45 Housewarming Gifts In Singapore That Couples Will Find Useful and Unique

Housewarming parties are fun. You get to see your couple friend’s new home and catch up with them at the same time. But you got to surprise the couple who have just moved in with a useful or unique housewarming gift, don’t you? That is why we have put together these 45 housewarming gift ideas. They have been ordered from the lowest priced gift to the most expensive for easy browsing and housewarming gift selection according to your budget.

1. Aroma Reed Diffuser 

The refreshing aroma from reed diffusers bring a sense of calm and peace into new homes. Choose from a wide range of flavours such as lavender, magnolia, wild berries and vanilla.

  • Buy this Aroma Reed Diffuser here.
  • Brand: Juiscent
  • Price: $10.90
  • Featured Product Review: Fast delivery. Love the fragrances of the aroma diffusers. My 2nd purchase.
    More than 900 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.8 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

2. Personalized Name Coaster 

This personalised gift name coaster is made of recyclable beech wood or walnut wood. Its aesthetic look and presentation in a stylish gift box makes it a great housewarming gift. Just make sure to get 2 of these gift boxes for both the husband and wife!

  • Buy this personalised name coaster here. 
  • Brand: Alskar Sg
  • Price: $12.40 per Piece with Gift Box
  • Featured Product Review: Definitely will recommend. This is my second time purchasing these coasters as gifts! Packaging is nice and dispatch of coasters is fast. 
  • More than 4800 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

3. Casa Studio Container Set (5pcs)

Food containers will be very useful for couples that cook at home. They can store any leftover food from their meals in these colourful and airtight storage boxes and keep them in the fridge.

  • Order this 5 Pc Container Set here.
  • Brand: Casa Studio
  • Price: $14.58
  • Featured Product Review: Good buy at a great price. Containers are quite big. They are good enough to pack food. 
  • More than 10 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.8 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

4. Suzanne Sobelle Face & Hand Towel Gift Set

Impress the couple that moved in with this premium, beautifully packaged face and hand towel gift set. Every time they wipe their face with this soft and comfortable towel, they will remember your thoughtful housewarming gift.

  • Get this face & hand towel gift here.
  • Brand: Rizon Home Official Store
  • Price: $14.90 per Gift Set
  • Featured Product Review: Nice and pretty. Beautiful box. Very presentable and nice gift.
  • More than 100 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

5. Soy Wax Scented Candle Gift Set with Gift Card

Lighting up candles is a great way to celebrate any special occasion, including moving into a new home. This candle gift set comes with 4 different scents and even a gift card. Don’t forget to include a customised message for your gift recipient!

  • Buy this Scented Candle gift set here.
  • Brand: Maso
  • Price: $14.90 for Scented Candle Gift Set B
  • Featured Product Review: It was put in a box with a fragile tag for extra protection. The candle scents smell nice. Love the jar designs.
  • More than 300 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

6. Aroma humidifier

A delicate fragrance will complement a beautifully decorated room, making the space more conducive for resting or even working from home. This air humidifier is an easy way to do just that!

  • Get this aroma humidifier here.
  • Brand: Mosi Mosi Eco
  • Price: $15
  • Featured Product Review: Quality is great. Sleek design, decent size and lasted for 6 hrs. This makes a great gift too as the item is well packaged. 
  • More than 2100 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

7. Wall Decoration Canvas

Add a touch of beauty to the couple’s new home with a framed canvas picture that is ready to hang. The couple will be reminded to live the life they love every time they see this framed canvas.

  • Get this Wall Decoration Canvas here.
  • Brand: Canvas Wall Art Sg
  • Price: $15.72 for 30cm x 40cm (Framed)
  • Featured Product Review: Quality is good. The print is very clear. It is also light weight and packed well. Recommended for framing at home or gifting too!
  • More than 250 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

8. USB Rechargeable Touch Night Light

This touch night light will fit well on the bedside table of the couple’s new bedroom. They can turn it on and off with a simple touch without getting off their beds. How convenient!

  • Order this touch night light here.
  • Brand: Melody Buy Sg
  • Price: $17.28 for Medium Size Touch Night Light
  • Featured Product Review: Comes well wrapped and in good condition. The controls are easy to use and the colours are pretty. 
  • More than 800 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

9. Simplus Sandwich Maker

This housewarming gift is perfect for sandwich lovers who love eating sandwiches for breakfast. It is portable and makes their breakfast preparation simple and fast.

