Art Jamming

with a Twist

Unleash Your Creativity in the World of Art

Art Jamming refers to a group of people getting together to experience the fun of painting together!

Art Jamming helps us discover the long-lost joy of creation and expression. When was the last time you actually sat down and let your feelings take shape, or splattered paint across a blank surface?

Escape from the monotony and stress of everyday life in Singapore, and disconnect from the digital world for a few hours. Let your eyes rest, and your mind wander freely. Delve into the world of nature and surround yourself with greenery, immerse into a beautiful sunset with silhouettes at the beach or feel free to even jump into the fictitious marvel and fantasy world while doing your art jam.

No limits, no expectations. A free and easy, non-judgemental fun activity to lift your mood.

Art Jamming Sessions are usually done on canvases. Here at The Noteway Art Jam Studio however, our art jamming sessions are a little different.



Free T-Shirt/Tote Bag

A step unique from the traditional canvas, paint on a t-shirt or tote bag




Unlimited Colours

Limitless silk screen paint, colours, paintbrushes and palettes



guided art jamming session

Free Guidance

Free Guidance to help you get started during your Art Jamming Session!



Instead of painting on a traditional canvas, our free-for-all programme gives you a choice of painting on EITHER a white T-shirt (dri-fit/cotton) or a plain tote bag. You’ll be given free flow of silkscreen paint (fret not, the paint won’t come out even when washed!). At the end of the session, you can take home your masterpiece, and wash and wear it as many times as you want.

Unsure what to paint on your t-shirts and totes?

Here we have compiled 55 Art Jamming Ideas to get you started with art jamming!

Also, painting with us is not the same as painting on your own shirts at home. Our silkscreen paint is carefully formulated in our t-shirt printing factory located 10 minutes away from our art jamming studio. This special paint is made to last on your fabrics, as we prepare this paint with the exact same ink that is used for durable prints on t-shirts. Hence, it does not come out even when washed multiple times, unlike low-quality fabric paints. All materials provided are long-lasting and durable.

Why Art Jamming?

For Students & Working Adults


  • > Relives stress
  • > Provides a sense of accomplishment
  • > Anyone can do it! No prior experience necessary
  • > Reduces anxiety and depression
  • > Reflection of your unique personality, connect with your inner self


For Teams

  • > Improves team bonding by understanding that everyone has different approaches of solving a problem
  • > Builds confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone and discovering hidden talents
  • > Fun-filled activities enable employees to know each other better, breaking barriers of miscommunication and mistrust, encourages people to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences
  • > Encourages creativity to think outside the box


For Families & Kids

Child's Birthday

  • > Fosters creative growth in kids
  • > Promotes concentration, attention to detail and better memory
  • > Enhances problem-solving and motor skills as it involves both hemispheres of the brain
  • > Improves self-esteem
  • > Strengthens the bond and communication between parents and children as you do a common activity together

For Couples

  • > Habits of happiest couples surveyed showed that learning something new together keep a couple close
  • > Quality bonding time with your special one
  • > Builds patience, tolerance and better understanding
  • > Celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship when you come together to create your masterpiece as one, using art as an avenue for relationship-building


For Seniors

Senior Art Enthusiast

  • > Opportunity for social interaction and engagement with friends
  • > Art provides a sense of competence, purpose and growth, contributing to aging well
  • > Builds emotional resilience and reduces risk of dementia
  • > Reduces boredom, loneliness and depression
  • > Nurtures spirituality and connection with yourself
  • > Encourages playfulness, sense of humour and brings out the youth in you

4 Steps To Create Your Masterpiece

Find Your Inspiration (With these 55 Art Jamming Ideas To Get You Started!)

Trace using a pen or pencil

Start painting!

Heat Treatment to make your design permanent

Pricing & Booking Details

Here is the chance to discover your inner artist. Choose any design you want to paint and we will provide you the rest. Since art jamming is also a good social event, if you sign up with your large group of friends/family, we have BUNDLE DEALS for you!

Sessions will be held at The Noteway’s Art Studio at

29 Tai Seng Avenue #06-09,
Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub,
Singapore 534119

Our art jam studio is a 3 minute walk from 18 Tai Seng (The mall linked to Tai Seng Mrt Exit C) and you will get to paint in an antique, vintage environment. 

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Art Jamming on T-Shirts and Tote Bags! – Examples

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Will the paint stain the back of the t-shirt?

A. Don’t worry, the paint used will not stain the back of the shirt, or the tote bag. We have several plastic-wrapped boards you can use during your time here.


Q. Can I wash my painted t-shirt/tote bag?

A. Yes, you can. Your design will not come out with regular gentle hand washes, as we formulate our silk screen paint in house, to ensure we provide you with the most durable form of apparel paint. It’s the same paint that is used by printing companies around the world to print on millions of t-shirts everyday. We also use a hair dryer and heat press machine to ensure the ink permanently stays on the apparel. However, please avoid using bleach or strong chemicals to ensure durability of your design. 


Q. What is the minimum number of people you need to conduct a session?

A. There is no minimum. Even if 1 person books a slot, we will organise the session 🙂


Q. Can I hold an art jam team bonding event for my company?

A. Yes you surely can. If your company is looking to hold an art jam team bonding event, we can make it special. We can even do heat transfer printing on your shirts on-site with exclusive logos like your company logo. This would ensure that your staff still have the freedom to paint on their own shirts, while also reminding them of this corporate bonding event every time they wear the shirts. For private and corporate event enquiries and reservations, please leave us a message here.


Q. I am curious to know how you print t-shirts. 

A. If you’ve ever been curious about how t-shirts and other apparel are printed, we also offer short tours of our office and printing facility. We can also demonstrate the different printing processes we undertake for each order. Please contact us if you need more information.


Q. Can you print the same design on t-shirts to give to my team?

A. if you wish to print on t-shirts or tote bags or other products, please contact us for more inquiries or access our instant quote page.