45 Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees In Singapore With Delivery

Corporate gifting is a simple, straightforward way to express your appreciation for your employees. What’s not so simple or straightforward, however, is figuring out the right gift to give. You want gifts for your team that are both original and practical — not gifts that will end up collecting dust on their desks. To help you out on your corporate gifting journey, here’s a list of corporate gift ideas in Singapore that your employees will certainly cherish.

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Do you have a creative streak or a fondness for sentimentality? The employee gift ideas in this section will definitely cater to that!

1. DIY Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

When was the last time you created something with your hands? This DIY tote bag painting set has the potential to be a great bonding activity for you and your team. The boxes include high-quality fabric paints, a paint palette, paint brushes, carbon paper (used for tracing designs), and even a step-by-step fabric painting instruction booklet to help out beginners. You also have an option to customise the gift boxes with separate packaging. Streaks and Strokes also offers free delivery across Singapore, whether it’s to several individual addresses or one location. 

Streaks n Strokes — DIY T-shirt or Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

The Art Faculty Corporate Gift Ideas

One very special thing about employee gifts from The Art Faculty is that they’re all designed by differently-abled artists. Not only are the gifts themselves high-quality and meaningful, but you’ll also be earning brand equity for conscious corporate gifting. Check out the three examples below, all designed by artists with autism.

2. Picnic Mat — Comfort Food 

Outside of the office, family time is important. What better way to encourage it than gifting your employees this fun patterned picnic mat? This waterproof mat, made with coated Oxford cotton, is the perfect companion to gardens, parks, beaches, or poolsides. It’s also incredibly easy to store, with a snap button strap for easy folding.

Picnic Mat — Comfort Food

3. Scandi RED Dessert Bowls Gift Set of 4

If you know people on your team with an appreciation for matching dinnerware, this set of four dessert bowls will be a welcome addition to their kitchen. The design is a special collaboration between Ng Li Jie, an artist with autism, and Luzerne, a brand under Hiap Huat Holdings — Singapore’s premier ceramic tableware company. 

The bowls are made with premium ceramic, which is stronger than bone china. They’re scratch and chip-resistant and also safe for the dishwasher, microwave, or freezer, so you won’t have to worry about gifting something that’ll break easily.

Scandi RED Dessert Bowls Gift Set of 4

4. ⁣Bamboo Fibre Cup 400ml — Spiral Stairs

Are disposable coffee cups a common sight in your office? Encourage your employees to do their part for the planet and start using sustainable cups with this artfully-designed Bamboo Fibre cup! You can avail of free delivery for a minimum cart order of $120. 

These cups are made with food-grade natural bamboo fibre and can be used for beverages with temperatures from 0ºC to 100ºC. The cup itself is dishwasher-safe, but not the lid. It can’t be used in a microwave or oven.

Bamboo Fibre Cup 400ml — Spiral Stairs

Personalised Corporate Gift Ideas

Personalised corporate gifts are always a treat — it’s an extra bit of thoughtfulness that shows the gift-giver had you in mind specifically. Here are a few ideas for corporate gifts with that extra touch! 

5. Personalised Oasis Wooden Coasters

These wooden coasters are already simple and elegant on their lonesome, but the added name engraving makes them extra special gifts for your team. You have two options for colour (namely the lighter beech wood and darker walnut wood), five options for style (such as the round box, round flat, square box, square flat, and the square with round box), and 20 options for font style. You can also choose to skip the name engraving or include a gift box. As a bonus, these coasters are 100% recyclable and made in Singapore. 

Unique Personalised Gift Name Coaster - Alskar

6. TerraExplorer Embossed Genuine Leather Passport Cover

If your line of work requires a lot of business travel, your employees will love this sleek passport cover. Made of genuine full-grain leather in four available colours (tangerine, vintage brown, persian plum, rich black), these personalised covers are a great way to keep passports safe. 

You can choose from three foil colours for embossing (gold, silver, rose gold), however, there is a maximum of eight letters. 

