Clay Making Workshop

Fun For All Ages

What is Clay Making?

Clay Making is the moulding of clay into different shapes by hand. It requires the usage of various hand techniques to be able to achieve the desired shape. Unlike conventional art such as painting and drawing, Clay Making is much more hands on. Aside from using your hands to mould the clay, different tools such utensils and sticks can be used to create intricate patterns on your canvas, which would otherwise be impossible to do with just your hands! Clay Making is a unique form of art, which allow participants to connect with their inner artist. It’s extremely therapeutic nature helps participants to not only bond together but also relieve built up stress, which makes this the perfect activity for team bonding events or just as a quick break from life! 

Types of Clay

Non-Firing Clay, also known as Air-Dry clay, is more commonly used and more suited for Clay Making Workshops. Air-Dry clay, as the name suggests, will harden in the presence of air. After taking a portion of the clay, remember to place the remainder into a air tight bag to prevent it from hardening. Despite the advantages that non-firing clay brings about, it is usually quite fragile even after the clay has completely hardened. 

Firing Clay is used more frequently in pottery due to the durability required in the result. Firing Clay feels about the same as Air-Dry clay in terms of texture is mouldable at room temperature and will not harden. The only way to harden firing clay is to heat the clay over a furnace or in a hot environment. The end product is much more durable than that of the Air-Dry clay and is less likely to form cracks in the heating process.

About Our Clay Making Workshop

Here at The Noteway, we strive to ensure that everyone and anyone can learn and enjoy during our workshops. Thus, we have opted to use Air-Dry Clay for our Clay Making Workshop so that everyone will be able to participate! We will also be providing all the essential materials that will help you along your clay making journey which includes clay, sculpting tools, brushes, a free-flow of paint and a base for you to attach your artwork to!


 In The Noteway Clay Making Workshop, you will be able to engage yourself in learning the fundamentals of shaping a clay. You will be taught the do’s and don’t when handling clay, how to prevents cracks and how to fix them. After grasping the basics and shaping your clay block into your ideal product, the clay will be left to dry and harden so that you can paint it. Once the clay has hardened, you will be given the freedom of painting your art piece however you like! Just grab a brush and some paint, and let your creativity take over!


After painting, we will have to let the paint dry as well! In the meantime, you can opt to design your base. Once the drying is completed, you can finally stick your artwork onto the base and tadah! Your artwork is now complete and you can bring it home with you! 

Tips & Tricks

Clay Making: Easy To Learn, Difficult To Master. Here are some tips and tricks for your Clay Making journey!

Can’t keep those bits of clay to stick together?

Try using a stick to hold them in place! 

Want to give your artwork a radiant shine? Coat some varnish and once it dries, your artwork will be dazzling!

Pricing & Details

Our Clay Making Workshop consists of 2 different sessions.

Session A uses Coloured Clay for the workshop and does not include any breaks.

Session B uses Non-Coloured Clay which means there will be painting involved ( all painting related materials will be provided ). There is also a short 30 mins break in between the 4 hour session while waiting for the piece to dry. Light refreshments will be provided on the house! 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Q: Is the clay used safe for kids?

A: Of course! This workshop is suitable for all ages, even young children as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


Q: Will i be able to bring home whatever i made during the workshop?

A: Yes you can! The duration of the workshop factors in the time needed for creating your masterpiece, as well as time for letting the clay harden and painting over it. If you are unable to finish in the workshop duration, we are able to deliver it to you!


Q: How do i contact you?

A: You can email us at or also check out our Contact Us page.