Custom Corporate Gifts & Promotional Gifts

Customized corporate gifts and promotional gifts are used as a marketing tool to project brand awareness and loyalty. However, both slightly differ in terms of its purposes and target audience. Corporate gifts are typically of higher quality. It is gifted to deserving employees or an important client in order to strengthen such valuable relationships. Promotional gifts, on the other hand, are targeted towards the general consumers. Here at The Noteway, we offer the product variety to supply both corporate and promotional gifts. After selecting the gift, you may customize the product by branding it with your company’s logo or motif. This can serve as effective branding by ensuring that the recipient can always associate your brand with the gift.
The best corporate and promotional gifts are ones that have utility. Hence, recipients can engage with such gifts often. Constant engagement with a good gift can prove to raise brand awareness and loyalty. Hence, our repertoire includes items that people can use frequently like bags, notebooks, umbrellas, water bottles, mugs and calendars.


Laptop bags or document bags prove to be a useful option for executive use. They are wide enough with multiple compartments and a laptop sleeve to store both the laptop and documents. You can now look professional by keeping your laptop and documents in your bag rather than lugging them around. 
Since promotional gifts are targeted towards the wider audience, backpacks or multipurpose bags make perfect promotional gifts. These kind of bags are often used on the day to day, for leisure or even for simple organization. Our repertoire includes backpacks and multipurpose bags of different colours and sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your promotional gift. Customize these bags with us by printing your company’s motifs to make it something the recipients can remember your company by.


Notebooks are incredibly flexible in terms of usage and are used both in the professional industry and also casually.
You can dress these notebooks up for the corporate environment, making them quality corporate gifts. A good example would be PU and Leatherette organizers, which are more durable and won’t look out of place in professional settings. Here’s a tip: add a personal touch to these notebooks by embroidering or printing the recipient’s name. By customizing the gift in such a personal manner, it demonstrates that thought was put into the gift. A good gift would definitely produce a more lasting impression on the recipient. 
You can also dress them down for the casual user, which are the audience for promotional gifts. Think jotter books for scribbles or reminders. We offer the conventional PP Plastic Notebooks or even memo pads which come with sticky notes, making it perfect for these functions. Coupled with a print of your company logo on the front cover, these make great promotional gifts.


The common opinion is that umbrellas are either folded or straight and unfoldable. However, there are more variations to them. Since we want promotional gifts to be useful for the general population, foldable umbrellas make a great option. They are able to be stored away easily given their compact size. Hence, they are often the preferable choice for most people. 
On the other hand, a higher quality option for corporate gifts are windproof and UV coated umbrellas that automatically open. Such umbrellas don’t simply provide cover from the weather. The UV coat also blocks out harmful ultraviolet rays and the automatic opening mechanism makes usage easier. Further, opting for monochromatic or non-bright colours also give the umbrellas a classier look. Another popular premium option for corporate gifts are golf umbrellas, if golfing is an activity you know the recipient partakes in.

Water Bottles

These plastic bottles are a common and popular option for promotional gifts, especially for events. We offer numerous types of plastic bottles and colour options in our catalogue. This can help introduce variety into the kinds of promotional gifts the company can offer.
On the other hand, stainless steel tumblers have an added function of keeping drinks warm (or cool) and its material also allows for more lasting usage. The step up from normal plastic bottles make it suitable corporate gifts for important clients or to retain an excellent employee.


There are a few varieties of mugs. For one, conventional coffee mugs are also what’s known as ceramic mugs. Compared to other materials, they are relatively good at maintaining the warmth of hot beverages. Further, they also come in a variety of colours for customization. Conventionality aside, we also offer unique gift ideas for ceramic mugs – magic mugs. They are special because while they are ordinarily black, they fade to white when a hot beverage is poured into it.
Thermal mugs are even better at insulating drinks and unlike ceramic mugs, are more durable as it does not shatter when dropped.


Calendars are not just useful for tracking dates and months but it can also be used as a canvas to print your company’s motifs, making it a suitable promotional gift. While our catalogue offers a variety of calendars, a consideration for picking a calendar for corporate gifts is the ‘gsm’ of the calendar, which stands for grams per square meter. Materials of higher gsm would translate to a more luxurious feel given that it is non-flimsy and more heavy weight.

Corporate Gift Printing with The Noteway

At The Noteway, we always strive to deliver the right products for you, catered specifically for your needs and budget. This means that when you engage our services, we offer the whole package from consultation to designing and printing. Have a vague idea about what you want but need a little help in bringing your design to life? You can drop us an email at, and we’ll have our design team do up your design for you, for a small fee. Here’s a bonus: if you eventually decide to print with us, the cost of your basic design services will be waived!


The minimum quantity for our corporate gift orders is 50 to 100 for items found in our catalogue. The Noteway understands the importance of flexibility, so we also offer the option of customizing corporate gifts from scratch. However, the minimum quantity will be higher for such orders, starting from 100.