Your Guide to High-Resolution Print-Ready Designs

High resolution images of your design are needed for printing on apparel and merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, aprons and mugs. High resolution photos are needed even if it is a simple design. To ensure that your design is printed clearly on your apparel, your image should be at least 300 dpi.

What is 300dpi?

The unit of measurement dpi stands for “digital pixels per inch”. Hence, a higher dpi will give a higher resolution image.

How to convert your image to 300 dpi

In Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop:

Export your image in the file type you like.
After clicking “Save As”, change your colour model to “CMYK” and your resolution to “High (300ppi)”.

Without Using Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

Alternatively, there are many websites online where you can convert your low-resolution image to a high-resolution one. One website is:

Dimensions of Image

The dimensions of your image should be close to the size you will like to print. Common image printing dimensions for apparel are A3 and A4 size. If the image dimension is too small compared to the printing size, the image will turn out pixelated, even if the design is of a high resolution. A3 dimensions: 297mm x 420mm A4 dimensions: 210 x 297mm

What File Format?

When sending your file for print, it is best to provide your printer with a high-quality .ai, .psd, .pdf or .png file. However, do not fret if you are unable to save in these formats! Any file format should be fine if the image is of a high resolution. Your printer will advise you should they require your file in a different file format or higher resolution.

The Final Step

After all your hard work designing the perfect customised t-shirt or hoodie, it’s time to send it for print and see your design come to life! The Noteway provides customised printing on many types of items including t-shirts, polo tees, hoodies, aprons and even mugs. Simply send us the details of your order through our contact us form here, and our friendly associates will get back to you shortly!
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