TerraExplorer Embossed Genuine Leather Passport Cover

7. Vivid Skinny Matte Tumbler

Tumblers are incredibly convenient for keeping hydrated at your desk or on the go. This series of bright and colourful matte tumblers could make a great gift for your employees. You can mix and match eight tumbler colours, nine text colours, and 20 font styles to create truly personalised pieces. The tumblers have a 590mL capacity and are made from stainless steel with a chip and scratch-resistant finish.

8. Personalised Phone Holder 

These personalised phone stands are small, simple, and useful. They are 3D-printed with environmentally-friendly plastic and a resin fill, and you can customise them with names of up to 10 characters. The base comes in six colours (black, galaxy black, galaxy red, galaxy green, galaxy grey, galaxy pink) the lettering comes in two colours (gold and silver). 

Heyo Makers — Personalised Phone Holder

  • Website Link: Personalised Phone Holder from heyo.makers 
  • MOQ: 1 piece
  • Price Range: $9.90 per holder (less than 10 pieces), $9.80 per holder (more than 10 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, printed lettering
  • Email: heyo.makers on Shopee

Simple and Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Sometimes, you don’t want to fret over finding 100% original, never-been-done-before employee gifts. Sometimes, you just want to give a gift you know the recipient will use. This section is dedicated to those gifts for employees — practical items perfect for use in the home or office. 

9. Undated Weekly and Monthly Planner

Keeping an organised schedule is a difficulty that any employee can sympathise with. The Clever Fox planner is one of the best undated planners on the market, with features like monthly pages, weekly pages, blank dotted pages, a quick start guide to journaling, pages dedicated to creating a vision board and mindmap, a pen loop, three bookmarks, and extra stickers. Its A5 size makes it easy to bring along and the paper itself is smooth and high-quality. It comes in 23 colour options that span the entirety of the rainbow and then some, so you’ll definitely find one for every member of the team. No MOQ.

Clever Fox Planner – Undated Weekly & Monthly Planner to Increase Productivity, Time Management and Hit Your Goals – Organizer, Gratitude Journal – Start Anytime, A5, Lasts 1 Year, Black (Weekly)

as of May 27, 2024 3:22 am

10. Super Smart Wireless Charger

Nowadays, you likely have an entire library of electronic devices you need to perform your work at peak efficiency. Keeping them charged can be a struggle, especially when travelling. This Super Smart Charger fulfils several functions in one small package, making it an ideal gift for your team members. It can be used as a normal charger, a wireless power bank, and even a worldwide travel adapter. 

Super Smart Wireless Charger

  • Website Link: Super Smart Wireless Charger from ShopGifts
  • MOQ: 50 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $30 to $40 per set, depending on quantity ($39.14 per set at 50 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo print on product
  • Email: hello@shopgifts.sg 

11. Everflix Premium Nylon Duffle Bag

With seven compartments, an independent shoe slot, and waterproof storage, the Everflix Premium duffle bag is an incredibly convenient bag regardless of the destination. It can be used as a gym bag, a travel bag, or even just a daily bag. Its thick anti-scratch nylon material means it can stand up to significant wear and tear. You can choose from 12 different colours.

Everflix Premium Nylon Duffle Bag

  • Website Link: Everflix Premium Nylon Duffle Bag from ShopGifts
  • MOQ: 50 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $20 to $26 per bag, depending on quantity ($25.55 per bag at 50 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo print on product
  • Email: hello@shopgifts.sg 

12. Float Laptop Stand

Office work naturally demands a lot of time looking at a screen. Did you know that to get the best height for your screen, you have to align the top to slightly below eye level? Any lower than that and you’re putting unnecessary strain on your neck. The Float laptop stand will help mitigate that problem for your employees, with its simple, easily-adjustable design. It also comes with a pouch for easy storage. 

