What can we help you with?

Order Process


How can I place my order?

Click on our Instant Price Autoquote -> Fill up the short form -> Add Details -> Attach your Designs -> Proceed to Payment ->  Choose to pay with PayPal or with your Debit or Credit Card. You don’t need to create an account with Paypal to pay.


You are eligible for our FREE delivery services worth $30, if you order 6 or more items from us, and pay via Paypal on our website.


Alternatively, you can also email us at admin@thenoteway.com to enquire, and then place your order by paying a 50% deposit (via your preferred payment method) for order quantities of 6 or more. For order quantities of 1-5 items, full payment has to be made to The Noteway before your order can be processed.

Can I visit your office to place an order?

You can visit our office after setting an appointment with us, to view our samples. After that, you need to place your order and confirm your design & order details with us via email.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Attached is our minimum order quantity for all the different products that we offer!

Minimum Order Quantity

What is the lead time for normal orders?

The lead time for normal orders can range from 1 week to 4 weeks depending on what you are ordering and the level of customisation you require. Our customer service personnel will be able to advise you on when your order can be delivered, even before you confirm your order.

What is the lead time for rush orders?

The lead time for approved rush orders requiring an express service is 3 business days after confirmation of the order or even less. You can contact us and check if we can meet your deadline for your rush order.

Can I get my t-shirts faster if I order a smaller quantity?

Usually, whether you order 30 or 100, the lead time would not be very much different. If we can expedite the process, by reducing your quantity or certain sizes that do not have immediate stock availability, our customer service personnel will let you know.

Can I talk to a real person before placing my order?

Yes, we believe in having a personal touch to our services too! You can email us at admin@thenoteway.com or call us at +65 69269066 to talk to us.

Is it possible to show me a sample of the item I want to order?

Yes, you have to check if we have the sample available. If you do, you may make an appointment with us to come to our office and view the samples.

Can I borrow your sample to show my team?

Yes, you can borrow our sample, but you need to return it to our office. If you proceed with ordering with us, you can return it upon your order collection to our staff or drivers.

Can you deliver a sample to my office?

Yes, you can request for a sample (blank sample or pre-existing sample) to your office if you are looking to order large quantities of more than 20. If you proceed to order with us, the sample delivery fee will be waived. If you do not order with us, you will need to pay a sample delivery fee of $30. Alternatively, you can arrange to visit our office for free sample viewing.

Can I see a printed sample or a blank sample?

We only offer blank samples, or samples that we have printed for our clients previously. We do not offer printed samples, due to the high cost involved in printing one sample using printing methods like silk screen printing. However, you can request for free printed samples if you are ordering more than 500 items and you have confirmed your order with us.  


Alternatively, you can pay a non refundable fee of $75 for a printed sample.

Do note that a printed sample would not be a necessity as you can request for free mockups, and pictures prior to printing for you to see and confirm, before we start mass printing for order quantities of 6 and more.

Can I cancel my order once it is confirmed?

Your 50% deposit (Or 50% of your payment, if you have already paid in full) will be forfeited for order cancellation if your order is already being processed. If we have already fully processed your order, such that your items are ready for collection or delivery, you will still be liable for the full agreed upon cost of your purchase from us.



What factors affect the cost of the item I order?

Depending on the item you are buying and the printing method you would like to use, different factors affect the cost per item for your order.


Some factors that usually affect your item cost include:

  1. Quantity of your order
  2. Size of your print
  3. Number of sides (front/back)
  4. Number of colours for silk screen printing
  5. Individual name or number customisation
  6. Item brand

For a detailed breakdown of what factors affect the cost of what items depending on your printing method, please refer to our article on pricing tips here.

How can I get a price quote?

The fastest way for you to get a rough price quote is to use our instant price quote here. It barely takes you 1 minute to fill up our auto quotation form if you know your order specifications. After you get your rough price quote, you can add details to enquire to add in additional questions and queries you may have and also to confirm the price you were quoted with our customer service personnel.


The second fastest way for you to get a price quote is to email us. We usually respond to enquiries within 1 working day, or even within hours.

Does price vary according to colour of my apparel or item?

Price does not vary according to the colour of your apparel. You can mix and match the colour of your apparel, without any increase in price.

Does price vary if i mix and match different ink colours for the same design? (E.g. 10 white shirts with my logo in blue and 10 white shirts with my logo in red)

Price varies if you mix and match print colours. As set-up and preparation for printing with a separate ink colour takes considerably more time and effort, and as the cost of different inks vary, pricing will also vary based on the number and type of ink colours you want.

Does price vary according to quantity?

Yes, price varies according to quantity. The more you order, the less you’ll have to pay per item.

The online price quote is beyond my budget. What should I do?

Simply email our customer service personnel at admin@thenoteway.com your budget and current design. Our customer service personnel will try our very best to propose an alternative design or method in which we can meet your budget!




For t-shirts, what is the difference between The Noteway 100% Cotton, Gildan Premium Cotton, The Noteway Duplex Blend and Tultex Fashion Slim Flit Blend?

