41 Best Farewell Gifts For Colleagues in Singapore From Under $10

When someone leaves your company, it’s a bittersweet moment. You are sad to see them go, but you are also happy for the new opportunities that await them. In order to send them off on a high note, why not give them a farewell gift? Here are 20 best farewell gift ideas for your colleagues (and even your boss) here in Singapore. These farewell gifts include personalised farewell gifts, farewell gifts suitable for male and female colleagues and cheap farewell gifts from as little as $5. 

Featured Farewell Gift for Both Male and Female Colleagues

If you are saying goodbye to a close colleague and friend, you can gift them this All About You Fruit Hamper Bouquet from Rainbowly. It is practical yet Instagram worthy. It’s healthier than most of the other tasty and beautiful food gift options out there too!

Chocolate Bouqet Farewell Gift


Personalised Farewell Gifts for Both Male and Female Colleagues

Personalising a gift is always a nice touch. It shows that you’ve put thought into what the person would like, and it’s something they can keep as a reminder of their time at the company. Below are some personalised farewell gifts that would be perfect for both male and female colleagues:

2. Classic Ballpoint Pen with Name Engraving

You can never go wrong with a classic and stylish-looking ballpoint pen. Get your colleague’s name engraved on the pen for a personal touch! This pen will surely come in handy in their next workplace.

parker ballpoint pen

3. Unique Personalised Gift Name Coaster

A personalized gift is always special. This unique coaster can be customized with your colleague’s name and a special message. It makes for a great farewell gift that is both practical and meaningful.

Personalised Gift Name Coaster With Gift Box

4. Personalised Leather Laptop Sleeve

You can never go wrong with a personalised Saffiano leather laptop sleeve. This laptop sleeve has a simple yet elegant design, and is perfect for protecting your colleague’s laptop. It can also be customized with their name or initials, making it a special gift.

leather laptop sleeve

5. Personalised Leather Mouse Pad

This leather mouse pad is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your colleague’s new desk. Every time they sit on their desk to get some work done, they will feel special seeing it personalized with their initials and remember you for your thoughtful gift. 

leather mouse pad

6. Personalised Coffee Mug with Name

This one is a memorable personalised gift for coffee lovers and tea lovers too! Every time your ex-colleague takes a sip at his new office or from his home, he or she is going to remember your thoughtful gift. 

Personalised Ikea Coffee mug

7. Personalised Travel Luggage Tag

If your friend is leaving your company to go abroad, a personalised luggage tag will make the most thoughtful gift. This travel tag is made from sublime synthetic leather material and also designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent travel. 

Personalised Travel Luggage Tag

8. Personalised Slim Tumbler Tea Bottle

This is another thoughtful farewell gift for someone who likes to sip on water to quench their thirst throughout the day. You can pick your colleague’s favourite colour and personlise it with their name and icon too. 

Personalised Slim Tumbler Tea Bottle

9. Personalised Photo Keychain

How about a simple keychain with a favourite photo of you and your friend? You can either choose a white or black coloured keychain or go for a transparent version. Just send your picture to the seller and have the keychain delivered to you in a couple of days!

Personalised photo keychain

10. Self-Adhesive DIY Photo Album 

If your gift recipient loves DIY gifts and you want to make an impression, this Self Adhesive DIY Photo Album will make an ideal gift. You can even print and paste memorable photos with your colleagues at work right inside this album. 

Self Adhesive DIY Photo Album


Farewell Gifts for Male Colleagues 

Below are great farewell gifts that your male colleagues will surely love:

11. Cufflinks Gift Box

This cufflinks gift box is perfect for your stylish colleague who loves to dress up for every occasion. It comes with many different designs of cufflinks, making it a gift that he will appreciate and use frequently.

