Custom Towels

Towels are extremely handy in household situations or a thoughtful and sophisticated gift, when it is personalized. It is underrated as people don’t often encounter custom towels. However, it is precisely so that when you gift a custom towel, people are more likely to be surprised or to enjoy the gift.

The Towel Guide

1. What is GSM?

The first selection test for towels are GSM. GSM stands for grams per square meter, which measures the weight of the towel. Hence, a towel with higher GSM is heavier and has a more lush feel against the skin and vice versa. However, a towel with higher GSM is also extremely absorbent and dries slowly. Therefore, the GSM of the towel must be picked in accordance to its functions. A higher GSM would be perfect for blankets while lower GSM is better for bath towels or hand towels.

2. Type of Fabric

 Cotton Towels

There are all kinds of towels in the world, but all towels are not created equally and rightly so. Cotton towels are incredibly popular and probably the one you’re using in your house right now. It aerates beautifully, drying quickly and is also soft and comfortable. Most importantly, it is more economical than other materials, making it the best deal for its quality. This is the fabric for towels that we supply.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are a great option for the environmentally conscious, since these towels are made of bamboo fibres. Further, they are just as or even more absorbent and comfortable as cotton towels are. However, they can prove to be a more costly option.

Synthetic Towels

As the name suggests, these towels are made of synthetic fibres like microfibres or polyester. These towels have been increasingly popular given their longevity. Unlike natural fibres like cotton or bamboo, synthetic towels can withstand repeated wringing without causing loose threads or holes. However, they are less absorbent and also dry a lot slower.

Types of Towels

We offer 2 kinds of towels in our catalogue: hand towels and bath towels.

Hand Towels

Hand towels are often used for drying hands right after washing them. Common places where they are placed or hung are the kitchen or bathroom, since it is near the sink. Given that our catalogue of hand towels come in a variety of sizes, they can also be used as gym or tea towels.

Bath Towels

As the name suggests, bath towels are the ones you use to swathe yourself in when you step out of the shower and the one you use to dry yourself with. As such, the difference is that it is larger in size. There are different size variations of bath towels in our catalogue. Hence, larger ones can also be used as beach towels or sports towels.

Customization Methods


When you see monogrammed towels, it uses this technique of customization. Embroidery uses yarn or thread to sew the design onto the towel, unlike digital printing. The result is a sophisticated product that could work extremely well as a corporate gift, a classy bachelorette party favour or even a thoughtful gift. We’ve written more about the process of embroidery, for all the curious cats!

Silk Screen Printing

Unlike the yarn and thread method above, silk screen printing on towels utilizes stencils. A specific stencil is created based on your design and ink is then spread across the stencil onto the towel to print the design. This would mean that there could be a larger variety of designs to pick from, unlike just monogramming or embroidering initials. However, the design is restricted to mono colours since a single colour is spread through the stencil. Colourful or more complicated designs can be more costly.

Hand Towels


Material: 100% Cotton Size: 14 inches x 26 inches Weight: 70 GSM (0.154 pounds ~ 69.8 grams)


Material: 100% cotton Size: 14 inches x 30 inches Weight: 120 GSM (0.265 pounds ~ 120.2 grams)

Bath Towels


Material: 100% Cotton Size: 27 inches x 54 inches Weight: 340 GSM (0.749 pounds ~ 339.7 grams)


Material: 100% cotton Size: 30 inches x 60 inches Weight: 440 GSM (0.970 pounds ~ 440 grams)


Material: 100% cotton Size: 20 inches x 40 inches Weight: 185 GSM (0.408 pounds ~ 185 grams)

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