15 Kids Birthday Party Celebration Ideas In Singapore For Unlimited Fun

15 Kids Birthday Party Celebration Ideas in Singapore for Unlimited Fun

“Mummy! This year for my birthday, I want to invite all my friends!”

It’s that time of the year again. You love your dear child, but hearing this can be such a splitting headache (especially in the middle of the Covid19 outbreak). Planning a surprise for your kid is no easy-breezy task, let alone planning one for children that are active and restless.

Well, let your worries fly out the window because here’s a curated list of 15 Birthday Party Celebration ideas in Singapore to give your beloved child a birthday to remember forever. Nurture the inner MasterChef in your child with a baking session, or even paint a drawstring bag with him/her. Whatever it is, there will be heaps of fun and loads of laughter, but remember – no breaking of circuit breaker rules allowed!

1. For some Painting Fun (“Kids Party Pack”)

At Streaks n Strokes, you can purchase kids party packs for your kid and his/her friends and let them paint together from the comfort of your party venue. The party packs contain printed designs based on the party package you choose and come with tracing paper and pencil, so your kids can trace before painting. 

You may ask, “so what is the fun?”

Rather than painting on boring, old canvases or art blocks, which will be bulky or of no practical use to you and your child, your kids will get to paint on kids drawstring bags which they can carry and use! 

Kids Party Painting Pack

Painting on kids drawstring bags makes a great kids party activity as the kids can

  • Have lots of fun painting and expressing their creativity.
  • Take great pics together after the party.
  • Get interested in art as a hobby. 
  • Carry their painted kids drawstring bags when they go out.

Price: From $20 to 25 per kid for 6 to 10 Kids (Bulk Purchase Discounts Available)

More info: https://www.streaksnstrokes.com/collections/for-parties/kids-party

Phone: 8587 8884

Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com

2. For some Baking Fun

This year is the year to teach your child – ‘Work for what you want’. Gather the little minions, put them in a kitchen, and watch them bake or cook dishes from scratch with their pint-sized friends.

Led by professional chefs, ToTT welcomes ‘lil ones from 5 to 12 years old to recreate their favourite food – cookies, pizza, pasta, and even chocolate molten lava cake! Book one of their well-received party packages, and witness the budding talent come to life as your child bakes his/her own birthday cake.

Price: From $35++/pax onwards

More info: https://tottstore.com/events/private-parties/

Address: 2 Tampines Central 5 #02-14, Singapore 529509

Phone: 6242 5532

Email: enquiry@tottstore.com

3. For a Football Fiesta

Forget humdrum party games like musical chairs and charades, it’s time for some serious fun with soccer balls and a kick of adrenaline! At The Cage, you can organise a two-hour birthday party at one of their pitches effortlessly.

Hire a coach to run the show, sit back and relax. The young ones will be endlessly entertained by a series of ice-breaker games, team-building games, followed by mini-tournaments. A little note – bring your own cake to prevent tears!

Price: From $128 onwards

More info: http://www.thecage.com.sg/birthday-parties/

Address: 38 Jln Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399635

Phone: 6344 9345

Email: iwannaplay@thecage.com.sg

4. For a Sassy Makeover  

Celebrate the special day of your little Vainpot by making his/her makeover party dream come true. As the star of the show, your child deserves all the glitz and glamour, even if just for a day.

Choose among a variety of themes – Princess Parties, Rock Stars, or even Glittery Awards Nights, and the experts at Curly & Spike will proceed to turn the party. The session will then end with a fashion parade, with photos as souvenirs for the miniature glam queens to take home.

Price: From $550 onwards

More info: http://www.curlynspikestore.com.sg/parties-makeovers

Address: 81 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239917

Phone: 6733 9298

Email: info@curlynspikestore.com.sg

5. For a Bouncy Afternoon

Have a kid who can’t stop jumping around? You can count on BOUNCEinc to give the bunch of little monkeys a boing-ing good time.