  • Order this Simplus Sandwich Maker here.
  • Brand: Simplus
  • Price: $19.90 for Single Plate Sandwich Maker.
  • Featured Product Review: The Simplus Sandwich Maker is small, portable and convenient. The sandwich maker was also well packed in a box and delivered in good condition.
  • More than 1200 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

10. The Singaporean Dream Card Game

Want to give a unique housewarming gift for a fun loving couple? The Singaporean Dream will get them dreaming of their future beyond just their new home.

  • Buy this card game here.
  • Brand: Inbox Global
  • Price: $20
  • Featured Product Review: Nicely packed. Item received in good condition and good quality.
  • More than 3900 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

11. Spin Mop Set

Every couple will want to keep their new home super clean. And this spin mop set makes mopping the floor a breeze. Enough said!

  • Get this Spin Mop Set here.
  • Brand: Sg Lelong Tiam
  • Price: $21.06 for Spin Mop Set with 2 Mop Heads included.
  • Featured Product Review: Mop comes with great spin-rinse-dry function and comes with wheels. It makes moving the pail while mopping easy on the back. Highly recommend this product.
  • More than 5000 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

12. Fresh air plant

If your gift recipients love plants, you can get them this airplant golden deer set. It is easy to take care of and pretty looking too.

  • Buy this air plant here.
  • Brand: Wen Air Plant Art
  • Price: $24 for Golden Deer set
  • Featured Product Review: Fast delivery. The items were all received in good order and the air plants are all healthy and pretty!
  • More than 25 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

13. Luna Home Kitchenware Set

Kitchens are boring without aesthetic kitchenware. These 11 different common kitchen utensils in an elegant looking holder will prove useful for the couple too.

  • Get this kitchenware set here.
  • Brand: Luna Home
  • Price: $24.90
  • Featured Product Review: My 2nd time buying. Been using the first kitchenware set for a while and the product is really good. So I am buying it as a gift this time.
  • More than 600 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

14. Stainless Steel Cutlery Set for 6 (24pcs)

Here is another great alternative for a larger quantity of standard cutlery for bigger homes. These high quality cutlery pieces are packed in a beautiful box making it a perfect gift choice for housewarming too!

  • Order this 24 Pc Stainless Steel Cutlery Set here.
  • Brand: HQC Gadget
  • Price: $24.90 for Silver or Gold Set
  • Featured Product Review: Good quality. Looks durable, nice and shiny. Will buy again. 
  • More than 20 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

15. Cornell 2 Slice Pop Up Bread Toaster

This Cornell toaster makes a great housewarming gift because of its wide range of features. Some key features include an anti slip design, removable dust cover and crumb tray, and 5 browning settings for a perfect toast.

  • Get this Cornell 2 slice pop up bread toaster here.
  • Brand: Cornell
  • Price: $25.90
  • Featured Product Review: Affordable and excellent product. Came in good condition and no issues so far. 
  • More than 3000 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Dec 2022)

16. Smart Digital Wooden Alarm Clock

If your gift recipients need to get up for work, they will love this smart digital wooden alarm clock gift. It serves as an elegant decorative item for the bedroom too.

  • Buy this alarm clock here.
  • Brand: Hi Five
  • Price: $26.90
  • Featured Product Review: Delivery was very fast. The wooden clock fits elegantly with our home decor. USB cable is a bit short but can be rectified by getting a USB extension cable.
  • More than 2100 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

17. Cornell 1.8L Cool Touch Stainless Steel Kettle

Anyone who drinks hot water or tea will appreciate a large capacity kettle. This kettle is affordable, efficient and popular with over 6000 kettles sold. It is easy to clean too.

  • Buy this Cornell Stainless Steel Kettle here.
  • Brand: Cornell
  • Price: $29.90
  • Featured Product Review: Item arrived neatly in a Cornell box. A bit heavy but a good deal for a 1.8l kettle. Good for daily use.
  • More than 6100 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

18. Jean Perry UltraLux Microfiber Pillow

Jean Perry is a famous brand for their quality bedding items. Soft and comfortable pillows like this one promote great sleep and will surely bring a smile to your gift recipient.

