I don’t know how to design my shirt, can you help?

Yes, we offer free professional designing services for order quantities above 25, only for confirmed orders. Here are 3 simple steps that you can follow to redeem your free designing services.


1) Give us your full design and print requirements, comprising of what you want in your design.

a) Item you want to print on (E.g. Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt)

b) Colour of Item your design is to be printed on (E.g. Black Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt)

c) Size of Design (Within A4 Size or A3 Size) & Placement of Design (Front of T-Shirt)

d) Colours in your Design (E.g. 1 Solid Colour, Multi-Colour)

e) Type of Printing (If any preferences, pleases specify)

f) Quantity of Items you are looking to print

g) Words to be included in your design (E.g. A quote, slogan, tagline)

h) Elements and Images to be included in your design (E.g.  Company Logo, Company Mascot, Image of a Cat)

i) Occasions your design would be worn or used for (E.g. Company Event, School CCA, Class Gatherings)

j) Brief Description of Design (E.g. Simple Typography Design, want the t-shirt to exude simplicity and professionalism)

k) Sample designs that you would like our designers to take inspiration from (Please Attach Sample Designs for our designers reference)


2) We will give you a price quote based on information you provided us in 1a to 1f.


3) You will have to pay a 50% deposit to confirm that you will be printing your order with us.


After this, we will begin designing and you can request for up to 2 major revisions (Redoing the design from Scratch). Minor revisions would not be taken into account.


If you are printing less than 25, you can still make use of our design lab here to design your t-shirt!

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