A calendar is a must have on every office table. The world of business revolves around dates and schedules, so it’s always good to have a calendar right before your eyes, when you talk over the phone or develop plans. As such, customized calendars with company logos are very popular and make great merchandise because of their exceptional efficiency.

Standard Calendar Printing Specifications

The Noteway can provide you with customized printed calendars of any type, size, and material. If you aren’t sure which options to choose, we will be happy to share our expertise on calendar printing with you and offer some suggestions that will fit your budget.

The most common calendar type is a desktop calendar, but wall calendars are also rather popular. The usual, standard specifications of a common desktop calendar are:

short desktop calendar printing
tall desktop calendar design and printing

Short Desktop Calendar

  • 216mm x 152mm (W x Ht) – Short Desktop Calendar Stand
  • 172mm x 152mm (W x Ht) – Short Desktop Calendar Pages
  • 200mm x  32mm (W x Ht) – Advertisement size (Hot stamped)








Tall Desktop Calendar

  • 152mm x 216mm (W x Ht) – Tall Desktop Calendar Stand
  • 113mm x 216mm (W x Ht) – Tall Desktop Calendar Pages
  • 32mm x 140mm (W x Ht) –  Advertisement Space


  • 250gsm Art card for Calendar Pages
  • 700gsm Chipboard for the Stand(Outer Cover Material

Do note that you can always choose to deviate from these usual, standard specifications for your company’s calendar. But of course, calendar printing with customization of your whole calendar starting with the size of the calendar to the pages in the calendar will be more costly.

How to Customize my Calendar?

A calendar must not only be functional, but inspirational as well. Adding some beautiful photos and interesting quotes will definitely make it so. We guarantee the quality of the printed pictures and the materials we use ensure that the images won’t fade. Any image can have your business logo added to it in order to enhance the promotional value of the calendar.

You can choose to print photos related to your business, like shots of your factories, equipment, or offices. On the other hand, you can use calendar printing to provide your employees with an opportunity for some stress relief. Printed images of beautiful landscapes or some cute shots of baby animals will definitely put your staff members in a good mood every time they look at the calendar.

With The Noteway, you can even choose the start date of the calendar. This option will be a great help for businesses that adhere to some specific schedules. We offer 100% flexibility of customization for every detail of your calendar in order to ensure that it meets your company’s needs perfectly.


What if I do not have time to customize my calendar?

Don’t worry! Because we at The Noteway have come up with a wide selection of layouts and designs for you to choose from for your company here. We understand that you want to make your calendars special, but may not have the time to custom design your calendar from scratch. Hence, you can simply pick from our options on a design and layout that works best for you and get your calendar printing done with us without wasting any time. Choosing a custom design and layout also allows you to save a lot of cost at the same time!


When should I do my Calendar Printing?

The peak period for calendar printing is at the end of the year. However, you really shouldn’t put off printing a batch of calendars for your business for that long. Printing businesses are loaded with orders at this time, so there is always a risk of a delay. A spike in demand also affects the prices, so calendar printing services usually tends to get a bit more expensive during the peak periods.

At The Noteway, we offer calendar printing services all year round, so you can order your batch of customized calendars earlier in the year for a very attractive price. This way, you can check off one item off your to-do list well in advance of your end of year getaway!