5 Exam Preparation Hacks to get you through Hell Week (aka study break)

Exams are around the corner and that means sleepless nights and stocking up of Starbucks. But does it have to, really? Perhaps these exam preparation tips could actually take away all that and make this period less hateful.

1. Sleep

And we mean by midnight, not the wee hours of the morning. Remember the famous quote “Nothing good ever happens after 2 am” from ‘How I met your mother’? That applies to this very situation. Pulling an all-nighter has been proven time and time again to be ineffective and is also the underlying cause of “zombification”. So, sleep early, wake up early and start revising. This way, you feel more alert and you would probably not hate life so much. So for all you night-owls, when the clock strikes 12, it is time for you to hit the bed.

2. Talk to your lecturers

For all those who have absolutely no clue how your lecturer looks like or what their names are, it is about time you find out. Nothing is more effective than clearing your doubts with someone who specialises in that subject. Do not be afraid to approach them because compared to approaching your examination with no clue about what is going on, the first option seems a lot less scary. It also gives you the confidence to take on that subject instead of dreading it.

3. Drink coffee in between breaks

Yes, not gulp an entire mug before hitting the books. Doing that makes you feel energetic only during the first hour or so and starts draining you as time goes. Getting a small shot of caffeine in between studying gives you stamina and lets you study longer. Plus, you save money by saving on the number of Starbucks cups.

4. Choose the right music

Some of us prefer to be accompanied by music while studying. If heavy metal is your study jam, then do carry on. For those of you who want to listen to music but find that it distracts you instead (I mean, who can resist singing along to Rihanna’s “Work”?), instrumental music has been proven to be a great accompaniment for studying. So if you have a song that you love, try listening to the instrumental version instead and you might be able to focus a lot better.

5. Treat yo’self

Exams are no prisons and you are no prisoner. So do not be afraid to give yourself a little treat in a while like going out to get a cute cupcake or meeting up with a friend who lives near you for a quick meal. Keeping yourself happy means allowing yourself to think about exams positively and that means better grades.   So do not stress yourselves out and I wish all of you good luck! 🙂

By Vanathy

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