  • Get this Micro Fibre Pillow here.
  • Brand: Jean Perry
  • Price: $30.40
  • Featured Product Review: No doubt on the quality for Jean Perry. Their packaging is always a plus for this brand. 
  • More than 2500 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

19. Iona 0.3L Mini Non Stick Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are essential for almost every Asian household. This Iona rice cooker features an easy-to-use single switch control and see-through glass lid with a stay cool knob. It is easy to use, space saving, good for cooking for 2 and keeping the rice warm too.

  • Order this mini rice cooker here.
  • Brand: Iona
  • Price: $30.80
  • Featured Product Review:
  • More than 200 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

20. Iona 3 in 1 Mini Sandwich & Waffle Maker

If your couple friends love waffles, you know what to get them. This mini sandwich waffle maker comes with both a waffle plate and a sandwich plate. Yummy!

  • Order this 3 in 1 Sandwich Waffle Maker here.
  • Brand: Iona
  • Price: $34.80
  • Featured Product Review: Item is good and convenient. Small, compact and handy! I didnt expect it to be so easy to use. The item is packed nicely too and indicated as fragile.
  • More than 1800 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

21. Bamboo Chopping Board 3 Piece Set

Durable chopping boards will serve useful for any couple that cooks regularly. This chopping board set comes in 3 sizes and is water resistant too.


  • Purchase this Bamboo Chopping Board here.
  • Brand: Wonder Official
  • Price: $35.80
  • Featured Product Review: Fast delivery and the material is very good. Great quality. 
  • More than 20 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

22. Cornell 1.5L Jug Blender with Grinder

A popular blender for shakes, smoothies and frozen fruits, this jug blender with a grinder is sure to impress as a housewarming gift.  The gift receiving couple will love it even more if they are the health conscious type who love tasty shakes!

  • Order this Cornell jug blender here.
  • Brand: Cornell
  • Price: $35.90
  • Featured Product Review: This blender is easy to set up and use.  It has the option to blend just one cup or blend for the whole family too. I am happy with the product.  
  • More than 4300 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.8 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

23. Waterfall Wine Decanter

If you are getting a gift for wine lovers, get them this beautiful waterfall wine decanter. It is a unique housewarming gift, which will be extra useful for parties and events that your gift recipient hosts.

  • Get this Wine Decanter here.
  • Price: $37.79
  • Featured Product Review: It took about a week or so to receive it. Item is well packed and came in good condition. This wine decanter is good as a gift for friends. 
  • More than 100 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

24. Airtight Plastic Storage Container Set with Free Sticker Labels

Gift the new homeowners the joy of waking up every morning to a neatly organized kitchen with stackable airtight containers such as these. This set includes 1 tall container, 2 medium containers, 2 small containers, 2 mini containers and even free label stickers.

  • Buy this Plastic Containers Set here.
  • Brand: Homlly
  • Price: $39.90
  • Featured Product Review: Item delivered in good condition and within the time frame. Useful items for the kitchen. I love it. 
  • More than 200 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.8 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

25. Joyoung x Line Friends Multifunction Breakfast Toaster

A cute alternative for a toaster, waffle maker and sandwich maker all in one, this multifunction machine comes in a handbag-like shape. It is also small, portable and has an automatic time and temperature control for the “lazier” couples out there.

  • Order this cute multifunction breakfast toaster here.
  • Brand: Joyoung
  • Price: $39.99
  • Featured Product Review: Received in good condition. Very cute bread and waffle maker. The plate is also able to be changed. Bought as a housewarming gift .
  • More than 2100 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

26. Couple Mug Gift Set

If you want to surprise the couple with something useful, matching and beautiful at the same time, this couple mug gift set will make the perfect housewarming gift. It comes with 2 mugs, 2 stirring spoons, 2 lids and even a gift box and gift card.

  • Buy this couple mug gift set here.
  • Brand: Along the Contours
  • Price: $42 for Marble Couple Set
  • Featured Product Review: Very happy with the gift purchase. It came packed very well and I hope the gift receivers will like it too. 
  • More than 200 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

27. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

This bamboo cheese board and knife set comes with 4 stainless steel cheese knives and 1 ceramic sauce bowl. It is great for both casual and elegant dining with friends and family.