  • Website Link: Float Laptop Stand from Boxaroo
  • MOQ: 100 pieces
  • Price Range: $21.49 to $24.49, depending on the print
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, printed on carrying pouch
  • Email: hello@boxaroo.co 

13. Wireless Fast Charge Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is both sophisticated and highly useful — it functions as a wireless charger for mobile phones. It’s made of premium polyurethane leather and comes in three classy colours, classic black, wooden beige, and dark grey. The charging speed goes up to 10W, eliminating the need for charging cords that add to desk clutter. 

Wireless Fast Charge Mouse Pad

  • Website Link: Wireless Fast Charge Mouse Pad from ShopGifts
  • MOQ: 50 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $12 to $20 per pad, depending on quantity ($20.09 per pad at 50 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo print on product
  • Email: hello@shopgifts.sg 

14. Goose Mug with Suction Grip 

Who doesn’t love a good mug? The Goose Mug will definitely make coffee and tea breaks at the office more enjoyable for your employees. Made of an outer plastic shell and a ceramic inner layer, it can be used for both hot and cold drinks. The suction grip at the base lessens the risk of someone accidentally knocking it off a desk, and the lid is an easy way to save a drink for later. 

  • Website Link: Goose Mug with Suction Grip from Boxaroo 
  • MOQ: 100 pieces
  • Price Range: $25.49 to $34.99, depending on the print
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, printed on product
  • Email: hello@boxaroo.co 

15. Penguin Flask with Suction Grip

If you’re looking for something more portable than a mug, the PENGUIN flask is a solid option. It also comes with a suction grip to prevent accidental falls, along with a silicone strap and a strainer. It’s made of lightweight plastic and can easily fit cup holders in cars.


16. 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve with Multi Zip Design and Handle

Laptops can be the victim of unfortunate dents and scratches, so a protective case is often a good investment anyone can enjoy. This laptop sleeve features a water-resistant outer layer and wool inner padding, along with several zippered pockets for additional storage. 


17. Bamboo Desk Organiser with Wireless Charger

Have any of your team members been struggling with cramped or cluttered desks? If so, this Bamboo Desk Organiser could be a thoughtful, useful gift. Its three sections can be used as storage space for miscellaneous items, which is great for keeping a desk tidy. The biggest section also functions as a wireless charger for mobile devices, with overcharge protection, stable recognition, and fast heat dissipation. 


18. Air Humidifier with Colour Night Light

Give your employees the gift of a more comfortable night’s sleep with this air humidifier and night light combo. Humidifiers can be a huge help to those who often wake up with dry throat, nose, lips, or skin. This humidifier lets you choose between a fine mist or a large spray, and can keep running for four to five hours. 


19. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A wireless Bluetooth speaker is simple — you can connect it to a phone or laptop and use it to play music, podcasts, radio, or any form of audio (e.g. audio from a movie you’re watching on your laptop). This particular model is small and compact, which makes it easy to bring along. It also has a built-in mic for answering phone calls. 


20. LED Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Multipurpose items are always convenient to have around, and this LED alarm clock is no different with its wireless charging capabilities. Imagine setting your phone down on the wireless charger and waking up hours later from the well-timed alarm, ready to face the day on time and with a fully-charged phone? 


21. Leather Passport Holder

This is another great option for a gift to employees who travel often. The unique folding design can also fit most boarding passes, which reduces the amount of bag fumbling they have to go through when boarding a plane. 


22. Solid Wood Calendar + Penholder

Another entry for the category of “useful items to organise a desk with” is this solid wood calendar and pen holder. The small calendar saves a lot of space, and the two square holders can be used for anything from phones to pens to an ever-present supply of paper clips. You have two options for colours, light wood and dark wood. 

  • Website Link: Solid Wood Calendar + Penholder from Nanyang Gifts
  • MOQ: 50 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $6.93 to $11.57 per calendar, depending on order quantity ($11.57 per calendar at 50 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo printed on product
  • Email: sales@nanyanggifts.com 

Motivational Corporate Gift Ideas

Broadcast your appreciation for your employees loud and clear through these motivational gifts for staff.

