12 T-Shirt Printing Techniques That Will Make Your Team Go “WOW”

T-shirts can be dull. Boring. Uninteresting. But yet you want tons of them- a company tee to show off your youthful brand, a class tee as a keepsake for the best class ever, an athletic/ sportswear inspired team shirt for the upcoming basketball match, or a themed t-shirt as a gift for your children’s birthday party. The occasions for wearing tees are endless.

Thing is, you are unsure of what type of t-shirt prints are suited to look your best during the occasion. So, we are here to help! Here are 12 T-Shirt Printing Techniques that will make your tee a cut above the rest:

1. Brick

Brick prints are thick, rubber-like (contrary to its name), embellishments with a semi-gloss finish that gives a three-dimensional ‘pop’ on your shirt. Applied using heat transfer, these thick “pop up” brick prints are great for showing off simple 1 colour designs, especially brand logos. If you are thinking of making a premium looking company tee for your team, Brick is definitely a choice that you should consider.

Great for: Corporate tees, promotional tees

2. Flock

A flock is a substance made of natural/ synthetic short fibres (cotton, rayon, polyester etc), which is then applied to the adhesive surface of the selected print design and applied to the t-shirt using heat transfer. The result? A woolly, ‘bold in your face’ shirt with a fuzzy 3D texture that is soft to the touch.

Flock prints can be applied to complete designs or individual elements within a design to achieve a natural 3D effect. As such, shirts with flock prints are perfect for themed events such as birthday parties and baby showers.

Great for: Party tees, gifts, corporate tees, CCA Tees

3. Foil (Silver)

Foil is a fantastic printing technique to bring any designs to life, for it contrasts well against almost any colour. Silver metallic foils are stamped with a heated die into the surface of t-shirts to achieve that eye-catching and elegant look. If you want a personalized t-shirt that looks premium, but not too dazzling (like gold), silver foil print is an excellent choice for you.

Great for: Theatrical outfits, party tees, gifts, band tees, casual outfits

4. Foil (Gold)

If you are clueless on how your next custom t-shirt should look like, look no further- Gold metallic foil is the design for it. The cultural symbol of majesty and divinity, the super reflective and shiny finish of the gold foil works best when contrasted against dark coloured shirts, making it a flawless confidence booster for anyone who wishes to take the spotlight.

Great for: Party tees, gifts, casual outfits, band tees

5. Glitter (Green)

A must for any fashionista who are fans of going bling, glitter printed shirts are made by mixing a clear, hyper-glittered topcoat with the desired colour ink (green in this case). The combined glitter ink is then used to screen print the desired design on the shirt. Glitter print is the perfect technique if you wish to highlight your personal statement, as the little sparkles are guaranteed to capture the eyes of others.

Available in: Glitter Green, Glitter Blue, Glitter Red

Great for: Theatrical outfits, gifts, party tees, night events 

6. Glitter (Silver)

Silver glitter is a great screen printing technique if you are looking at balancing between professionalism and fun. Associated with modernity, this printing technique works well as designs for sports occasions, or even as corporate tees, if your organization subscribes to the ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra.

Great for: Corporate tees, CCA tees, theatrical outfits, casual outfits

7. Glitter (Gold)

All that glitters is not gold. Well, except it isThis is a must-do if you want to create a shirt that screams ‘luxury’. The quintessential colour and representation of premium, this shirt is definitely part of a worthy outfit for fancy night events- for the ladies, pair it with a pair of ripped jeans and you’re all set for that girl’s night out. For the guys, a decent sport coat is all it takes.

Great for: Party tees, theatrical outfitrs, night events, gifts

8. Glow-in-the-dark

This printing technique uses a special type of ink that contains phosphor, which absorbs light energy and then releases it as a visual glow in darkness. It is a two-step process: firstly, a layer of white ink is screen printed in order to create a nice, bright base of the glow in the dark ink to be applied to. Once the base ink has flashed (dried), the special ink will be applied for that high intensity, glow-in-the-dark effect.

As the name suggests, this print technique is good for any activities that happen after the sun goes down, such as night cycling or running events. All you got to do is to place the shirts under a dark spot and voila!

Great for: Theatrical outfits, party tees, night events

9. Emboss Silkscreen

Emboss Silk Screen Prints have a subtle 3d effect to make your designs pop out just a little. Emboss Silk printing requires embossing powder to be mixed with silk screen printing ink. The design is then transferred onto a substrate (in this case, t-shirt) by spreading the embossing ink through a fine screen or mesh.

Great for: Class Tees, CCA Tees, Casual Outfits

10. High Density Silkscreen

High density silkscreen prints are achieved by stacking multiple layers of ink to raise the print above the fabric. Crisp and impressive, they achieve a similar three-dimensional ‘pop’ like the brick print does, but with a rugged flair to it. High density prints are a suitable choice if you wish for your design to stand out, but in a not too flashy manner.

Great for: Corporate Tees, Casual Outfits

11. Matte (Silver)

As the name implies, this shirt printing technique produces a non-glossy, matte finish for your shirt design. Matte prints are for minimalists, those that like to be sleek and bold, but not too bright. As mentioned, silver would be your preferred choice if you want to have a shirt that looks aesthetically pleasing yet professional.

Great for: CCA tees, party tees, gifts

12. Matte (Gold)

Want to print a shirt that is full of gold but without the bling? Matte gold is a printing technique that highlights the balance between cool and classy, low-key yet vibrant, a pefect combination of yin-yang. When contrasted against a dark coloured t-shirt, the matte gold print is easily the best choice for any event, club or team committee shirts. Whether if it is small, intricate designs, or huge, prominent logos, matte gold print will be able to transform your customized shirts into those of A&F and Guess.

Great for: Sport tees, CCA tees, party tees, gifts

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