BodyJ4You Cufflink 12 Pairs Two Tone Classy Stylish Men's Cuff Links Elegant Gift Box

as of October 3, 2023 3:41 am

12. Parker Stainless Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

This stainless gold trim ballpoint pen from Parker is a timeless and classic gift that your male colleague can use for years to come. It is an elegant and practical gift that is sure to be appreciated. He will love writing using this pen and will think of you every time he uses it.

parker ballpoint pen

13. Business Leather Card Holder with Personalized Name

Card holders are very useful these days. This sleek and stylish business card holder is perfect for your male colleague who is always on the go. It can be personalized so you can make it extra special for him.

leather card holder

14. Lolea Gift Box Set with Customisable Wine Glasses

Surprise your male colleague who loves alcohol with a gift box showcasing a beautiful Lolea Sangria bottle, Amazon Graze Granola bites, and personalised wine glasses. Plus, the gift box also has a gift card where you can include a farewell gift message for your colleague too! 

Lolea Gift Box Set with Customisable Wine Glasses

15. Personalised Glass Set with Non Alcoholic Drink Options

If your male colleague does not drink alcohol but you still want to gift him a stylish gift box with useful items, you can get him this personalised glass set with a non-alcoholic ice mountain drink. Apart from the customisable clear glass and drink, this set also includes 3 assorted chocolates, 1 facial mask, 1 after shave cream and 1 gift card where you can include your farewell message.

Personalised Glass Set with Non Alcoholic Drink Options

16. Motivational Quote Canvas With Frame

This special gift will not only motivate your ex-colleague in his next job or venture, but he’ll remember you whenever he looks at the picture. The black background canvas with white print enhances the quote and delivers the intended message powerfully. 

Motivational Quote Canvas With Frame

17. Mens Short Zipper Wallet

A wallet is a must-have accessory for men, and hence the suggestion of this useful farewell gift. This popular short zipper wallet is also lightweight, durable and made of PU-leather material to withstand wear and tears. 

Men Short Zipper Wallets

18. Laptop Sleeve Bag with Storage Pockets 

Make sure your office friend has a new laptop bag to carry to his new job! This laptop bag stands out for its simplicity, quality and features, such as having multiple compartments to safely store one’s laptop accessories.   

Laptop Sleeve Bag with Storage Pockets

19. Waterproof PU Backpack for Business or Travel

Does your male colleague prefer backpacks over laptop bags? This waterproof PU backpack from Louis Will serves multiple purposes, from helping him carry his laptop to work to storing his essentials for his next overseas trip. 

Waterproof PU Backpack for Business or Travel


Farewell Gifts for Female Colleagues

Below are beautiful farewell gifts that your female colleagues will surely love:

20. Body & Earth 6 in 1 Gift Set

This elegant looking body & earth gift set will surely be a hit, especially among your female colleagues.

bath body works gift set

21. Portable Touch Night Light

Brighten your female colleague’s day with this powerful touch night light that can shine in 9 colours and 3 levels of brightness. It is portable and looks cool too!

touch night light

22. Personalised Coin Pouch 

A coin pouch can not only help your female colleague store her coins, but will allow her to put her lipsticks, earrings, bracelets and even rings. And this particular coin pouch will have her name on it, so she will love it for sure!

Personalised Coin Pouch

23. Personalised Makeup Pouch 

If she wears makeup to work, you surely cannot go wrong with this one. This personalised Macron Saffiano Leather pouch has everything a girl would need in a makeup pouch; ample space, great quality leather, a simple yet elegant look and her name written in a beautiful font.  

Personalised Makeup Pouch 

24. Personalised Accessories Holder with Name

You can choose this personalised trinket for your office mate to keep her precious accessories. Even better, you have the option to pick the right font colour and font type to make it more personal. 

Personalised Accessories Holder with Name

25. Personalised Preserved Rose Keychain with Gift Box

This little rose keychain gives you a long-lasting way to express your love for your friend. Instead of fresh flowers, go for preserved roses housed in a mini crystal ball. Plus, you can print your friend’s initials to customise it and surprise her.

Personalised Preserved Rose Keychain with Gift Box

26. The Fitspo – Stay Healthy Gift Box Set

If she is fitness conscious, this Fitspo Stay Healthy gift box set will work wonders in putting a smile on her face. It comes with healthy snacks and a gift message card for you to bid her farewell too. 

The Fitspo - Stay Healthy Gift Box Set

27. Snack Gift Hamper with Personalised Bottle 

For your foodie lady colleague who loves her snacks, this snack gift hamper with a personalised bottle will not disappoint. It also comes with a can of alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage, a Choco Cubes Yogurt Mix Box, Hello Panda Biscuits, Yan Yan Stick Biscuits, Eclipse Sugar Free Mints Candy and even a Hydrating Face Sheet Mask.

