4 Mistakes students always make when doing their Class Tee Shirt Printing

From showing their school spirit, to simply creating a feeling of unity among members of their class, there are numerous occasions when students from Singapore need to their class tee shirt printing. Rather than simply being a garment for students to wear, T-shirts like this serve multiple purposes. They can be a form of advertising to other residents of Singapore, raising the awareness of the school involved. They can be a source of pride for the class members every time they wear them. A great quality shirt can last a lifetime, eventually become a treasured piece of memorabilia, kept forever to remind the owner of a special time of life.
Class tee shirt printing
However, students are usually on a budget and often in a hurry. We don’t want anyone who orders shirts to be anything less than ecstatic about the shirts they receive. With that in mind, please take a moment to read over these top four mistakes made by students when doing their class tee shirt printing.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors. It’s so embarrassing when this happens, but we have all seen errors on printed materials (signs, restaurant menus, bumper stickers, etc!) that should never have happened. The worst possible situation would be for you to cause embarrassment to your educational institution by producing a shirt that, in effect, tells the general public of Singapore that students of your school cannot spell and haven’t learned proper grammar. The time to catch this error is BEFORE you submit your order to the printer. Be sure to have several people proofread your design before you submit it, and make sure at least one of those people is an excellent speller.
  • Going to a physical shop to print their tees. Many Singaporean students, when they need to order tees, automatically visit a physical shop. But it’s important to consider the costs that physical shops incur, just to stay in business. Whether their store is located in Queensway Shopping Centre or Peace Centre, a physical store must pay rent, utility bills, staff costs, and many other things that drive up the price you’ll pay for tees. Online sellers are a great option, but even then you should compare sellers, as prices can differ widely from one to another.
class tee shirt printing shop
  • Assuming that high price equals high quality. The most expensive tee isn’t necessarily the best. All professional silk screening is done in about the same way, so why help your printer pay rent on his building when there are capable, professional online printers who offer the same products at a better price? If you have any questions about product quality, we at The Noteway will bring our shirts and materials to you so you can examine them before you order. Just ask!
  • Not realizing all the factors that affect your price. All designs are not equal. We are happy to help you with any design you choose, however complex, but it’s important for students to realize that your choice determines your price. For example, a large design with multiple colors will naturally cost more than a small design with one color. Additionally, your choice of cotton, cotton blend, or dry fit material will factor in, as will your choice of printing on one side as opposed to two sides. Finally, the quantity of tees you order may affect your price. Large orders will allow you to qualify for a volume discount.
class tee shirt printing
Contact us at The Noteway for assistance with placing an order for T-shirts that your classmates will be excited to receive, and proud to wear. Get your class t shirt printing done your way at The Noteway!