People are most often used to 100% cotton. However the problem with 100% cotton material is that (Whichever supplier you get it from) 100% cotton material is prone to shrinkage(and crumples) upon multiple washes.


This is in contrast to highly durable dri fit material often used by sports teams.


Our Duplex Blend fabric, comprising of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, offers you the crisp comfort of cotton as well as the ultra durability of dri fit, all in one. Since polyester (dri fit) is less prone to shrinkage, this special blend extends the life and durability of your t-shirt while retaining the comfort of cotton that people love.


The best part?


It is also suitable for any kind of occasion, unlike dri fit which is more suitable for sports!


Brands Comparison

I want to print on a shirt which is not in the catalogue.

You can customise your apparel from scratch (Choosing even your cutting, fabric, zip colour, additional pocket…) as long as your order quantity is above 50. We even customized this green dress attached below for Cresten Premium Lager Beer.


For products, apart from apparel, a minimum quantity of 100 will be required for customisation from scratch.

Can I mix different t-shirt brands and materials in the same order (e.g. 10 The Noteway in-house brand, 15 Gildan Premium Brand)?

Yes, you can mix different t-shirt brands and materials in your same order.




In what format do I have to send my design? Any artwork requirements?

Your design, if you want to use your own design, should at least be 300 dpi at the printed size that you want. Our preferred file extensions will be JPEG, PNG, PSD and Ai. A simple test to ensure the quality of your design is by zooming in on the image and see if the image becomes very pixelated.

What happens if the design I give you does not match the resolution of the image you require for printing?

There are 2 ways you can go about this.


  1. You can wait 1-2 working days for our graphic designer to redraw the image for you, as closely as possible to the image you have.
  2. You can promptly help to meet our design requirements (Minimum 300 DPI at the printed size that you want), by giving us the file we need in the required resolution for printing.


Your order will only be able to proceed after the design is approved by us.

I don’t know how to design my shirt, can you help?

Yes, we offer free professional designing services for order quantities above 25, only for confirmed orders. Here are 3 simple steps that you can follow to redeem your free designing services.


1) Give us your full design and print requirements, comprising of what you want in your design.

a) Item you want to print on (E.g. Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt)

b) Colour of Item your design is to be printed on (E.g. Black Round Neck Cotton T-Shirt)

c) Size of Design (Within A4 Size or A3 Size) & Placement of Design (Front of T-Shirt)

d) Colours in your Design (E.g. 1 Solid Colour, Multi-Colour)

e) Type of Printing (If any preferences, pleases specify)

f) Quantity of Items you are looking to print

g) Words to be included in your design (E.g. A quote, slogan, tagline)

h) Elements and Images to be included in your design (E.g.  Company Logo, Company Mascot, Image of a Cat)

i) Occasions your design would be worn or used for (E.g. Company Event, School CCA, Class Gatherings)

j) Brief Description of Design (E.g. Simple Typography Design, want the t-shirt to exude simplicity and professionalism)

k) Sample designs that you would like our designers to take inspiration from (Please Attach Sample Designs for our designers reference)


2) We will give you a price quote based on information you provided us in 1a to 1f.


3) You will have to pay a 50% deposit to confirm that you will be printing your order with us.


After this, we will begin designing and you can request for up to 2 major revisions (Redoing the design from Scratch). Minor revisions would not be taken into account.


If you are printing less than 25, you can still make use of our design lab here to design your t-shirt!

Can I make revisions for the free designs you provide?

We allow 2 free major revisions (E.g. Redoing of design from scratch) for our free professional designing services (for confirmed orders above the quantity of 25). This is part of our basic designing package worth $99, which can be viewed here.

Can I see what my shirt will look like before printing?

Yes! You can request for a mockup to be shown to you, once you have provided us with the high resolution design files. However, you may have to wait for up to a day to get your mockup ready.


Alternatively, you can make a mockup with our design lab or with photoshop yourself.

Can I change my design after order confirmation?

You will not be able to change your design after order confirmation.

Can I customise different individual names and numbers on each of my apparel (t-shirts, aprons..)?

Yes. There will be an additional charge for individual name and individual number customisation.

Do you do sleeve printing?

Yes. There will be an additional charge for sleeve printing.

Can I upload my own artwork into the design lab?

Yes, you can simply click on “upload your image” to upload your own artwork into our design lab.




What printing methods do you offer?

We offer all the printing methods listed here. Our customer service personnel will advise you on the best printing method to use based on your design and printing requirements.


  1. Silk Screen Printing
  2. Heat Transfer Printing
  3. Embroidery
  4. Direct To Garment Printing (DTG Printing)
  5. Dye Sublimation Printing
  6. Foil Printing (For Notebooks)
When is Silk Screen Printing recommended?

Silk Screen Printing is recommended when printing apparel with 1-3 colours in large quantities. Usually, silk screen printing can be expensive for quantities below 10.

What printing would you recommend for mugs?

For mug printing, we would strongly recommend heat transfer printing only. Heat transfer printing on mugs are smooth and long lasting.

