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In the service industry, uniforms express and complement the level of care that professionals show. Medical and retail uniforms are two of the most common uniforms that fall into this category and which can be printed and customised with our printing services.

    Why Hospitality Uniforms?

In a competitive field where consumers have many more choices, uniforms are one of the factors that contribute greatly to your ability to retain customers. They promote branding for your company even outside of office hours.


 How did Hospitality Uniforms come about?

They have always been around as a distinguishing feature of service staff and as a way to provide good service to customers. However, they are no longer just for aesthetic purposes but are also functional in nature. Many hospitality uniforms have pockets and add-ons that are suited for the line of work that service staff are in.


Categories of Hospitality Uniforms

Nursing Scrubs

Scrubs are uniforms designed to promote a sanitary environment in the hospital. They are clean and can be easily washed. This attire also minimises the spread of germs as it is often cleaned using harsh chemicals and heat, which makes them cleaner than regular clothes. As nurses and medical professionals work for long hours in the field, scrubs also have to be comfortable to cater to their needs.

Hospital Uniforms

Hospital uniforms do not exclusively consist of nursing scrubs alone, but also include those worn by doctors and specialists. These uniforms may be slightly different depending on the demands of the job. For example, most doctors wear white coats, which help protect clothes from getting dirty and has big pockets to store miscellaneous items.

Doctors and medical staff with different specialisations may also wear different outfits in a means to distinguish the departments that they work in. In such cases, it would be good to customise the uniforms of the respective departments for easy identification, both by patients and in times of emergency.


Retail Uniforms

Just as how everyone has come to associate red and black striped uniforms with the Golden Arches, people will come to know your brand by the uniform that your staff wear. The customisation of uniforms conveys a sense of professionalism in the discharging of duties and enables customers to feel more assured of purchasing from your company.

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