8 Unique Carnival Ideas to Spice Up the Event you’re in Charge of

8 Unique Carnival Ideas to Spice Up the Event you’re in Charge of

If you used to go to funfairs and carnivals, looking back wistfully on the Prudential Marina Bay carnival, or reminiscing your past school days when there was Fun-O-Rama is normal. However, if you’re actually organising a carnival instead and can’t think of anything interesting to attract the masses, fret not. Check out our amazing carnival ideas specially curated for you!


1. Paint on T-shirts & Tote Bags


Tshirt and Tote Bag Painting Kit

Move over, fake tattoos. There’s a new and cool way to unleash your creativity while having fun, and that takes the form of painting on t-shirts and tote bags! Streaks n Strokes offers DIY fabric painting kits and free online painting classes that guide viewers on how to use their kits and paint a myriad of cute designs. 

Purchase a few sets of kits (at a bulk order discount), set up a painting table, lay out the art supplies, and play any of their videos for your carnival attendees to follow! You can even raise funds at your carnival by getting the attendees to pay a small amount to paint their own t-shirts and tote bags.  

With this activity, the carnival would not be a mere memory, but rather a timeless keepsake that people can wear or show off proudly in the days to come.


2.  Reimagined Balloon Dart Toss

Instead of the regular carnival game where the number of balloons popped is directly proportional to the reward, try affixing balloons filled with different colours of paint to a blank canvas to create a beautiful work of art. When a dart pops a balloon, it explodes on the canvas in an unpredictable abstract pattern.


This game is surprisingly enjoyable because you never know what you’re gonna get. So roll up your sleeves and work on that aim.


3. Rage Room x Maze

Need more carnival booth ideas? Similar to the concept of the Fragment Room in Singapore, a “Rage Room” is a room where you vent your frustrations by smashing objects for a fee. Instead of a typical haunted house, why not use the substantial space on your carnival grounds to construct a maze? Here’s the twist: the ‘rage’ part comes in when people have to smash through stuff to get to the end of the maze. For example, in a room where people have to open the locked door to get to the next stage, the key can be placed in a glass box which has to be smashed. Other reinventions include wallpapering a hole in the wall to make it blend in with the rest of the wall, then making people find that hole to progress to the next level. It’s your choice, really – we’ll leave the rest of the planning up to you.

4. Door Gifts

Make an impact by giving out door gifts, or party favors, at your carnival. If your carnival has been organised as a corporate event, personalising corporate gifts helps to bolster brand identity and make your clients or partners feel personally involved in the festivities. If you want to customise your gifts, you can check out our selection of corporate gifts and contact us for any enquiries/orders.

5. Flea Market

Have a desire to contribute to the community positively while organising this carnival? Organise a flea market by asking carnival-goers to bring preloved items that they no longer want or need but which are still in good shape. In this manner, people will likely leave with items that they are satisfied with, barring a few nicks and scratches.

6. Photo Booth

No carnival is complete without carnival decoration ideas. The usual red-and-white look won’t cut it if you want your carnival to be classier. Why not settle on an overarching theme and work according to that? For example, if you wish to have a Gold theme, you can hang gold tassels off the big top in the centre of all the attractions. In keeping with this theme, you could also have a prettily decorated setup where carnival goers can take pictures, which is common at both big and small events.

7. Hold a Mini Singing Contest

Got all the space and yet no carnival game ideas? Hold a brief singing competition for those who aspire to be the next Susan Boyle. The troublesome part is that you’ll have to get an informal panel of judges – but the contestants could provide great entertainment for everyone else while they chill out and try their hand at the various games available.

8. Make-Your-Own-Food booth

What’s the next best thing to eating food? Making it! With many local homegrown businesses springing up these days, it’s high time to engage some local food vendors to conduct workshops on how to make food like tacos or baked potatoes; anything that is easy to pick up with your hands but which requires assembling.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions. If you wish to include t-shirt/tote bag painting for your upcoming carnival events, you can contact Streaks n Strokes for any inquiries.


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