25 Indoor Team Bonding Activities in Singapore From $19 Per Pax

Planning an indoor team building activity for your company? Or perhaps a virtual team bonding activity? Choosing an indoor team activity that is hip enough for millennials and not too perplexing for the baby boomers is no easy task. Scratch your head no further! We have 25 indoor team building activities that would ensure you have fun while staying cool in sunny Singapore.

The best part?

These indoor team activities start at just $19 per pax.

Indoor Art Activities For Teams:

1. Canvas Art Jamming with Free Drinks – From $18.90 per Pax

Streaks n Strokes offers Canvas Art Jamming activities with free drinks from just $18.90 per pax for teams of 30 pax or more. Have a small team of 6? You pay $21.90 per pax instead. If you didn’t already know, painting will promote relaxation and creativity in your team. And painting together as a team will help your team members bond with each other too!

Canvas Art Jamming and Painting

  • Enquire about Canvas Art Jamming here. 
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $18.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 pax

2. DIY Bear Painting – From $20.90 per Pax

Painting on white bear figurines (23cm in Height each) and transforming them into cute and colourful bears is another activity you can do with your colleagues and friends indoors. This activity is especially popular among teams that want to express their personalities and moods through a painted bear.

Bear Painting Streaks n Strokes

  • Find out more about DIY Bear Painting here.
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $18.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 pax

3. DIY Tote Bag Painting – From $21.90 per Pax

If your team thinks painting bears or canvases are not their cup of tea, art jamming on tote bags is another fun and affordable indoor activity. The great thing about this activity is that you can use your painted tote bags once you have painted them – even for shopping plastic free!

Team Tote Bag Painting

  • Enquire about DIY Tote Bag Painting here.
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $21.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 pax

4. DIY T-Shirt Painting – From $24.90 per Pax

Have you ever heard of painting on t-shirts? This t-shirt painting art activity is something unique that Streaks n Strokes Art Studio offers thanks to their in-house fabric paints.

If your team dares to wear the t-shirts you paint as one united team after your event, this is a must try team activity. Of course there will be guidance and printouts you can trace from to make things simpler for everyone.

Team Tshirt Painting

  • Find out more about DIY T-Shirt Painting here. 
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $21.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 pax

4. Pour Bear Workshop – From $25.90 per Pax

This Pour Bear workshops is an interactive and creative activity where participants mix paint colours and pour paint onto bear figurines. This indoor corporate workshop offers a unique and engaging experience for teams to express their creativity in a non-traditional way. Instead of using brushes or traditional painting techniques, participants pour paint directly onto the bear figurines, creating colorful and abstract designs.

23cm Pour Bear

  • Enquire about Pour Bear Workshops here. 
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $21.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 pax

5. DIY Sneaker Painting – From $47.90 per Pax

If you have a larger budget of about $50 for your art and craft team bonding activity, you can also consider sneaker painting. It is especially popular among young and adventurous teams who would love to unleash their creativity onto their footwear.

Sneakers Painting Workshop Streaks n Strokes

  • Find out more about DIY Sneaker painting here. 
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $21.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 pax

6. Terrarium Building – From $48 per Pax

Another great craft activity if you and your team are not fans of painting is terrarium building. Through this Terrarium of Happiness workshop, your team will create mini figurines and landscapes to bring their personal idea of happiness to life. You can then take home your beautiful Terrarium pieces after the workshop!

Terrarium of Happiness - From $48 per Pax

7. Self Portrait Painting – From $48 per Pax

If you and your team have always wanted to explore Self Portrait Art, but feared doing so, fear no more! Because this team building activity is guided by the international artist Inessa K who will help you bring out your inner artist. She will even teach you lesser-known tricks and tips to create your masterpiece.

Art Puzzle

8. Mega Pour Bear Challenge – From $270 per Bear

Want to add more team bonding elements and extra team bonding fun to your event?

This Mega Pour Bear Challenge can be done in groups of 4 to 6 members with teams challenging each other to create the most aesthetic mega pour bear. The winning team will also walk home with some cute prizes! This workshop promotes creativity, communication, healthy competition and stronger interpersonal relationships among team members.

