20 Unique Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas That Every Dad in Singapore Will Love

With Fathers’ Day just ‘round the corner, do you have something prepared for your dad? Have you ran out of ideas about what to get? Fear not, for we have prepared a list of 20 amazing gift ideas for the 5 different types of Singaporean dads. Under each category, gift ideas are listed from lowest to highest prices. This way, you can pick the gifts according to your budget!

For The Affectionate Dad

1) Create a t-shirt masterpiece for your dad that he can wear

Fathers Day Tshirt Painting Kit

Paint your dad’s favourite soccer club or food on a t-shirt by purchasing a DIY Adults T-Shirt Painting Kit from Streaks n Strokes. He can wear and use your t-shirt after you paint it!

New to art and painting?

Streaks n Strokes also offers free online painting clases so that even beginners can get started with ease.

Fathers Day T-Shirts Folded

Streaks n Strokes
Address: 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, S569511 (For collections with appointment only)
Price: From $19.90 per kit for trial kit & $49.90 per kit for basic t-shirt painting kits 
Phone Number: 8587 8884

Website: http://www.streaksnstrokes.com/ 

2) A Handwritten card

Receiving a heartfelt poem or letter from his child would touch the hearts of all those sentimental and affectionate Dads. All they truly hope for is to have a child who appreciates his efforts and shows gratitude. Spruce the card up with color and handicrafts to show your sincerity and love towards your Dad! Printing websites such as KT Colour offer customized card printing, where you can personalise rhe cards with your own design with their free templates to choose from!

KT Colour Printing

Price: As low as $1.60/ card

Address: Blk 531 Upper Cross St, #01-06 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531

Website: https://www.ktcolour.com.sg/greetingcards

Contact: 6538 1422 / 9169 0230

3) Printed mug with family photo

Whenever he gets his daily caffeine fix, an affectionate Dad would love to use a customized mug with the beautiful faces of his family – a constant reminder that all his sacrifices are worth it for his beloved ones. You can customize your very own ceramic mug at The Noteway at an affordable price!

4) A Photoshoot session

With beautiful landscape and a camera, a photogenic and artistic Dad would love spending quality time with his child having a photoshoot session. You and your Dad can take turns being the photographer and model, and simply have a few hours of fun taking photos with all sorts of crazy and aesthetic poses!

For The Adventurous and Sporty Dad

Gifting a sports jersey is practical and meaningful for a Dad who loves sports. Customize a jersey just for your Dad at and get it printed at The Noteway at a great price for high quality printing service! The Noteway also provides a FREE T-Shirt Designing Lab for you to create the perfect jersey your Dad would love to wear on a daily basis. 

2) Backpack

For a Dad who is always on the move, having a sturdy and spacious backpack is definitely an essential. With a multi-functioning backpack, he can be sure to have everything he needs wherever he goes, be it to the office or on a hike! The Bag Creature is a store that offers a multitude of bag designs for different purposes. Have fun looking!

The Bag Creature

Address: 57 Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427781

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 11am – 6.30pm

Website: The Bag Creature

3) Family Outing to Forest Adventure

Pool together some money with your siblings and treat your Dad to a day of fun and adventure with the family at Forest Adventure, located at Bedok Reservoir. Spending most of his time at work, an adventurous Dad would appreciate some family time maneuvering through some challenging tree top obstacles!

Forest Adventure Singapore

Address: Bedok Resevoir

Price: $50/ pax (Grand Course)

Contact: 8100 7420

Website: https://forestadventure.com.sg/

For The Old-School and Retro Dad

1) Board game Session

In the age of technology continually advancing, a session of old fashioned board games would be the perfect way to spend the afternoon with old-school Dads. If you no longer keep board games in your house, head on down to board game cafes where there will be a huge collection of board games to be discovered and explored!

The Mind Cafe

Address: 60A Prinsep St, Singapore 188664

Price: $5.00 per gaming hour per person (excludes Food and Drinks)

Contact: 8121 5188

Website: The Mind Cafe

2) Retro Music Album

If your Dad loves retro music, create a retro music compilation for him to enjoy at any time of the day. If you can afford to splurge a little more, find your way down to old-school record stores selling vinyls, walkmans and casettes, where you might find a gem that your Dad would love.

The Analog Vault

Address: Esplanade Mall, #02-13, 8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039802

Opening Hours: 1.00PM – 9.00PM

Contact: 9026 5215

Website: https://www.facebook.com/theanalogvault/

3) “Fatherhood” Memorabilia

Create a memorabilia commemerating your Dad’s fatherhood journey,. If you do not have the authentic objects, you can make a twist by printing out photos and making an album, or even a scrapbook with a timeline, or any other variations you can come up with. It would be a much cherished gift for it shows your Dad just how much he means to you.