Snack Gift Hamper with Personalised Bottle 

28. Kawaii Macaron Gift Box

Some women have a sweet tooth. And if your colleague is one of them, let her leave with a sweet treat packed in style!

Did we mention 18 different gift box styles to choose from? 

Kawaii Maracon Packaging Boxes 12 Pc/set

29. Women’s Fashion Handbag 

Woman and bags are inseparable or so they say. So why not gift her a useful handbag like this one?

Just make sure she doesn’t find out that this isn’t the original Coach brand she has heard of!

Women's Fashionable Handbag 

30. Women’s Fashion Purse 

Another great farewell gift idea for women is an elegant fashion purse like this one. It is made of high-quality polyester leather and has multiple compartments inside for her to store her money, credit cards, business cards and more,

LouisWill Women's Fashion Purse


Cheap Farewell Gifts Under $10 But Great Quality

The best gifts do not need to be expensive. If you’re looking for a cheap but great quality farewell gift, then look no further! Below are some of the best farewell gifts you can get for under $10:

31. Raspberry Sienna Honey

This honey is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet treat. It is made with 100% pure honey and has a unique flavor. Your sweet toothed colleague will savour this delicious gift.


32. Desktop Accessories Organizer

If you want to give your messy colleague a practical gift, then this is perfect. This desktop accessories organizer is great for organizing and decluttering a work space. Your colleague will thank you for this for years to come.

33. Photo Frame

A photo frame with a memorable picture is a classic farewell gift that will be cherished for years to come. Choose a picture that you took with your colleague or team, print it and frame it inside before gifting this frame. This will be a perfect addition to your colleague’s home or new office.

34. USB 16GB Flash Drive

Flash drives are always useful, whether your colleague is transferring files or backing up data. This 16GB flash drive is a great gift that is both practical and affordable. Your colleague will surely use this gift!

35. Wooden Phone Stand Holder

While most of us are on our phones for long hours every day, few own a useful and elegant wooden phone stand like this one. Not to forget, you can even personalise it for your colleague for a small additional fee of $3.

Wooden Phone Stand Holder

36. Smart Digital Table Clock with LCD Display

This smart table clock will serve its purpose well at your colleague’s new work desk. Apart from telling the exact time, the LED table clock also displays date and temperature. 

Smart Digital Table Clock with LCD Display


Premium Farewell Gifts For Boss – Great for Sharing

37. Thank You for Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are always welcome gifts. These pens have a message that says, “Thank you for being awesome.” They come with a luxury design that your boss will love.

Personalized Employee Gifts Leaving Thank You for Being Awesome Ballpoint Pens Appreciation Gift for Coworkers,Boss,Nurse,Teacher,Friend,Colleague,Supervisor,administrative assistant,Daycare Provider

as of October 3, 2023 3:41 am

38. Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

For your boss who loves coffee, show them you know and care about them with this gift. This Mini Coffee Machine is stylish, sturdy, and will keep you in his or her memories whenever they make a cup of coffee for themselves. 

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

39. Rommelsbacher Stainless Steel Waffle Maker 

Some bosses fancy deliciously made, crispy waffles to go along with their morning coffee or tea. This top notch stainless steel waffle maker will be the perfect farewell gift for these hungry bosses.

Rommelsbacher Stainless Steel Waffle Maker

40. Modern European Style Designer Wall Clock 

If your boss is the kind who gets so engrossed in his work that he forgets the time, he needs this clock! It not only tells the time, but also looks appealing enough for him to take a look and remind himself to take a break. 

Modern European Style Designer Wall Clock

41. Daniel Wellington Watch

A watch is a precious gift that your boss can use for years to come. Daniel Wellington Watches have timeless designs that will never go out of style. Your boss will surely appreciate this gift.


Farewells are better when you know that you have given your best colleague a great send-off. With these 41 best farewell gift ideas, you will surely find the perfect present for your beloved colleague. Start shopping now and make sure to give them something they will fondly remember you by.

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