25 Corporate Gift Ideas For Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year & More

Figuring out what to give your employees for special occasions can be a bit difficult. Fortunately, there are tons of options available depending on the holiday and your recipient’s interests. If you’re looking for Diwali corporate gift ideas, Christmas corporate gift ideas, Chinese New Year corporate gift ideas or even Hari Raya Corporate Gift Ideas, here’s a list of 25 gifts that won’t disappoint! 

Diwali Corporate Gifts 

Diwali, the festival of lights, happens on October 24th in 2022. Take a look at this selection of gifts that are sure to light up the recipient’s face with a smile: 

1. Premium Indian Spice Box Kit: Gold

Perfect for the first day of Diwali, this Premium Indian Spice Box Kit: Gold is a great option when you’re looking for corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees. Not only is this box filled with elegant, gold-finished spice tins, but it also includes a cookbook featuring over 30 scrumptious Indian recipes to try out! The best part is that every purchase contributes to the store’s effort to feed 10 street children in India.

Spice Box

2. Diwali Elephant Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

Since Diwali is a celebration of lights and colors, gifting employees this Diwali Elephant Tote Bag Painting Gift Box isn’t just in line with the spirit of the season, but it’s also pretty useful. If they love arts and crafts, they’ll surely enjoy painting this tote bag with the DIY painting kit included in the gift box. This bag will be something they can bring anywhere, especially the office! 

Tote Bag

3. Dahlia Diwali Gift Set

If you’re looking for something festive and floral, this Dahlia Diwali Gift Set contains a stylish and vibrant arrangement of organic dates and gourmet snacks to put anyone in a celebratory mood. This has an exquisite flavor profile and it’s also a feast for the eyes, as each date is accentuated with turquoise, pink, deep purple, and gold floral packaging. It’s the kind of gift that will satisfy anyone’s taste! 

Gift Set

4. Pure Copper Water Bottle with Peacock Design

Nice water bottles are a hit these days, so if you’re looking for something to give as a gift during Diwali, this Pure Copper Water Bottle with Peacock Design will surely surprise and stun! It’s portable, sturdy, and absolutely stylish. Your recipient will surely appreciate this gift since they can bring it practically anywhere, whether that’s the office, the gym, yoga class, or even a formal corporate party. 


5. Twist It Murukku Snack Bottle

If the recipient you have in mind enjoys healthy snacks, then this Twist It Murukku Snack Bottle will definitely make them smile! Halal-certified and suitable for vegetarians, you can bet that this gift will be a mainstay in your recipient’s office desk. They’re colorful, crunchy, tasty, and it’s a great way to show your appreciation for employees during Diwali. 

Snack Bottle

6. Scented Candles Gift Set 

Let’s face it — work is tough. This festival of lights, brighten up your employees’ spirits by giving them this beautifully made Scented Candles Gift Set. Made of soy wax, these aromatherapy candles promote relaxation through four exquisite fragrances, including lemon, orange, vanilla, and rose. The best part is each candle is encased in colorful tins that are sure to brighten up their surroundings! 

Scented Candles Home Gift Set: Aromatherapy Candle 4 Cans Made of 100% Natural Soy Wax 4.4 Oz for Birthday Gifts for Women Stress Relief Christmas Vanilla Rose Orange Lemon

as of May 24, 2024 8:38 am

Christmas Corporate Gifts 

After Diwali comes Christmas, which is perhaps the biggest gift-giving occasion worldwide. Here are several corporate Christmas gift ideas for employees before they go on holiday break:

7. Christmas Dream Tote Bag Painting Gift Box 

If you’ve missed your chance to give your employees a colorful tote bag during Diwali, you can still do so this Christmas season. This Christmas Dream Tote Bag Painting Gift Box contains a DIY painting kit, which can be used to bring to life the tote bag’s fun and creative Christmas reindeer design. This fabric tote bag is definitely a gift that will last beyond the holidays. 

Tote Bag

8. Customized Cheese Board 

You don’t have to buy a cheesy gift to make an employee feel that they’re appreciated — unless you’re buying this Customized Cheese Board, that is! What makes this gift stand out is that you can have a design, such as your recipient’s name, laser-engraved onto the board. Moreover, this cheese board includes a knife set and a holder, which will be a fancy and handy addition to anyone’s Christmas dinner arrangement. 

