7 Insane Facts about Singapore’s First Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling

7 Insane Facts About Singapore’s First Olympics Gold Medallist – Joseph Schooling

Joseph Schooling beats Phelps
Joseph Schooling has shot to fame in the recent years for being one of Singapore’s favourite and best-performing athletes. Humble, intelligent and handsome, he has tugged on many Singaporeans’ heartstrings.

1. Joseph Schooling first beat Michael Phelps in June this year

Joseph Schooling and Michael Phelps
Believe it or not, Joseph Schooling first beat his idol in a 100 metre butterfly event at the Longhorns Elite Invite meet in Austin, Texas this June. He clocked 51.58 seconds to finish ahead of Michael Phelps (51.65sec) before this Rio Olympics itself!

2. Joseph Schooling is the youngest winner of the Sportsman of the year award

Joseph Schooling
At 16, most of us were either hanging out with our friends, gaming or studying for our ‘O’ levels. However, Joseph was busy taking part in swimming meets, bagging medals and breaking records. His passion for swimming and his perseverance led to him winning the prestigious Singapore Sports Award at the age of 17, making him the youngest winner of this award.

3. He set a new Asian record in the 2015 World Aquatics Championships

How awesome is this? At the age of 20, while most of us were still deciding what to do with our lives, Joseph put Singapore on the world map by breaking Japan swimmer Kohei Kawamoto’s Asian record for the 100 metre butterfly. This was a proud moment for both Joseph and for Singapore as this was Singapore’s first-ever podium finish.
Joseph Schooling

4. He was Singapore’s most bemedalled athlete at the 2013 South-East Asian (SEA) games 2013

Joseph Schooling Singapore
Five gold medals and one silver while setting four meet records made Joseph Singapore’s best-performing athlete. Winning six medals is no easy feat and with five of them being gold, it just shows how talented our swimmer is. This was definitely nothing short of a victory.

5. Joseph Schooling is a Singaporean, born and bred

Joseph Schooling Singaporean
Schooling may sound like an “ang moh” surname but Joseph is a true blue Singaporean, born and bred. His father is a Singaporean just like him while his mother is a permanent resident who has lived in Singapore for over 30 years. Joseph, just like any Singaporean, is a true foodie! His favourite food is Black Carrot Cake and he loves it with more black sauce. The sweeter, the better!

6. He loves soccer

Joseph Schooling Soccer
Although he is a swimmer, he is still your typical Singaporean boy who enjoys watching soccer. If you are wondering what his favourite team is, it’s Chelsea! During the days when he is not training or breaking records, Joseph enjoys chilling and watching his well-loved sport. And on some occasions, playing video games as well!

7. He won Singapore’s first Olympics gold medal with an Olympic record time

Joseph Schooling Olympics Gold
Joseph’s latest Olympic gold medal win is a first for Singapore and also the second time he has beat Michael Phelps. Clocking an Olympic record time of 50.39s for the 100m butterfly final at the Rio Olympics 2016, Schooling has proved that determination does pay off and “even people from the smallest countries in the world can achieve a lot of things”. Thank you Joseph for making Singapore proud!

By Vanathy

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