Invitation Card Printing

Invitation cards are often the most underrated part of any event because most people are pre-occupied with planning the actual event. However, be it a wedding event or a birthday celebration, invitation cards are the first glimpse into what to expect on the actual day itself and first impressions always matter.

Invitation Card Printing Methods

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a premium stamping method that produces prints with a signature shine to it.
So how does it work?

From the picture above, the metal die is heated and acts as an engraver where it permanently etches the design into the material. A foil is placed between the metal die and the material and it is what produces that signature shine. This printing method is extremely hardy, which explains why large brands like Louis Vuitton offers such printing methods for their goods.

Since every design requires a custom metal die, it means that this printing method is costly and is only available for quantities > 500.

Offset Printing

Notice how the paper goes through 4 rounds of printing? This explains why Offset Printing is able to print a highly detailed and vivid design.

The cylinder above is called the plate cylinder and has the design etched into it. The cylinder below is the blanket cylinder and can be understood as a roller. The paper is passed between both the cylinders at each stage until all 4 rounds of printing is done. Custom made inks can be mixed with reference to specific Pantone colours, increasing the accuracy of printing. However, because of the number of rounds of printing, this process can also be expensive and hence, is only available for quantities >500.

Digital Printing

This is the most economical form of printing. For one, you only need a regular colour printer with the necessary toners and your cards as bases and you’re good to go. This means that the set up cost is lower and is suitable for lower quantities. Unfortunately, this method cannot exactly replicate the intended colour as what is seen on screen and what is eventually printed can slightly differ.
However, remember this signature shiny print from the Hot Stamping method above? Digital printing is also capable of producing such a luxe effect. Simply let us know that this is the effect you’re going for and we’ll print it!

Invitation Card Materials

The Iridescent Series

Our Iridescent Series is for all those who want their invitees to marvel at the invitation card once it’s out of the envelope. Great for the ‘oohs and ahs’ and even better if you’re out to impress.

Majestic Champagne (Pearl)

Available GSM: 120


A pale gold with a silver sheen. Think soft glam and luxury.

Majestic Real Silver

Available GSM: 250


A true blue silver with a metallic finish, perfect for the bold and unafraid.

Conqueror Zindescent

Available GSM: 350


It’s understated and it’s classy. A white that glimmers white-gold in the light. Not to mention, 350 GSM for that quality feel.

Majestic Marble White

Available GSM: 350


We didn’t know white could shine so luxuriously with this cool toned glimmer either.

The White Series

The White Series is all about clean lines and large spaces. Never mind trends, we’re all about class here.


Available GSM: 80, 100, 120, 150


It’s back to basics with this white. Up the GSM for a thicker and more quality grip.

Green Forest

Available GSM: 300

It doesn’t get any better than this. Our 300 GSM Green Forest is a heavy weight and thick enough so it holds its own.

Matt Artpaper

Available GSM: 105, 128,157


As the name goes, it’s white meets matte. This finish has no glare and plays to that premium and minimalistic look.

Matt Artcard

Available GSM: 209, 300


With its own category, the 209 and 300 GSM Matt Artcard is significantly more substantial, with a sturdier quality and a slight give when you try to bend it.

Gloss A/P

Available GSM: 128, 157, 170


On the other end of the spectrum, glossy finishes reflect in the light.

Gloss Artcard

Available GSM: 190, 230, 260, 310, 350, 360


Our highest GSM at 360 is offered in this series, with the least give and stands on its own.


Available GSM: 220


A matte finish with a textured twist.

Micro Zeta

Available GSM: 250


Micro Zeta is a trendy off-white tone with no glare, just style.

Zeta Hammer Natural White

Available GSM: 260


Yes, those grooves are a signature for this cream piece.

Maple Bright

Available GSM: 300


A warm hued white reminiscent of old vintage papers.

Types of Invitation Card Printing

Wedding Invitation Card Printing

Although all weddings are about exchanging vows and waiting to hear the much awaited ‘I do’, every wedding card is made different and special for your very own day.

Romantic Wedding Invitation Card Printing

This is for those who want the fairytale so it’s floral decals and watercolour prints to capture that essence.

Photo Wedding Invitation Card Printing

When you’re getting married, you are the protagonist of the story and the leading role so let your faces be the centerstage for these cards.

Art Deco Wedding Invitation Card Printing

Art Deco screams grandeur and luxury. Inspired by the design motifs of the 1920s, it is reminiscent of The Great Gatsby era of elegant parties and cocktail dresses. Embellish these cards with gold foil and dazzle your invitees.

Minimalistic Wedding Invitation Card Printing

Didn’t think we’d leave you minimalists out, did you? Not all folks are into prints or illustrations and we respect that. It’s all about neat fonts, alignments and negative space for such cards.

Indian Wedding Invitation Card Printing

We help you straddle the line between traditional and modern with these Indian motifs and clean lines.

Christian Wedding Invitation Card Printing

These cards are adorned with small crosses as an ode to your Christian faith but we keep it looking gorgeous at the same time.

Chinese Wedding Invitation Card Printing

History moves in cyclical motions and sometimes, the traditional comes back in style. Go back to your roots with these traditionally red Chinese cards.

Birthday Invitation Card Printing

Celebrating your birthday is always more fun when you have your loved ones with you. Drop them the date with these cards.

Kids Birthday Invitation Card

As with all kiddos, the theme is mischief and fun. Think bright colours and cartoon characters.

Coming of Age Birthday Invitation Card

Let your hair down and celebrate your independence in your 20s with these cards.

Formal Birthday Invitation Card Printing

We get it, we get it. There comes a time when you just want a get together where you can dress up to the nines and clink some glasses. Class doesn’t have to be boring with these cards.