Customized Cheese Board

9. Merry Christmas Wooden Coasters

If a cheese board is a bit beyond your budget, consider getting your employees some of these Merry Christmas Wooden Coasters instead! These coasters are great gift ideas for a Singapore Christmas as they’re made from natural wood. They can also display a personalized laser-engraved design on their surface. Aside from being a really useful item, these Christmas coasters can also double as decor that your recipient can use. Either way, it’s something to brighten up their space! 

Wooden Coasters

10. Christmas Themed Pillowcase 

Aside from gift-giving, the Christmas season offers people a chance to relax, especially for employees who’ll be taking a break to celebrate the occasion. Hit two birds with one stone when you get your employees these wonderful Christmas-themed pillowcases. These pillowcases are simple but thoughtful corporate gift ideas for Christmas that can still be used long after the holidays have ended!

Pillow Case

11. Mini Christmas Tree Showcase Gift Set

No gift is too small this Christmas, even if it comes in the form of a Mini Christmas Tree Showcase Gift Set! This little table ornament is something that your recipient will have fun assembling and decorating. They can place it on their office desk or display it anywhere at home. With this, you can bring good tidings to your employees and your recipient can have fun being creative while they put their mini Christmas tree together. 

Christmas Tree

12. Matashi Flowers Bouquet and Vase Ornament 

Roses are red, violets are blue, but this Matashi Flowers Bouquet and Vase Ornament might just be the right Christmas gift option for you! Made of colorful crystals and golden-stemmed flowers on a matching vase, this Christmas keepsake will shine bright even after the holidays. It’s the kind of gift that’s both sincere and sophisticated. Truly, it’s one of the best Christmas corporate gift ideas for Singapore workplaces! 

Matashi Chrome Plated Flowers Bouquet and Vase Ornament with Colorful Crystals Home Decorative Tabletop Showpiece for Living Room Bedroom Gift for Christmas Valentine's Day Mother's Day Birthday

as of May 24, 2024 8:38 am

New Year Corporate Gifts 

There’s a lot to look forward to for the coming of 2023. Start the year right with these New Year corporate gift ideas: 

13. Professional Undated Weekly and Monthly Planner

Many professionals regard the New Year as the perfect time to realign with their career and personal goals. Let your employees feel your support with this Professional Undated Weekly and Monthly Planner. It might just be the clean slate they need to organize their schedule, increase their productivity, and plan ahead efficiently. It’s one of the corporate gift ideas for New Year that will serve its purpose for a long time. 

Clever Fox Planner Daily – Undated Agenda & Daily Calendar to Boost Productivity & Hit Your Goals – Gratitude Journal Personal Daily Organizer – 5.8x8.3'', Lasts 6 Months, Black (Daily)

as of May 24, 2024 8:38 am

14. Aesthetic Undated Planner 

If the employee you have in mind has an artistic side, then this Aesthetic Undated Planner might be more up their alley. With beautifully decorated pages, your recipient can plan out their goals without limiting their creativity. As a New Year’s gift, this aesthetic planner can uplift your employee’s mood while allowing them to stay focused and productive. 


15. Thank You for Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens

You know what they say: the pen is mightier than the sword — and in this case, it’s a better New Year’s present, too! If you want to show how thankful and appreciative you are of employees right at the start of the year, these Thank You for Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens are a great way to do so. Pens will never go out of fashion for professionals, even in the digital age. It’s the kind of gift that will always be useful, no matter where they go. Plus, if you’ve gifted your employees planners, these pens will be a great companion. 

Personalized Employee Gifts Leaving Thank You for Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens Appreciation Gift for Coworkers,Boss,Nurse,Teacher,Friend,Colleague,Supervisor,administrative assistant,Daycare Provider

as of May 24, 2024 8:38 am

16. Hinged Double Picture Frame

Many office workers take the opportunity to redecorate their workspaces once the New Year arrives. Show your support as a team leader by gifting them this Hinged Double Picture Frame for the New Year. This frame is made of simple but elegant wood that will definitely enrich your employees’ workspaces. This frame can fit with any theme! 