  • Find out more about the Mega Pour Bear Challenge here. 
  • Email: hello@streaksnstrokes.com
  • Phone: +65 8587 8884
  • Price: From $21.90 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 100 per session

Check out over 20 more craft activities from Reisin Art to Leather Craft workshops here.

Indoor Music Activities For Teams:

9. Team Symphony Musical Activity – From $38 per Pax

Surprise your team with this indoor musical activity that will bring out their hidden talents. In this indoor music activity, your team will learn to understand a musical score and play simple percussion tubes.  After that, your group will be challenged to produce beautiful sounds together.

Team Symphony

10. BandInc Rock Band Activity – From $60 per Pax

If you have ever dreamed of creating your own rock band, BandInc has got you covered. With a clear and fun goal of learning to play 2 songs as a rock band, this indoor activity will allow your colleagues to explore different musical instruments and basic music concepts like chords and rhythms. They can accommodate up to 300 pax at a time too.


  • Find out more about the BandInc Rock Band Activity here.
  • Email: elwin@teammusic.co
  • Phone: 9667 9940 (Whatsapp)
  • Price: From $60 per Pax
  • Accommodates: Up to 300 pax

11. Ukulele Passport Programme – From $65 per Pax

This group music program fosters great team work as teams come together to learn a new skill. At the end of the 2 hour Ukulele session, you will get to see your colleagues singing and strumming their Ukuleles happily in their groups.  

TravelClef Ukulele Passport

12. Music Tour Bus Activity – From $100 per Pax

This music tour bus activity is one of the most unique musical activities that you will find indoors. Centered around the search of a band’s lead singer, your team will encounter challenging puzzles, musical activities, and a funny story as they work together to crack the case. No musical talent required!

Music Tour Bus

If you want to explore more music team bonding activities and have a good budget for your activity, check out 9 exciting music activities here.

Indoor Cooking Activities For Teams:

13. Hell’s Kitchen Cafe Like Experience – From $48 per Pax

Inspired by the popular cooking program ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, teams will put their culinary skills and creativity to the test during this cooking activity. Your team members will be taking inputs from their “customers” and prepare bite-sized and tasty dishes. At the end of this experience, judges will pick the team which produced the tastiest food to crown them the ultimate cooking champion.

Hell's Kitchen

14. Express Corporate Baking & Cake Decorating Class – From $50 per Pax

This express corporate baking and cake decorating class is great for teams with a sweet tooth. In this quick 2 hour indoor cooking class, participants will be divided into teams of 3 to 4 members. Each team will learn to make cupcakes. While their cupcakes are baking, teams will get to decorate a pre-baked cake in just 30 minutes. Simply yummy fun!

Ladies holding ladles

15. Mystery Box Cooking Challenge – From $100 per Pax

The Food Playground offers a unique format of the Mystery Box challenge, so that you can have your own team cooked meals after their cooking activity. Each group will receive a box of ingredients from which they will have to design one mystery themed dish. This will accompany a guided-course set menu that they will cook up. You team’s communication skills, creativity and culinary skills will be put to the test with this cooking activity.

Mystery box cooking challenge

16. Bartending & Mixology Workshop – From $160 per Pax

Do you and your team love alcohol? Then this bartending & mixology workshop from The Shake Affinity is sure to excite you. This workshop includes alcohol, garnishes, fruits, and premium ingredients. And you get to drink your own cocktail creations after the workshop!

Bartending and Mixology Workshop

Indoor Mind Calming or Mind Stimulating Activities For Teams:

17. Mindfulness Workshop – From $45 per Pax

Take your small group out of the work setting to a relaxing and stress free environment to discuss personal topics close to their hearts. This mindfulness workshop also teaches physical exercises that your team can practice to take away the tension and negativity they face in their daily lives. There is also a mental hygiene segment, where they will learn strategies to increase their brain function, concentration and awareness whenever they want. 

Can you find a more productive way to bond with your team indoors?

