.
There are several different types of hard cover binding to choose from, such as Case Binding, Smyth Sewing and Oversewing. However, Hard Cover Binding typically involves inside pages being sewn together in sections. These are then glued to end papers which are glued to the cover’s spine. Sometimes a case covering (also known as a cloth covering) is used to wrap over the books case.

4. Wire-O-Binding

Wire-O-Binding (Also known as twin loop wire, wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wirebind) is 1 of the most popular binding methods for notebooks, especially among students. Books with Wire-O-Binding not only look good, but lay open flat easily on each and every page. This way, you don’t even have to bend or hold the notebook while writing on them.
The Wire-O binding method uses pre-formed pairs of wire loops. Wire loops are available in a variety of colours to coordinate with your cover colour.
These loops are inserted through holes that have been punched through the book’s cover and pages. The loops are then compressed closer together until they form a circle, thus holding the cover and pages together, while allowing them to open freely.

Eco Notebooks

Eco Notebooks are made of eco-friendly material and comes in varying designs, colours and sizes as listed below. All notebooks also come with a pen. Material: Paperboard Number of pages of Notebook: 140 (70 Sheets) Type of Printing Notebook is Suitable for: 1 Colour Pad Printing Packaging: OPP Bag

Back to School | NB 19

Size of NB 19 Notebooks: 15.5 cm (H) x 11 cm (W) Colour of Notebooks: Black, Red, Orange, Royal Blue (Displayed Below)

Love | NB 20

Size of NB 20 Notebooks: 15.5 cm (H) x 11 cm (W) Colour of Notebooks: Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green (Displayed Below)

Squiggle | NB 21

Size of NB 21 Notebook: 15.5 cm (H) x 10.5 cm (W) Colour of Notebooks: Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green (Displayed Below)

Stripes | NB 22

Size of NB 22 Notebook: 18 cm (H) x 13 cm (W) Colour of Notebooks: Red, Orange, Royal Blue (Displayed Below)

The 3 in 1 | NB 23

Size of NB 23 Notebook: 14.5 cm (H) x 10 cm (W) Colour of Notebooks: Red, Orange, Royal Blue (Displayed Below)

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Eco Memo Pads

Likewise, we also offer eco memo pads which comes in numerous sizes and colours. All memo pads come with a pen except for NB 32. Material: Paperboard Packaging: OPP Bag Type of Printing Memo Pad is Suitable for: 1 Colour Pad Print and Silk Screen Printing

World In Your Hands | NB 30

Number of pages of Memo Pad: 70 (140 Sheets) Size of NB 30 Memo Pad: 13 cm (H) x 9 cm (W) Colours Available: Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Green (Displayed Below)

Apple | NB 31

Number of pages of Memo Pad: 70 (140 Sheets) Size of NB 31 Memo Pad: 13 cm (H) x 9 cm (W) Colours Available: Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Green (Displayed Below)

Travel Sized Sticky Notes | NB 32

Size of NB32 Memo Pad: 8 cm (H) x 8 cm (W) Colour of Memo Pad: Black and Brown (Displayed Below)

Sticky Notes | NB33

Size of NB33 Memo Pad: 15 cm (H) x 9 cm (W)

PP Plastic Cover Notebooks

Material: PP Plastic Cover Type of Binding: Wire-O-Binding Type of Printing Notebook is Suitable for: 1 Colour Pad Printing Packaging: OPP Bag

Waves | NB 07

Number of pages of Notebook: 140 (70 Sheets) Size of NB07 Notebook: 15.5 cm (H) x 11.5 cm (W) Colours Available: Red, Orange, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Magenta (Displayed Below)

Yin & Yang | NB08

Number of pages of Notebook: 60 (120 Sheets) Size of NB08 Notebook: 14 cm (H) x 10 cm (W) Colours Available: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green (Displayed Below)

Yin & Yang II | NB09

Number of pages in Notebook: 60 (120 Sheets) Size of NB09 Notebook: 14 cm (H) x 10 cm (W) Colour Available: Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Royal Blue (Displayed Below)

Sunset | NB10

Number of pages in Notebook: 60 (120 Sheets) Size of NB10 Notebook: 11 cm (H) x 8 cm (W) Colour Available: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green (Displayed Below)

Sunset II | NB12

Number of pages in Notebook: 70 (140 Sheets) Size of NB12 Notebook: 18 cm (H) x 13.5 cm (W) Colour Available: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green (Displayed Below) *note that NB10 is the pocket size version of NB12

PU Notebooks

For a more durable choice, we also offer notebook choices made of PU Leather. This gives your notebook cover a premium diary feel. Our PU notebooks come in various different colours as well. Material: PU Type of Binding: Wire-O-Binding Layout: Info and Notes Size of NB30 Memo Pad: 22 cm (H) x 18 cm (W) – A5 Size Type of Printing Notebook is available for: Silk Screen Printing and Full-Tone Colour