Led by an equally energetic party host, the kids will be guaranteed safety and fun while they learn new tricks in the air. Yummy party nosh will also be prepared in a private room to refuel the crew, so they can jump to their hearts’ content!

Price: From $42/pax onwards

More info: https://www.bounceinc.com.sg/freestyle-birthday-parties/

Address: Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road, #09-01, Singapore 239695

Phone: 6816 2879

Email: enquiries@bounceinc.com.sg

6. For a legendary Role-Playing Party

If you’re willing to burn a hole in your pocket for a memorable birthday party, then KidZania is where you should turn your head. A dedicated team of party planners will go the whole nine yards to make sure your kid has the best role-playing party of their life.

Be spoilt for choice with five different themes – Urbano Football Fanatic, Vita and Best Friends, Chika Supermodel, Beebop Music Popstar, and Bache the Secret Agent. Based on the theme, the day will see an endless series of exclusive activities, a mouth-watering buffet, a personalised birthday cake, photos, and goodie bags.

Even your inner kid will pop out to say hi, thanks to the flawless planning.

Price: From $1388 onwards

More info: https://www.kidzania.com.sg/kidzania/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/KidZania-Birthday-Party-Brochure.pdf

Address: Palawan Kidz City, 31 Beach View, #01-01/02, Singapore 098008

Hotline: 1800 653 6888

Email: celebrate@kidzania.com.sg

7. For a day of Scaling New Heights  

Introduce your young child to the magical world of rock climbing, an activity that gets the blood pumping and encourages lots of bonding.

At Clip ‘N Climb, rest assured that there will be seasoned professionals to teach the kids the basics of rock climbing and keep injuries at bay. The party packages will entitle you to a private party room with games and a party host, while food and desserts are also available anytime with additional costs.

Want to just keep it between the family? Clip ‘N Climb walk-in prices start at $18/pax, and welcomes climbers of all ages!

Price: From $580 onwards, discounted rates for Passion Card and SAFRA members

More info: https://www.hometeamns.sg/tampines/party-celebrations/

Address: Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk #03-03, Singapore 528523

Phone: 6705 9410

Email: tmclub@hometeamns.sg

8. For the thrill of Saber Tag

Makeovers, role-playing, and baking may sound a little stale for your growing tween (8 – 12 years old), but a titillating game of Saber Tag should tickle their fancy.

Team-building and events company, The Fun Empire, has developed four fun and unique party themes – Star Wars, Hunger Games, 007, and Giant Bubbles. Based on the themes, the kids will get to compete in teams in four combat-style games – Saber Tag, Combat Archery Tag, Laser Tag, and Bubble Bump respectively.

The party will be held in multiple partner venues across Singapore, which are conveniently located near MRT stations.

Price: Visit https://www.thefunempire.com/birthday-party

More info: https://www.thefunempire.com/birthday-party

Address: Various locations

Phone: 6515 4146 / 6816 1998

Email: hello@thefunempire.com

9. For a magical Mermaid Pool Party

At a certain moment in life, we all have been mesmerised and lost in fairytales. Let the Disney fantasy come to life for your dreamy child with a pool party by inviting a gorgeous mermaid!

Meet Syrena, Singapore’s first mermaid, who will work closely with you to bring the little princes and princesses where miracles happen. Expect activities like storytelling, a tattoo session, swimming with the mermaid, and even mermaid transformation.

10. For a Ride on the Waves

For something a little more epic, why not head down to Wave House Sentosa for a splashing good time?

Located just beside the beach, surfer boys and girls will indulge in a truckload of fun on the famous Double FlowRider Wave ride. For your convenience, there are ready-to-go Wave Packages that are well-thought out – including wave rides, party games, and a lineup of yummy party fare.

Of course, a la carte options are also available for you to mix and match based on your preferences.