  • Buy this Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set here.
  • Brand: Household Master Singapore
  • Price: $42.99
  • Featured Product Review: Such a lovely cheese board. It came with all the essential tools. Material is good, the colour is perfect and the price is reasonable.
  • More than 100 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

28. Unique Couple Card Game with Activity Cards

This card game is another unique housewarming gift for couples. It encourages more love and understanding among couples while allowing them to have fun at the same time.

  • Get this Couple Card Game here.
  • Brand: A Year Of Us
  • Price: $43
  • Featured Product Review: Cute packaging and love the handwritten note included. We have not used the cards yet but it looks really meaningful. Good quality cards too! 
  • More than 30 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

29. Iona Steamboat Hotpot Induction Cooker

If you are buying a housewarming gift for a chinese couple that love their traditional steamboat meals, this multi-function cooker will make a practical gift option. It has a large multi-functional electric skillet, adjustable temperature settings, a deep non-stick inner pan for preparing soups and other useful features.

  • Order this Multi Function cooker here.
  • Brand: Iona
  • Price: $46.80
  • Featured Product Review: 2.8L is definitely enough for 2 to 4 pax. The heat up is fast and it is easy to wash. Worth the buy.
  • More than 100 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

30. Anker Bluetooth Speaker

This is a fun housewarming gift idea for music loving modern couples. They can connect to bluetooth and listen to their favourite songs in crisp quality all day.

  • Purchase this bluetooth speaker here.
  • Brand: Anker
  • Price: $51
  • Featured Product Review: Very fast delivery within 2 days! Meant as a gift so I have not tried it, but hopefully the receiver would like it!
  • More than 90 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

31. Esprit Towel Gift Set

This Esprit fashion bath towel is made from 100% Premium Cotton that is soft, durable and highly absorbent. It also comes in a classy Esprit gift box making it perfect for gifting.

  • Get this Towel Gift Set here.
  • Brand: Esprit
  • Price: $53
  • Featured Product Review: The towels were well delivered with secure and protective packaging. The towels are very pretty and of very good quality too. I am very satisfied with my purchase!
  • More than 300 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

32. Mayer 3L Air Fryer

If the newly moved in couple are into “healthier” fried food, get them this easy, convenient and elegant looking Mayer air fryer. The couple can fry vegetables, chicken, fries and even steak with this one.

  • Get this Mayer Air Fryer here.
  • Brand: Mayer
  • Price: $55
  • Featured Product Review: The air fryer is really cute, and I especially love the pastel pink colour. It has different modes to choose from and the basket size is just nice for me. Good deal. 
  • More than 11000 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

33. Aukey 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Busy professionals will love the ease and convenience of charging with this 3 in 1 wireless charger. It can charge smartphones, airpods and apple watches, without the need to connect them to multiple unsightly cables tangling with one another.

  • Buy this 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station here.
  • Brand: Aukey
  • Price: $59.70
  • Featured Product Review: I am happy with this wireless charging station. It is portable, easy to set up and of excellent quality. It was also well packed by the seller. 
  • More than 1000 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.8 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

34. Sunrise Alarm Clock

This digital alarm clock features a more realistic sunrise simulation design and a variety of beautiful natural sounds to choose from. It is one of the few alarm clocks being sold that is designed by sleep experts to help people with improving their quality of sleep. ($61.12 with Delivery)

35. Corelle Livingware Dinner Set (16pc)

Corelle dinnerware is most popular in almost every Singaporean household because of their thin, light weight, durable, dishwasher and microwave safe features. This Corelle Livingware 16 Piece dinner set comes with 4 dinner plates, 4 bread and butter plates, 4 ceramic bowls and 4 stoneware mugs.

  • Get this dinnerware set here.
  • Brand: Corelle
  • Price: $82
  • Featured Product Review: Great packaging. Well protected. Can’t wait to use it!
  • More than 700 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

36. Mini Household Refrigerator

Mini fridges are popular for allowing you to grab and sip onto cold drinks without getting off your work desk. It is especially useful for cold beverage loving couples who get to work from home.

  • Buy this mini refrigerator here.
  • Brand: Amoi
  • Price: $93.31 for 12l Single Core White or Gray
  • Featured Product Review: Very satisfied with the mini fridge overall. I can put drinks and fruits below my desk. 
  • More than 20 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.7 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

37. Jean Perry Egyptian Cotton Bedsheet Set

Bedrooms give the most relaxing vibe in every home, especially if they are accompanied by beautiful and premium bedsheet sets such as this one. This is another lovely housewarming gift idea for couples who have just moved in.

