The greater your desire, the sexier your success

Can you imagine living your life normally when you are unable to use some parts of your body properly? Most of us might not be able to. But one man did. And he did not just live life like any of us, he is living it better than any able-bodied person.

The most crucial moment of how this man’s life would turn out to be lied in his parents’ hands. In Asia, the stereotype is if you are born a certain way, you are limited in that way. However, this stereotype was crushed by his family who supported him and treated him like any other child. Born with cerebral palsy due to doctors not performing a C-section, Hitesh Ramchandani has spent 24 years of his life proving to everyone that having a disability is not an obstacle to achieving great things. Being an author, a speaker, a football player and a transformational coach, he is not just an inspiration, he is a life goal.

Hitesh Ramchandani

But if you think he had it easy, you are wrong. His life has been everything but that.

From the shunning by others, to the passing of judgmental looks and to being left out of the social circle, it was the lowest point in his life. It affected him so much that when he went back home, he asked his father, “Dad, can I ever be normal?” His father’s one-sentence reply that day changed the way he viewed himself and the world. His father said to him,”Son, you can never be normal but, you can be better than normal.” From that moment onwards, Hitesh’s life changed.

He took in that statement as his mission: ‘Better than normal’. Despite his disability, he took part in soccer in his secondary school and even played in games. This improved his strength, stability, and together with therapy, his condition improved. His one year training in India also played a huge part in helping him become fitter. With 6 to 7 hours of yoga, swimming, physio and so on every day, when Hitesh came back, he looked better than an able-bodied man. With physical strength came along mental strength. Hitesh’s fear of public speaking had always exempted him from presentations. He soon realized that this could not go on. Together with the help of his cousin, Hitesh started from a few people, to a classroom and soon before he knew it, he was on stage talking to thousands.

His biggest inspiration? His father and cousin. He admires their mental and physical strength. He was also inspired by their determination to succeed as they were both not well-off but they worked hard to make it to the top. His dad now owns a coal mining company and his cousin, a financial consultant.

His goal is to one day inspire 50 million lives around the world, perhaps even more. To achieve that dream, he plans to travel more and be on the world stage. His one advice to everyone is this, “The greater your desire, the sexier your success.”

To support Hitesh and to inspire yourself(guaranteed), get his book ‘Better than normal’ at bookstores for $25. If you buy directly from him, you even get a complimentary 1-to-1 coaching! Do remember however, in Hitesh’s words, fall in love with the book, not the author. For more details on his amazing work, visit his website at or visit his Facebook page at

By Vanathy


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