5x7 Hinged Double Picture Frames,Stand Vertical Natural Wood Grain Folding Picture Frame,for Desktop Decoration Made of MDF and Real Glass

as of May 24, 2024 8:38 am

17. Wooden Collage Multi Photo Wall Frame

The arrival of the New Year is also a time for reflection and recollection. If you’ve captured some fond memories with your team, this Wooden Collage Multi Photo Wall Frame can be one of the best New Year corporate gift ideas you can give. It’s something they can display in their workspaces, along with photos of the fun times you’ve had together at corporate parties! 

Photo Frame

Chinese New Year Corporate Gifts 

Usher good tidings this Lunar New Year on January 22, 2023 by showing your appreciation for employees. Show them you care with these Chinese New Year corporate gift options: 

18. CNY Year of the Rabbit Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

Bring good fortune to your employees this Chinese New Year by getting them a CNY Year of the Rabbit Tote Bag Painting Gift Box! They can have an enjoyable time painting a cute rabbit design on this sturdy fabric tote bag. With the DIY painting kit, your recipient can enjoy a small art project during their Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Tote Bag

19. Wheat Straw Set with Chopsticks

The Lunar New Year is a time when delicious food abounds, so why not give your employees a Wheat Straw Set with Chopsticks as a gift? With this cute and colorful cutlery set, they can dig into their meals even after the festivities have ended! Aside from being portable, this wheat straw cutlery set is environment-friendly so you’ll be doing both your employee and Mother Nature a real solid when you buy this gift. 

Straw Set

20. CNY Themed Red Dessert Bowls Gift Set of 4

If you’re looking for something to go with the wheat straw cutlery set above, then these beautifully painted CNY Themed Red Dessert Bowls Gift Set of 4 will be an amazing choice. These bowls are a work of art from artist Ng Li Jie in a special collaboration with Luzerne. Made from premium ceramic, these bowls are also extremely sturdy and encapsulate the spirit of the Chinese New Year. You can never go wrong with this gift idea! 

Bowls Gift

21. Chinese New Year Rabbit Gift Tin

With the coming of the Year of the Rabbit, consider being extra sweet and thoughtful to your employees by getting them this Chinese New Year Rabbit Gift Tin. With close to 500 grams of candies in a box, you can bet that there’s enough to satisfy all the sweet tooths. It’s not among the typical Chinese New Year corporate gift ideas, but it will surely bring a smile to your employees’ faces regardless. 

White Rabbit Toffee

22. Chinese New Year Orange Tree Rotating Music Box

Though workplaces are all about professionalism, there’s always someone there who’s a kid at heart! If you have an employee who loves building blocks, then this Chinese New Year Orange Tree Rotating Music Box will be a gift they’ll enjoy immensely. They’ll definitely have a great time assembling this orange tree, which rotates, plays music, and even lights up! It’s a pretty cool Chinese New Year gift that can serve as both a toy and decor. 

Music Box

Hari Raya Corporate Gifts 

Join your employees in celebrating the end of fasting month on April 22, 2023 with these Hari Raya corporate gift ideas: 

23. Muslim Gold Coin Green Envelope

Red money envelopes abound during Chinese New Year, but when it’s Hari Raya, green is the color of the day. That said, this Muslim Gold Coin Green Envelope will be a great gift for employees when you want to honor Hari Raya traditions. Handmade with gold foil, these green envelopes will be well appreciated by employees celebrating the end of the fasting month. 


24. Hari Raya Puasa Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

Brightly colored clothes are a distinct feature in Hari Raya celebrations, making it the best time to gift your employees with a Hari Raya Puasa Tote Bag Painting Gift Box. This wonderful tote bag features a beautiful mosque amidst clouds and a crescent moon, which your recipient can paint with the accompanying DIY painting kit. When they’re done painting, they can have a colorful tote bag to match their Hari Raya attire! 

Tote Bag

25. Hari Raya Surprise Chocolate Gift Box

Speaking of sweets, a Hari Raya Surprise Chocolate Gift Box is another perfect gift for employees during this occasion. This box includes Kit-Kats and milk chocolate wafer fingers that are wrapped in specially designed paper, making these a delicious and colorful present. What’s more, you can include a special message for your recipient for a more personalized gift!

Chocolate Gift Box

The Gift That Keeps on Giving 

As a team leader, showing how much you appreciate employees goes a long way in boosting team morale and letting them know that you’re there as both a mentor and a friend. With these corporate gift ideas for special occasions, you’ll let your employees feel how sincere you are in your appreciation, and that you’re one with them in celebrating these special days of the year!

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