Corporate Event Printing

Instead of being confined to giving out already printed promotional merchandises, we bring the action to your event and we print your promotional merchandises on the spot. Not only can visitors or guests take home these gifts, but they also get a memorable experience.

Steps to Take

  1. Drop us an email.
    Let us know more about the event and the designs you have in mind. No designs? No worries – we don’t just print but we’re here to make the event work for you. We can arrange for consultations so our design team can come up with something memorable for your event.
  2. Set up a call, appointment or a product demo session.
    Different printing methods has its pros/cons and we can decide what is the most suitable for the designs you have in mind and your event.
  3. Confirm the details and make payment.
  4. We’ll set up the printing booth at your event with our machines and shirts/mugs.
  5. We print the shirts/mugs for your guests, right in front of their eyes!
Depending on your design or the product to be printed on, we offer different forms of live printing — DTG T-Shirt printing, T-Shirt/Tote Bag Screen Printing, Mug Printing and Live Event Photo Printing.

Corporate Event Live DTG T-Shirt Printing

What is DTG?

DTG printing, or Direct-To-Garment printing is a form of printing where designs are transferred onto the garment using specialised inkjet technology. The concept is similar to using a printer to print words and pictures onto paper itself.

How does it work?

  1. We confirm the various things we need with you (eg power plug outlet).
  2. Arrival and setting up of the printing booth which consists of the DTG Machine and the premium white Gildan shirts
  3. Fit the shirt onto the A4-sized mount/tray, tucking the ends in neatly
  4. Set the timer and slide the tray in
  5. Confirm design (customise if required) and begin printing (Prints for 1 Minute)
  6. Adjust the temperature of the heater
  7. Take shirt out and slide into slot below printer for the ink to be dried (Dries for 1 Minute)
  8. You have a brand-new DTG printed shirt.

DTG Printing Conditions

DTG printing is suitable for materials made of 100% cotton. However, if the item you are printing on is made of mixed material and you only want to print one or two simple standard designs (without customisation), it is better to print using silk screen printing.


**Please note that only white colour cotton t-shirts can be printed using DTG printing!

Event Venue Requirements

  1. Space to Place the DTG Printer
  2. 2 plug points to connect the DTG Printer to electricity.
  3. Space to place the t-shirts in shelves or boxes beside or below the DTG printer, to take out the t-shirts conveniently.


*Additional shirts are available at $7 each

Corporate Event Live Screen Printing

What is screen printing?

Screen printing, or silk screen printing is the process of passing ink through silk screen moulds to print onto shirts and other items. For live on site screen printing, the moulds are custom made beforehand according to the agreed upon design. They are fitted above the shirt before ink is pushed through the mould, printing the design on the shirt beneath it.

How does it work?

  1. Confirmation of various things we need with you.
  2. Decide on the various designs (and dimensions of the print). We will then pre-make the custom silk screen moulds in accordance to the agreed upon designs.
  3. Arrival at the event location and set up of the printing booth, which includes the silk screen printing moulds and the t-shirts/ tote bags to be screen printed on.
  4. The silk screen moulds will be fitted on top of a shirt/ tote bag and the staff member on site will then push ink through the mould to print the design.
  5. The result is a live screen printed shirt/ tote bag that you can take home immediately!

Live Screen Printing Conditions

Given that screen printing many colours requires multiple moulds, more time for drying, and significantly longer processing times, the entire design will have to be printed with a single mould for live on site screen printing. As such, we can only print a single coloured design. Direct to garment printing will be suitable for more complicated or colourful designs.

Event Venue Requirements

  1. Space to store the tote bags/ shirt and to place the screen printing unit


*Additional silk screen moulds are available at $50 each and additional shirts/ tote bags at $7 each

Corporate Event Live Mug Printing

What is mug printing?

Mug printing utilizes the same technology as heat transfer printing. However, instead of the garment, mugs are used as the product to be printed on. We will use a Heat Press Machine and a heat transfer medium to transfer the design onto the mug (imagine a sticker!).

How does it work?

1. Confirmation of various things we need with you.

2. Decide on the various designs (with dimensions of the print).

3. Arrival at event location and set up of the Dye Sublimation Machine, Heat Press Machine and mugs.

4. We will print the design using the Dye Sublimation Machine onto a heat transfer medium.

5. The heat transfer medium with the design will be wrapped around the mugs and placed into the Heat Press Machine.
6. Removal of mug from the machine and allow it to cool.

7. You have your very own live printed mug!

Ceramic Mug Printing Conditions

We only offer white mugs for printing.

Event Venue Requirements

  1. Space to place the Dye Sublimation Printer and the Heat Press Machine
  2. 2 plug points to connect the printers to electricity
  3. Space to place the mugs


*Additional mugs will be available at $5 each


Corporate Event Live Photo Printing

Last but not least, we can also go back to basics and do live event photo printing. In this case, we leverage on the guests’ use of social media to publicize the corporate event and also to print those photos shared to increase offline engagement.

How does it work?

  1. Create an event-specific hashtag
  2. When guests snap a photo and share it on social media, they can tag the event with the hashtag in their captions.
  3. This is also how the special Instaroid Box locates the photos shared on social media for printing.

Ready to bring these ideas to your corporate event?