23. Employees & Coworkers Appreciation Tumbler

What’s better than a stainless steel tumbler? A stainless steel tumbler that has a charming motivational message on it. This line of tumblers comes with eight different slogans, ranging from touching ones like “May you be proud of the work you do, the person that you are, and the difference that you make,” to simple ones like “Thank you for being awesome.” These tumblers also feature double-wall insulation and a 20oz. capacity, so they can keep drinks hot or cold for a long time. 

Employees & Coworkers Appreciation Gift [Thank You For Being Awesome] Motivational Gifts for Teammates, Staff, Women, Office Gifts from Boss,Team Leader, Manager,Onebttl Tumbler 20Oz, Rose Gold

as of May 27, 2024 3:22 am

24. Thank You For Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens

The average office likely goes through thousands of pens in its lifetime, whether due to genuinely using them up or just misplacing them where no one will ever look. Hopefully, this pen won’t meet the same fate, as it features a heartfelt “Thank you for being awesome,” on its cap. It comes in a box that’s ready for gift-giving.

Personalized Employee Gifts Leaving Thank You for Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens Appreciation Gift for Coworkers,Boss,Nurse,Teacher,Friend,Colleague,Supervisor,administrative assistant,Daycare Provider

as of May 27, 2024 3:22 am

25. Motivational Keychains with Inspirational Quotes

Do you often find yourself struggling with a bunch of keys? It’s a common enough problem that a small keychain would be a welcome gift. This pack comes with 12 keychains featuring various inspirational quotes from famous figures, such as “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,” from Albert Einstein and “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” from Abraham Lincoln. Each keychain already comes individually wrapped, so gift-giving is easy and convenient. 

(12-Pack) Motivational Keychains with Inspirational Quotes - Wholesale Bulk Keychains for Corporate Office Gifts, Thank You Appreciation Gifts for Staff, Small Bulk Gifts for Coworkers and Employees

as of May 27, 2024 3:22 am

High-End and Premium Corporate Gift Ideas

Are you on the hunt for something that’s really going to wow your employees? This section features premium gifts for your team that may be on the pricier end of the spectrum but will definitely provide lasting memories. 

26. Premium Crystal Paper Weight Singapore Showcase Display

The rustle of papers is a comforting sound in an office. What’s less comforting is when the rustling turns more intense, usually followed by an expression of dismay. Paperweights serve a very practical function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish. This crystal paperweight features a diorama of Singapore’s famous sights and comes in a luxurious lined box. 


27. Stainless Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

Signing documents will become 100% more exciting when using this sophisticated stainless gold trim pen. It’s made by the world-renowned luxury writing pen brand Parker, so you can trust its impeccable quality. Each pen comes packaged in a premium gift box. 

Parker Stainless Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

  • Website Link: Stainless Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen from Parker
  • MOQ: 1 piece
  • Price Range: $38 to $43 per pen
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, letter engraving services start at $5 per pen for English characters and $10 per pen for Chinese characters
  • Email: Parker Official on Shopee

28. Premium Bamboo Tea Tumbler with Infuser & Strainer 

If you know any tea lovers on your team, they’ll definitely love this bamboo tea tumbler from LeafLife. Made of 100% organic bamboo and a stainless steel lining, this tumbler allows anyone to brew tea on the go. The vacuum insulation technology ensures that the contents of the 500mL-capacity tumbler remain hot or cold for hours. 

LeafLife Premium Bamboo Thermos with Tea Infuser & Strainer 17oz capacity - Keeps Hot & Cold for 12 Hrs - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tea Tumbler Infuser Bottle for Loose Leaf Tea & Coffee

as of May 27, 2024 3:22 am

29. Forever Fave Festive Range

Do you know what’s a good gift to give in combination with a tea set? Tea to brew in it, of course. The Forever Fave Festive Range from T2 is a delightful sampler of iconic teas that any tea lover will appreciate. This set contains three mini tea cubes for Melbourne Breakfast, French Earl Grey, and Christmas Breakfast. 


