8 Singapore T-Shirts Every True Singaporean Should Have

There are just some things that give off that truly Singaporean flavour. These are a few Singaporean T-shirts that any true Singaporean should have. More often than not, people who aren’t Singaporean have almost no idea what we’re saying. But that’s just part and parcel of our local culture, isn’t it?

Don one of these and embrace your nationality with a unique, truly Singaporean flair. Coupled with comfort and breathability, these easy-to-pair T-shirts to make the best combination for any day out (Especially in our sweltering hot country).


1. Truly-Singaporean-Things

Nothing screams ‘Singaporean’ more than a shirt covered with Singlish. Be it for casual wear or for enforcing national identity to quell your sudden patriotic side, this T-shirt will definitely come in handy.


2. English VS Singlish

If you’re going to wear a T-shirt, why not make it count through the ingenious use of Singlish and English? Clever and whimsical rolled into one, this design is sure to have heads turning. How else will people finally get what we mean without a little extra knowledge?

3. So Singaporean

Ah, the typical everyday catchphrases of the average Singaporean. There’s not much more that we appreciate than things being short and sweet. Really, between studying/working and sleeping, who even has time to spare anymore?

4. Auntie, I’ll have one…

Express yourself with this coffee shop talk T-shirt. Some things are timeliness, just like the names of our coffee preferences. Kopi-si, Kopi-gao, or Kopi-O-Gao-Siu-Dai. Passed down from generations, keep the tradition alive with this T-shirt.

So, if you’re looking for something fun, quirky or even patriotic, here is where you can find Singapore T-shirts that fit the bill! Grab yourself one of these T-shirts and you’re sure to give off that oh-so-Singaporean vibe.