Executive | NB24

Colour of Notebook: Brown and Gold (Displayed Below)

Corporate | NB25

Colours Available: White, Red, Orange, Royal Blue (Displayed Below)

Deluxe | NB26

Colours Available: Red, Royal Blue, Lime Green (Displayed Below)

Workbook | NB27

Colours Available: Navy Blue, Black, Maroon, Brown (Displayed Below)

Professional | NB28

Colours Available: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Lime Green (Displayed Below)

Leatherette Notebooks

Leatherette | NB29

Material of Cover: Leatherette Type of Binding: Wire-O-Binding Size of Notebook: 18 cm X 22 cm – A5 Size Type of Printing Notebook is Suitable for: Silkscreen Printing and Full-Tone Colour Colours Available: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Silver, Gold (Displayed Below)

PU Memo Pads

Comes boxed with a calendar so you can always keep track of your schedule and make important notes. Material of Cover: PU Packaging: Box Type of printing notebook is suitable for: Silkscreen Printing, 1 Colour Pad Printing, Full-Tone Colour

Boxed Memo Pads with Sticky Notes | PM01

Size of Memo Pad: 13.3 cm (L) x 8.5 cm (W) x 2 cm (H)

Boxed Memo Pad with Triple Coloured Sticky Notes | PM02

Size of Memo Pad: 17.5 cm (L) x 9 cm (W) x 2.5 cm (H)

Multi-Coloured Boxed Memo Pad | PM03

Size of Memo Pad: 20 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 2 cm (H)

Classic Boxed Memo Pad | PM04

Size of Memo Pad: 9 cm (L) x 9 cm (W) x 2.5 cm (H)

Dual Colour Boxed Memo Pad | PM05

Size of Memo Pad: 9 cm (L) x 9 cm (W) x 2.5 cm (H)

Specifications & MOQ for Custom Notebook Printing

Notebook Printing on ready stock notebooks in our catalogue above can be done on notebook quantities starting from 50. Lead time may be 1-2 weeks for basic printing on ready stock notebooks. Additionally, many companies and organisations prefer to customise their notebooks from scratch without using available types of ready stock notebooks as presented in our catalogue above. For example, they may want to customise everything, from the notebook cover to the type of notebook printing, type of notebook binding, and even pages within the notebooks. This is also possible, but only for quantities starting from 100. However, the lead time for notebook customisation from scratch can take 3-4 weeks. To get a price quote for these fully customised notebooks, you would need to answer these 10 questions below with the specifications you require for your customised notebook. After you provide us these details, we can give you a price quote for your notebook printing with us.  

1. How many notebooks will you be customising?

  • The larger the quantity the cheaper the price, as notebook customisation is very expensive for small quantities like 100. It gets more economical from 500 pieces.

2.  What are your Notebook Dimensions? 

  • A5
  • A4
  • Custom Size (Please State)

3. What type of notebook cover would you like? 

  • Soft Art Card Cover
  • Hard Casing Cover
  • Leather Cover
  • Paperboard Cover
  • PP Cover

4. How many sides of the cover do you want to print on?

  • Front Cover Only
  • Back Cover Only
  • Both Front and Back Cover

5. What type of printing would you like on the covers?

  • Some printing methods are only suited for certain types of covers.
  • Example: Embossing/Debossing is only suitable for leather covers

6. How many sheets of paper would you like inside your notebook? (1 Sheet has 2 Pages): 

  • 50 Sheets
  • 70 Sheets
  • 100 Sheets
  • Custom Number of Sheets (Please Specify)

 7. What Sheet Thickness would you like?

  • 80 GSM (This is the standard thickness of good quality paper)
  • Custom Thickness (Please Specify)

8. What printing would you like within the inner sheets?

  • Standard Black Lines
  • Standard Black Lines and Company Logo in Black Colour
  • Full Colour Printing on Every Page
  • No Printing at all. Blank Pages Inside.
  • Any other special requirements for inside pages? (E.g. Only 4 Inside Pages with Full Colour Printing, Special Material for 4 Coloured Pages if any..)

9. What method of binding would you like?

  • Saddle Stitch Binding (Only for 4-40 Sheets)
  • Perfect Binding (For Soft Cover Books)
  • Hard Cover Binding (For Hard Cover Books)
  • Wire-O-Binding

10. Would you like other accessories (Pocket, Pen Sleeve, Elastic Band) in your notebook?

  • Yes (Please State What Accessories You Would Like)
  • No
  Want us to help you design your notebook from scratch? Or still not sure which type of notebook and notebook printing would be most suitable for your organization? Consult us at and our professionals will get back to you in no time! We also offer free designing services for all our clients who decide to print with us.