Mindfulness Workshop

  • Enquire more about this mindfulness workshop here.
  • Phone: 8522 2940
  • Price: $433 per group session of maximum 16 participants or $45 per pax for minimum 8 participants
  • Accommodates: 8 to 16 Pax

18.  Play Nation Board Games Cafe – From $20 per Pax

Whoever said you need an elaborate corporate event to have fun? Card games and board games are not only mind stimulating, but bring out lots of fun, laughter and bonding too! If you would like to turn your indoor games into an exciting competition to bring out the competitive spirit in your teams, PlayNation has got you covered.

Playnation Corporate Event

19. Xcape Room Challenges – From $24 per Pax

Xcape room has more than just mind stimulating rooms. With carefully and intricately built environments for your team to put their investigative talents to the test to being pulled into breath-taking story plots, your team is sure to have some thrilling fun!

Xcape Room

For large corporate events, you can even request for a virtual Xcape room instead, for some fun with your team members from the comfort of your homes.

  • Enquire about Xcape Room Challenges here.
  • Email: event@xcape.sg
  • Price: From $24/Pax
  • Accommodates: 6 to 50 Pax in premises, Up to 1000 Pax virtually

20.  A Minute To Win It – From $38 per Pax

This one is not exactly a mind stimulating activity in the “challenging your thinking” way, but a talent unleashing fun activity for sure. Inspired by the popular game show “A Minute To Win It”, this indoor team building activity will expose your team’s hidden talents and test your team’s teamwork all at the same time. Judges will then determine the winning team with the best talents and teamwork!

Minute to Win it

Indoor CSR Activities For Teams:

21. DIFAbled C.S.R. Workshop – From $38 per Pax

DIFabled C.S.R Challenge is an affordable yet thought provoking team activity that can be done indoors. Through meaningful activities such as a Blindfold Obstacle Course, Sign Language and more, your team members will empathize with the challenges a disabled person has to go through in their daily lives. They will also get to work together as a team and learn how these differently abled people overcome these challenges.

DifAbled CSR Challenge

22. Build A School Bag Challenge – From $50 per Pax

If you are looking for a C.S.R activity to give back to society, this Build a Schoolbag Challenge allows you to build schoolbags and donate the schoolbags to children from lower tertiary levels who need your assistance for their school items.

This activity is more than just a C.S.R team bonding activity. It is also a whole lot of fun! It includes a brain crusher segment where you and your team mates will need to solve brain teasers and play team bonding games. With each completion of a problem or task,your team will get an added advantage to complete packing more bags than other teams. Certainly a fun and meaningful C.S.R activity.

Build a Schoolbag Team Building

23. Bicycle Building Workshop – From $65 per Pax

If building a school bag is a little too simple for you and your team, why not build a bike instead?

At Grace Team Building Build A Bike challenge, your group will be provided with the materials and parts required to build and decorate a bicycle. During this activity, teams will need to earn funds, bid for decoration materials, brainstorm, plan, allocate roles and multitask to complete their bicycles on time. Upon construction of the bicycles, teams will be assessed on their bicycle decorations and even their ability to convince judges with a marketing campaign.

Building a Bike Activity

Indoor Virtual Activities For Teams:

24. The Game Show Virtual Activity – From $25/Pax

This Virtual Game Show presents an opportunity for teams to engage in enjoyable activities inspired by well-known TV shows, fostering camaraderie and a deeper understanding among members. When welcoming new team members, incorporating such interactive experiences can be a fantastic choice. Here is a selection of games teams can participate in: “Do You Understand me?”, “5 Seconds Rule”, “Where in the world?”,”Picture Perfect”, “Pictionary”, “Food Memories” and numerous others.

The Game Show

25. Virtual C.S.I – From $38/Pax

Virtual CSI is an exhilarating virtual game centered around a Crime Scene Investigation. However, deciphering the intricacies of this particular crime scene is far from a straightforward endeavor. It requires meticulous team organization, effective role delegation, a curious mindset, and the ability to pose the correct questions in order to uncover the identity of the “murderer”.

Virtual CSI

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