  • Order this Bedsheet set here.
  • Brand: Jean Perry
  • Price: $139 for Queensize and $159 for Kingsize 
  • Featured Product Review: Jean Perry bedsheet looks very classy. Excellent quality too. 
  • More than 180 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

38. Panasonic 20L White Microwave Oven

Every couple that eat home cooked meals will appreciate a simple and top rated microwave oven like this one. Just make sure the couple you are visiting for the housewarming function haven’t already got one!

  • Get this Microwave oven here.
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Price: $148
  • Featured Product Review: Seller was very helpful and prompt to reply to my query. Good service, product is good and delivery was fast.
  • More than 3 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

39. Nescafe Automatic Coffee Machine

This housewarming gift should only be reserved for coffee lovers who can’t live without their daily coffee. It helps save time and energy for more useful morning tasks than making coffee.

  • Order this Automatic Coffee Machine here.
  • Brand: Nescafe
  • Price: $150
  • Featured Product Review: Ordering was easy and smooth. Delivery was fast. Received within days. Well packed. Set up and usage was easy too.
  • More than 700 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

40. Aukey Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Who needs a Smart TV when they can have a space saving smart wifi mini projector instead? For those who would love creating a near cinema-like experience from the comfort of their home, this will be a unique housewarming gift indeed.

  • Purchase this mini projector here.
  • Brand: Aukey
  • Price: $155.80
  • Featured Product Review: Received my order in good condition. Easy to assemble, and the picture quality and sound quality is not bad. This projector is absolutely worth the price. 
  • More than 2400 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.8 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

41. Toshiba 1.8L Micom Rice Cooker

If you have a large gift budget for a big rice cooker with a digital timer and display, this Toshiba rice cooker is a great option. Apart from making rice, it can even help boil eggs and make soup.

  • Buy this 1.8L Micom Rice Cooker here.
  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Price: $189
  • Featured Product Review: Good deal. This brand and model is super worth it. Recommended.
  • More than 10 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

42. Levoit Core 200S Smart WiFi Air Purifier

This housewarming gift will impress any homeowner who has kids and/or has an obsession with hygiene. This air purifier boasts a 3-stage filtration and removes 99.97% of dusty air particles, helping to make the air in any home cleaner and fresher.

  • Order this Smart Wifi Air Purifier here.
  • Brand: Levoit
  • Price: $195
  • Featured Product Review: Came well packed. It is a lot smaller than I thought, which is great! This can fit well on a table and the fan speed is not too loud too. 
  • More than 100 sold
  • Product Rating: 5 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

43. Dibea F20 Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to get the new homeowners a super useful housewarming gift that they will keep thanking you for, you can get them this Dibea cordless vacuum cleaner. It is efficient, convenient and has a strong suction power to remove dust in homes quickly and easily.

  • Buy this Cordless Vacuum Cleaner here.
  • Brand: Dibea
  • Price: $199
  • Featured Product Review: Well packed. Good price. Suction is good. Overall, good deal for the price. 
  • More than 15000 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

44. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop & Sweep

Many new homeowners barely have time for their meals let alone time to clean their home. For these busy couples, this robot vacuum mop will be the solution to their home cleaning woes.

  • Get this Robot Vacuum Mop here.
  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Price: $275 for Mop 2C with 12 Months Warranty
  • Featured Product Review: Overall pleasant experience. Easy to clean, understand and use. Great for daily floor maintenance.
  • More than 11000 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

45. TCL Android Smart TV

Packed with useful features ranging from Dolby Audio to Chromecast Built-In (to control your TV from your mobile phone), this is one of the most “value for money” Smart TVs out there. It comes with delivery and installation too.

  • Order this Smart Television here.
  • Brand: TCL
  • Price: $279 for 32 Inch Television
  • Featured Product Review: Established brand at a good price point for an Android TV. Great value for money.
  • More than 400 sold
  • Product Rating: 4.9 Stars (As of Jan 2023)

That rounds up 45 housewarming gift ideas to gift your couple friends. Which one are you planning to get?

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