Price: From $250 onwards

More info: http://wavehousesentosaevents.com/birthday-parties/

Address: 36 Siloso Beach Walk Sentosa, Singapore 099007

Phone: 6377 3113

Email: events.sentosa@wavehouse.com

11. For a learning adventure

We’re all for kids losing their minds, running wild and behaving like mischievous monkeys at birthday parties. But quirky science experiments and magic tricks – don’t they sound absolutely exciting as well?

Dedicated to the curious cats and future Einsteins, KidsSTOP at Science Centre Singapore offers science-related themed parties for kids to have a blast while learning. Based on the six available themes, your party can be focused on the science behind circuits, chemistry, rainbows, dinosaurs, animals, or even magic!

Available party packages do not include birthday cake and food, but you can be assured a series of engaging activities.

Price: From $630 onwards

More info: https://www.science.edu.sg/visit-us/kidsstop/for-families/arrange-a-birthday-party

Address: Science Centre Singapore, 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609081

Email: kidsstop_events@science.edu.sg

12. For Mini Golf and Pony-Riding

Do you know who doesn’t love petite horses? No one ever! Make the day of your little one by bringing the party to Champions Public Golf Course, where ponies gallop and mini golf awaits.

Besides swinging golf clubs all day and going round and round on ponies, kids will celebrate with tasty meals from Royal Thai Cuisine – including choices like Chicken and Ham Pizza, Fish and Chips, and Spaghetti with Meatballs. Great for some leisurely outdoor fun!

Price: From $25/pax onwards (Mini golf only)

More info: http://www.championsgolf.co/birthday-party-champions-golf/

Address: 60 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286966

Phone: 6463 0332

Email: cynthia@championsgolf.com.sg

13. For a Summer’s Day

The weather has just been brutal recently, and there’s no better way than fooling around in the water to stop the kids from complaining.

Helmed by a group of seasoned party planners, Wild Wild Wet awaits with intelligent plans and well-thought packages to ensure hours and hours of easy fun. Besides access to the impressive water theme park, packages make sure to amp up the atmosphere – with a specially decorated party room, meals, fringe activities, and even e-invitation and Thank-You cards.

Top up for more bonus features like the segway, a dedicated photographer, or a magic show.

Price: From $599 onwards

More info: https://www.wildwildwet.com/birthday-packages.php

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599

Phone: 6582 7004

Email: celebrations@ntucclub.com.sg

14. For a day of being Sherlock Holmes

If your child is head-over-heels for spy movies, then turn him/her into a miniature Sherlock Holmes just for the day!

At Newton Show, you can book a themed quest party, where Mr or Ms Detective will be on a quest to find the real murderer – a life-or-death mission with his/her friends. Better yet, your kid could also opt to be a quick-witted 007 agent through constructing traps and learning surveillance techniques.

Not your cup of tea? Newton Show also specialises in science parties and themed parties – a true one-stop shop for all-things celebration.

Price: Visit https://www.newtonshow.com/questparty (For quest party)

More info: https://www.newtonshow.com/birthday-party


3 locations

Central: 9 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238959

West: 887a Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 279896

East: 229 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427489

Phone: 8264 6655

Email: info@newtonshow.com

15. For a Pyjama Party

Late-night snacks, good ol’ board games, a nail-painting sesh – all in cute pyjamas. If that’s your kind of party, then bring it on, with the help of Petites Soirées!

Choose between the themes – Sweet Dreamy, Boho, Tribal, or Into the Wild, and all the setup and decorations will be ready in your room. No matter how old your kid is, a chill night with some BFFs will never go wrong.

Price: From $425 onwards

More info: https://www.petitessoirees.sg/

Phone: 9771 1761

Email: jess@petitessoirees.sg

Be it a 5th, 6th, or even a 12th birthday. It’s a birthday that is once in a lifetime. We hope these 15 ideas for kids birthday parties will give your kid a childhood to remember before they grow up (which is fast, by the way).

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