30. Four Seasons Tea Gift Box

For a different tea gift option that will take your recipient across all four seasons, try the Basilur Tea Four Seasons Gift Box. It contains 10 foil sachets of each of the four seasons’ flavours, for a total of 40 sachets. The spring tea is a pure Ceylon green tea with cherry flavour, summer is a pure Ceylon green tea with wild strawberry flavour, autumn is a pure Ceylon black tea with maple flavour, and lastly, winter is a pure Ceylon black tea with cranberry flavour. 

31. Honey & Dabbler Set

Honey is the superior sweetener when compared to plain sugar, due to its added minerals and vitamins. It’s also great for flavouring desserts or drinks. This sweet set comes with 68g of honey and a wooden dabbler, with a choice between Longan Honey, Lychee Honey, or Rainforest Honey.


32. Dirty Matcha Home Cafe Kit 

“Dirty matcha” might sound like a strange concept if you’ve never heard of it before, but it’s actually just a matcha-espresso fusion. This comprehensive kit includes matcha, coffee shot pods, an electric matcha whisk, a matcha sieve, and a tutorial card — everything you’d ever need to make a dirty matcha at home. It’s a memorable gift that can have a lot of future use. 


33. Porcelain Condiment Jar Set of 3

Elegant and sized just right for a kitchen shelf, this set of three porcelain condiment jars is a great gift for your employees’ homes. Each jar comes with its own removable lid made of natural bamboo and a small spoon. 


34. Satin Silk Masks with Gift Box 

With the effects of COVID-19 likely to linger for years to come, face masks are still very important. These four-ply satin silk masks are a great way to keep safe while still being stylish, which your employees will appreciate. The masks are also certified with a bacterial filtration efficiency level of over 99%, as tested by TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore. 

Satin Silk Ear-Loop Masks

35. Gift Care Box

Care packages are always a touching gesture. This particular box contains some snacks and sweets for boosting your recipient’s mood, such as YOU C1000 Vitamin Orange Juice, Best Bird’s Nest with Fungus, Scott’s Vitamin C Mix Berries Pastilles, Brothers All Natural Peach Crisps, and Harvestbox Dipped Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Almond. You also have the option to include a gift card. 


  • Website Link: Gift Care Box from NoelGifts
  • MOQ: 1 piece
  • Price Range: $50 per box 
  • Logo Customization Options: Not available 
  • Email: inquiry@noel.com.sg 

Cheap Corporate Gift Ideas under $10

Last but not least, this section features corporate gift ideas for under $10 per item. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a cheaper price tag doesn’t make a good gift for your employees — the items in this section are unique, memorable, and useful in their own way. 

36. Ultra Light Five-fold Mini Umbrella

One typical flaw that leaves many people unprepared for rain is that most umbrellas are too large or bulky to fit in a small bag, which leads to said umbrellas being left at home instead of actually being used. This mini umbrella doesn’t have the same problem, folding down to a compact 18cm when closed. It can be incredibly useful during unpredictable weather, and your employees will definitely appreciate the gift. 


  • Website Link: Ultra Light Five-fold Mini Umbrella from Nanyang Gifts
  • MOQ: 100 to 4,000 piecesPrice Range: $5.75 to $8.94 per umbrella, depending on order quantity ($8.94 per umbrella at 100 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo printed on product
  • Email: sales@nanyanggifts.com 

37. Phoebe Wood Cutlery Set

If your team is fond of bringing lunches from home, this Phoebe wood cutlery set would be a nice addition to their lunch break. Phoebe wood is known for being resistant to decay, and each set comes with a spoon, fork, pair of chopsticks, and canvas pouch. 