4) Retro Diners

If your Dad is a fan of nostalgic decor, take him down to one of Singapore’s many vintage cafe and diners to enjoy a satisfying Fathers’ Day meal. Not only would you be gifting him a meal, but also an evening of travelling through time. Over Easy is a restuarant that offers American-style classics, from cheeseburgers to milkshakes, topped with space, rock and britpop sides.

Over Easy

Address: 541 Orchard Road, #01-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881 / 1 Fullerton Road #01-06, Singapore 049213

Opening Hours: Both outlet opens daily

Contact: 6684 1453

Website: Over Easy


For The Modern and Stylish Dad

1) Necktie

Every modern office Dad would need a tie at some point of his worklife, for a formal function or important meeting. Pick out a tie that would help him stand out (in a good way) and can be easily matched with his shirts – you might just have gifted him his new favourite necktie! The Shirt Bar is a great store that offers suave looking gentleman essentials for the metrosexual men!

The Shirt Bar

Address: List of locations here

Price: Nothing beyond $75 per tie

Website: The Shirt Bar

2) Book

For the Dad who loves a good read in this modern day and age, go down to a bookstore and pick up a new book for him! Surprise him with how well you know him based on the genre and author of the book you got for him – it will definitely make him feel really special.

3) Wireless Earphones

A set of wireless earphones would be a great gift to a Dad who is frequently involved in phone conference meeting and video calls. Such a gift would be a nice addition to his stylish daily office work outfit! JBL offers excellent wireless earbuds that have both sound quality and ergonomics.

JBL Free X

Price: $240

Website: JBL Singapore

4) Speakers + Home Assistant

Having a Smart Home Assistant provides an upgrade to your home at a low price. Devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home can perform as a speaker and control a range of connected devices – all at an affordable cost. For technology savvy Dads, this would be a much appreciated gift!

Google Home / Google Home Mini

Price: $160 / $54

Where to get them: Google Store, or any consumer electrics store such as Courts and Challenger

5) Sunglasses

If your Dad is often the one driving your family around, you can show him your gratitude with a brand new pair of stylish sunglasses to shield his eyes from the glaring sun on the road. Not only would the sunglasses make him look good, he would also feel good! Ray-Bans are evergreen classics that will definitely make your dad look good in everyway. With over 500 styles at their flagship store, he will be spoilt for choices!

Ray-Ban Singapore Flagship Store

Address: #01-25, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

Opening Hours: Opens daily from 10am – 10pm

Website: Ray-Ban Singapore

6) Watch

Does your Dad have a standard practice of strapping on a wristwatch before going out of the house? A modern and stylish Dad can always be seen in the public with a nice watch on his wrist! If you have the money to spend, be sure to get him a nice watch that matches his outfits and adds value to his watch collection. If you are looking for a good-looking watch yet don’t want to break the bank, an Orient Bambino will do just right. 

Orient Bambino

Price: $160-$220

Where to buy: List of dealers here

For The Hungry Food Connoisseur

1) BBQ Session

Plan a BBQ session for your family and satiate your Dad’s tastebuds! A BBQ session does not only guarantee a delicious meal, but also a memorable day of family bonding and that will be greatly cherished. It is an opportunity for you to cook for your Dad as he soaks in the joys of eating good food. If you are clueless on what to get, fear not! There are many BBQ caterers that offer your favourite food items at affordable prices!

BBQ Wholesale (Halal-certified)

Contact Number: 9225 5227

Website: BBQ Wholesale

2) Homecooked Meal

If you rarely cook at home or for your family members, it is time to step into the kitchen! Formulate your own recipe or find a recipe online, get to the grocery store to purchase some ingredients, and prepare a delightful multiple course meal for your Dad! Even if he is Food Connoisseur when it comes to food bought outside, he will definitely love whatever you have made specially for him, where he can enjoy in the comfort of his home, surrounded by loved ones. You can find some inspiration here!

3) A Meal at Restaurants with Fathers’ Day Specials Menu

Many restaurants in Singapore has come to a conclusion that such a special day like Fathers’ Day deserves a special menu, to thank all the hardworking and food-loving Dads. Treat your foodie Dad to a special Fathers’ Day meal at a restaurant serving his favorite cuisine and show him your gratitude through food! Edge Pan Pacific is currently offering a promotion for their buffets – Fathers will recieve a complimentary mug of beer and get a hand-drawn caricature!

Address: Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039595

Price: Brunch – $148 per adult, $74 per child, Dinner – $99 per adult, $49.50 per child

Website: Edge Pan Pacific

Now that you have been given so many unique Fathers’ Day gift ideas, there’s no time to waste – go and get your Dad the perfect gift that he would love and never forget!