Foil Printing – The Method

Foil printing is an eye-catching, elegant way to add that personalized touch to your printed products. It is a fine art where a metallic foil or pigment, usually gold or silver, is stamped with a heated die into the surface of paper or solid objects. Foil printing is also known as foil stamping, hot foil stamping or hot stamping.

The process frequently incorporates embossing (raising the design) or debossing (indenting the design) making your design 3D-like and pop to life. The process can also be blind, where there is no foil or pigment used as in school or corporate seals but this is not considered foil printing.

Foil Printing – Pointers to Take Note

Foil Printed Notebooks

Types of Materials Used to Stamp

Traditionally there were only a few types of foil used in the foil printing process. However, as technology advanced, the materials used in this printing process continued to steadily increase. Today, materials used include:

  • Metallic foils that shimmer and shine. Usually, the colours gold and silver are used for metal like finishes.
  • Pigment foils that are glossy. They come in many colours and have a non-metallic finish. They also have deep colours and a dull finish as in matte pigment foils.
  • Special foils. They provide unique textures and special effects such as mother-of-pearl, leathers, marble and wood grains.
  • High-tech holographic foils. They transfer holograms onto unique foils. This adds a truly dramatic look to your printing products.

Products you can Foil Stamp on

There are many different products you can use foil stamping on. These products are continually increasing in varieties.

  • Notebooks
  • Textured Paper Stocks
  • Photographs
  • Pencils
  • Matchbooks
  • Business cards, note cards, greeting cards
  • Napkins
  • Brochures
  • Presentation folders

Advantages of Foil Printing

  • Research shows that consumers perceive foil printed product as higher quality and higher value.
  • Foil stamping has distinctive, eye-catching appeal. Your printed products stand out from your competitors.
  • Foil stamping is economical in big bulk quantities above 200.

Disadvantages of Foil Printing

  • Foil printing is time consuming. It will take more time for the fulfillment of your order.
  • It may also be expensive for small quantities. Additional costs are incurred for the die and for foil and pigment materials.
  • Foil stamping is more ideal for colours like silver and gold.