  • Website Link: Phoebe Wood Cutlery Set from ShopGifts
  • MOQ: 100 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $4.13 to $7.38, depending on order quantity ($7.38 per set at 100 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, laser engraving on each utensil
  • Email: hello@shopgifts.sg 

38. Stainless Steel Cutlery Set in Canvas Pouch

Not a fan of wood cutlery? That’s okay — this stainless steel option is also a great crowd-pleaser. The set contains a spoon, fork, pair of chopsticks, straight straw, cleaning brush, and canvas pouch. 

39. Foldable Silicone Lunch Box — Microwavable and Leak Proof

Tired of Tupperware? These foldable silicone lunch boxes can be a godsend for office lunch breaks. They can be folded down flat when not in use or expanded to fit a hearty lunch. Made entirely of silicone, these lunch boxes are microwavable, leakproof, and eco-friendly. They come in three different colours: blue, green, and pink. 

40. Insulation Lunch Handbag

For jobs that require you and your employees to be constantly on the road or far from a refrigerator, an insulated bag is your best bet at keeping food at the right temperature. These waterproof lunch bags are made with nylon oxford fabric and a leak-resistant liner, so they can definitely be used as mini coolers. You have a choice of six colours — dark blue, pink, purple, red, grey, and black. 

41. Nordic Hand Painted Ceramic Cup 

If you want to go the charming route, this Nordic hand-painted ceramic cup will be sure to brighten up your employees’ day with its colourful design. They’re made entirely of ceramic, so be sure to exercise caution during storage and handling.

42. PU Classic Namecard Holder

Business cards, credit cards, stray receipts — card management can be difficult with just a wallet and your pocket. Luckily, this card holder made from polyurethane leather provides a handy, compact solution. It comes in 11 colours — black, red, yellow, blue, brown, pink, red, sky blue, gold, silver, and grey.

  • Website Link: PU Classic Namecard Holder from Nanyang Gifts
  • MOQ: 50 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $2.33 to $4.21 per holder, depending on order quantity ($4.21 per holder at 50 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, laser colour logo printed on product
  • Email: sales@nanyanggifts.com 

43. LED Digital Watch

While a phone does provide a convenient way to check the time, looking at a wristwatch only takes a second. This LED digital watch can be a simple but convenient gift for your employees. There are over 17 different vibrant colours available. 

  • Website Link: LED Digital Watch from Nanyang Gifts
  • MOQ: 100 to 4,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $2.05 to $4.55 per watch, depending on order quantity ($4.55 per watch at 100 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo printed on product
  • Email: sales@nanyanggifts.com 

44. A5 Eco-Friendly Notebook

Does your company have a focus on sustainability? If so, this A5 notebook could be a thoughtful and useful gift. A hard cardboard cover protects the pages inside and serves as a canvas for customization.

  • Website Link: A5 Eco-Friendly Notebook from Gift Market
  • MOQ: 30 to 50,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $2.20 to $7.13 per notebook, depending on order quantity ($7.13 per notebook at 30 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo printed on cardboard cover
  • Email: sales@giftmarket.com.sg 

45. Bamboo Fibre Mug with Lid & Sleeve

This bamboo fibre mug is another great option for an eco-friendly office. It comes with a colourful silicone lid and cup holder and meets FDA food safety standards. While the cup itself just comes in beige, you can choose between four colours for the silicone accessories (red, royal blue, brown, and black). Each cup is packaged in an individual OEM box, so they’re ready for corporate gifting right out the gate. 


  • Website Link: Bamboo Fibre Mug with Lid & Sleeve from Gift Market
  • MOQ: 30 to 50,000 pieces
  • Price Range: $2.70 to $8.87 per cup, depending on order quantity ($8.87 per cup at 30 pieces)
  • Logo Customization Options: Available, colour logo printed on cup
  • Email: sales@giftmarket.com.sg 

*If you are looking for corporate gift ideas for your customers and not your employees, check out this list of 20 corporate gift ideas for your best clients and customers here. 


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