How do magic mugs work?

Magic mug printing is done such that there will be NO DESIGN when there is no water in the mug. When you pour hot boiling water into the mug, the design will then be revealed slowly as shown in the video below. For this design revelation to be achieved with best effect, we strongly recommend only heat transfer printing to be used.

When is Heat Transfer Printing recommended?

Heat Transfer Printing is recommended for mugs no matter what your design and no matter what your quantity. Heat transfer printing is also recommended when printing small quantities of apparel and merchandise with many colours.


However, do note that heat transfer printing on apparel produces a vinyl layer with a sticker feel above the layer of your apparel.

When is embroidery recommended?

Embroidery is recommended when you are printing small logos or designs on to polo t-shirts. Embroidery doesn’t go as well with round neck tees, as it does with polo tees.


Payment and Delivery


What is the payment process like?

For Quantity of 1-5 items, full payment has to be made before your order can be processed.


For Quantity of 6 or more items, you have 2 options to make payment.


1. Full payment upon order confirmation. By doing this, you would be eligible for our FREE delivery services to 1 location worth $30 if you order 6 or more items from us.


2. 50% Deposit to confirm your order. The remaining 50% deposit can be paid within 7 days after you receive your products. You can opt for free Self Collection or $30 delivery to 1 location.


What modes of payment do you accept?

You can pay via PayPal, PayNow, PayLah!, OCBC Pay Anyone, NETSPay, bank transfer, cheque and E-Invoice (for schools and government organisations only.


QR Code: https://thenoteway.com/payment-methods/


UEN for PayNow: T15LL0450B


Details for bank transfer:


DBS Business Account
Beneficiary Name: The Noteway LLP
Branch code: 003
Beneficiary Account Number: 0039540884
Bank Code: 7171


You may also drop us a cheque to 20 Shaw Road, #04-07, Ching Shine Industrial Building, Singapore 367956.


For Self-Collection only: If you are collecting your orders from our office, your remaining 50% payment can be made by PayNow / PayLah! / OCBC Pay Anyone / NETSPay / Cheque upon collection.

How can I get my items after they are printed?

You have 2 options to collect your items after they are printed. You can opt for delivery or self collection.


If you are purchasing 6 or more items and you make full payment upon order confirmation, you would be eligible for FREE delivery to 1 location.


Otherwise, delivery is $30 if you opt to pay a 50% deposit to confirm your order of 6 or more items. The remaining 50% payment can be paid within 7 days after delivery.


Alternatively, you can also self collect at our office for free.

What happens if I am unable to pay within 7 days after delivery?

There will be fines charged for late payment without a valid reason and prior notice. A surcharge of $100 will be charged for all overdue accounts exceeding 7 calendar days. Thereafter, a 10% interest will be charged on all outstanding invoices.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Why is there a sticker feel in my heat transfer printing?

Heat Transfer Printing involves printing on a heat transfer medium like a vinyl paper first, before transferring the design to the garment. Hence the vinyl sticker feel on your t-shirt will be unavoidable if you go with heat transfer printing.

What happens if my logo gets printed wrongly?

If the printed merchandise you receive is printed wrongly from the design you provided us, or if the merchandise is flawed in any way, you may return the goods back to us within 7 days of receiving your order for a free replacement or reprint. Please contact us before returning any goods, to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately.

How does white silkscreen printing look like on dark coloured apparel?

White silk screen printing does not look solid on dark coloured, especially black coloured apparel. See images attached for uniqlo t-shirts(This dark fabric interference effect occurs more prominently on hoodies).


What happens if I get a different colour print from what I order?

If your print colour deviation is significant (e.g. Red instead of Blue, Pink Instead of Red), we will reprint your merchandise for you free of charge. However, no reprint will be provided for small colour shade deviations between the image shown on a screen and the actual product. This is because such colour deviations are common in the printing industry, due to various reasons such as screen brightness. However, you can provide us with a colour pantone code, for us to achieve the print colour closest to what you want.


As for approved reprints, no changes to your previously confirmed order (E.g. Design, Colour of T-Shirt) can be made prior to reprints.

What happens if I get a different colour apparel from what I order?

If your apparel colour deviation is significant (e.g. Red instead of Blue, Pink Instead of Red), we will replace and reprint your merchandise for you free of charge. However, no replacement will be provided for small colour shade deviations between the image shown on a screen and the actual product. This is because such colour deviations are common in all apparel, due to various reasons such as screen brightness.


As for approved replacements, no changes to your previously confirmed order (E.g. Colour of Apparel, Design) can be made prior to the replacement.

Why doesn’t the size i bought exactly match the dimensions provided in the sizing chart?

Due to the nature of bulk production of apparel, sizes in our size chart may vary +/- 5% from the actual product. As long as you ordered the correct size based on the size chart and the fit that you want, this small deviation will not affect you.

What happens if I do not get my items delivered on time?

We will offer you a discounted rate for your merchandise, depending on the extent of delay. Alternatively, we will offer you a 100% refund if you would like to cancel your order.